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@Free E-pub â Deepening Desires - Scratching the Surface ⚶ Themes Hypnosis, Mind ControlPart One Of Deepening DesiresMarcus Had Always Been Curious About Hypnosis And The Workings Of The Human Mind, But Had Never Really Gotten The Opportunity To Explore The Subject First Hand Just Such A Chance Falls Into His Lap During The Third Year Of School, When An Advanced Psychology Course Allows Him, And His Partner Emily, To Pick Their Own Research SubjectNow, After A Bit Of Convincing, Emily Has Agreed To Help Marcus Practice His Hypnotic Inductions, In Preparation For Calling In Some Volunteers Under The Watchful Gaze Of Her Roommate, Katie, Marcus Hopes To Work With Emily To Discover Just What Depths There Are To Her Mind, And Possibly Discover Some Things About Himself In The ProcessAuthor S Note This Is An Erotically Charged Tale, With A Innocently Romantic Edge Than MostBack To Basics This Story Gets Back To The Basics Of Erotic Hypnosis, Focusing Heavily On The Hypnotic Aspects There Are No Mind Control Rays, Entrancing Devices, Or Other Shortcuts HereApprox , WordsExcerpt You Wanted Me To Tell You To Do Things While Hypnotized Yes She Responded, Much Firmly What Sort Of Things She Paused For A Moment I Wasn T Sure If It Was Hesitation, Or If She Actually Just Needed Time To Think About Her Answer A Moment Later She Responded With All Sorts Of Things Anything Anything, Really She Nodded, But Then Stopped Well, Harmless So You Want Me To Tell You To Do Harmless Things Yes A Firm Nod So, For Example, You Wouldn T Like It If I Told You To Rob A Bank I Already Knew That Pretty Much Nobody Would Rob A Bank, But It Didn T Hurt To Ask To See Her Response Wouldn T Like It Ok, That Answer Was Totally Expected Now To Try The Other Extreme What If I Told You To Repeat My Questions Or Commands Back To Me, Would You Do That Repeat Commands Back To You, I Can Do That Yes