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Overall a good story line, one I have not run ac across before It was a little long and redundant, could have been shortened and still had the same effect I did get a little tired of Delaney s pleading for Max to help her, but then again this was the bond that is the basis of the story.I will have to read the follow on book, just so i can see if there is about Max Delaney, or if it will be all about Elizabeth. Delaney s Shadow by Ingrid Weaver is a romantic suspense with a bit of a paranormal element thrown in.Delaney Wainwright has fond memories of her imaginary childhood friend Max Still recovering from a car accident that claimed her husband s life, Delaney goes home to her grandmother s house to rest, recuperate, and hopefully recover her missing memories of the accident She s surprised when she starts dreaming about Max again especially since Max is now all grown up and has turned into a handsome man What Delaney doesn t know is that Max is real and is an artist living just a few miles away from her grandmother s house Max aka John Harrison saved Delaney from drowning when she was young, and that s when their psychic bond formed Max is surprised when Delaney pulls him into her mind and dreams again, but he reluctantly agrees to help her figure out what happened to her husband and who seems to want to hurt her now This is a difficult book to describe There s a bit of mystery regarding what happened to Delaney s husband, but mostly, the story revolves around Delaney and Max and this psychic bond and world that they share It just doesn t seem like all that much happens in the book, except for the two of them debating what s real and what s not.There are a couple of threats to Delaney He daughter in law doesn t like her, and someone seems to want Delaney to stop trying to remember what happened to her husband But the paranormal element of the psychic bond overshadows these mysteries.However, my main problem with the book was Max I just didn t like his character at all I know Max has been through a lot he had an abusive childhood and was sent to prison but he makes Delaney doubt her own sanity by not telling her that he s real and that they have a psychic connection Max has numerous chances to tell Delaney the truth, but he chooses not to, for really no good reason That didn t make him a very appealing hero to me Overall, this book didn t work for me But if you like romantic suspense, especially with a bit of paranormal mixed in, you may want to check it out. [Read] ♽ Delaneys Shadow ♨ Years Ago, Young John Maxwell Harrison Saved Little Delaney Wainwright From Drowning, Forging A Psychic Bond That Would Endure For Years And When The Pair Are Reunited In The Wake Of Delaney S Husband S Suspicious Death, That Bond May Be The Only Thing That Can Save Them And The Unrequited Love They Shared Pure passionate perfection Delaney s Shadow is hauntingly poetic, heart rendering and beyond incredible.In Delaney s Shadow, Ingrid Weaver crafts a story that will leave the reader mesmerized within the pages and the lives of the characters Many layers are blended together to create an incredibly unique and memory staying tale of love, loss, mystery, intrigue and indestructible bonds Delaney Wainwright and John Maxwell Harrison were given an amazing and miraculous gift when Max saved Delaney from drowning as a toddler Delaney believes this gift of mental communication is nothing than her mind making up an imaginary friend Years later, as she recovers from a devastating accident that claimed the life of her husband and left her badly burned, she once again conjures up imaginary Max to help her through Max, however, has had a difficult time of life, after being wrongly accused of attempted murder, doing time in prison and establishing a fairly satisfying life, once he is released, the reappearance of Delaney is anything but welcome Max wants nothing than to erase his abusive past from his mind, while Delaney is dead set on recovering her memory of that horrible night of the accident With the mindset of making Delaney grow up Max attempts to tell Delaney that he is actually a real person, rather than a figment of her imagination Instead of believing this, however, she continues to question her sanity It is when their grown up games become games of passion and sensuality that all the rules begin to change Will Max be able to convince Delaney that he is, indeed, real and that her past is better left in the past before it is too late Or will Delaney be able to reach into Max s soul to allow him the freedom to love and have faith in another human being Can the strong and unbreakable connection of two battered minds and souls overcome and find strength in the physical Delaney s Shadow is written in such a way that I was quickly and easily absorbed The story begins with Delaney arriving back at her Grandmother s house and her hometown of Willowbank Vivid and heart wrenching nightmares plague Delaney as she tries to recover from her extensive stay in the hospital and burn treatments She also suffers amnesia and knows that she must fill in those gaps, before the car accident, to rid herself of the nightmares Ingrid Weaver does an excellent job of weaving these recaptured memories throughout the story For me, this added another vivid dimension, as did the mental meetings of the characters Max and Delaney Ms Weaver seemingly effortlessly crafts a story that is amazingly sensual, emotional, realistic and gripping with Delaney s Shadow I have to say that, for me, this is one that will stay with me for a very long time I loved both characters passionately, felt their pain, felt their sensuality, and wanted them to finally find peace and happiness This is a story that not only captured my heart, but also my soul I truly cannot recommend Delaney s Shadow highly enough I eagerly await works by Ingrid Weaver At the end of this story, there is a sneak peek into a follow up, which has left me deeply yearning The cover was what caught my eye then I read the back then I bought the book.Then I devoured the book.I love the story of Max Delaney I love the connection they have The mystery was a little predictable but I didn t care, I was so firmly entrenched in the story The paranormal elements weren t over the tap, I never found myself snorting an as if The romance was rather sweet with both Max Delaney overcoming their hurts This one has landed on the keeper shelf and that hasn t happened for me in the romance genre for awhile. Another random pick at the library This is an interesting plot lineNot your usual boy meets girl, boy saves girl, boy and girl meet when adults and realise they have loved each other forever, KarCHing HEADeeDee believes she has an imaginary playmate Maxexcept Max is real and their playground is created only in their shared experiencethen Delaney is told to stop making up her imaginary friend and Max is cut off view spoiler both have tragic circumstances in their livesshe turns to him in a nightmare to help her..he is suspicious at first and cranky that she abandoned their special childhood friendship then he realises that she thinks he is still imaginary then we find out that they are now neighbours then they meet in real life and she thinks she is going crazy hide spoiler Really liked the premise but it was a little hard to get into at first I put this down several times and almost felt like I forced myself to go further Max s character was really hard to like which was the point, I know but his actions were very boorish and his redemption in the end felt rushed and kind of trite I did like the concept and Ms Weaver is a very fine writer but the mystery suspense element of the book fell flat for me I will definitely still try out the next book The excerpt included in the back of this book, makes me hopeful. This book was pure magic The characters were believable and the pacing was perfect Most enthralling of all was the emotional connection the hero and heroine shared I loved the slow, tender build up and the evocative symbolism I got the hero s pain, his cynicism Given what he d endured, the heroine s child like goodness was exactly what he needed in order to heal When you re surrounded by evil, only goodness can shed some light and restore hope A stunning canvas, where passion and innocence weave seamlessly together to form an image I won t soon forget. I really don t know how to grade this book because to be honest it was weird and for a long time it was difficult to differentiate between the real and imagined.Max saved Delaney when she was a toddler and they formed a psychic bond but Delaney never thought it was real She moved away with her father, grew up and got married to a much older man.Now, she s back recovering from the accident that killed her husband and struggling to remember what happened so she calls for Max Max now is John, who wants nothing to do with Delaney.Ever since he tried to save his mother from her abusive husband and she turned on him and sent John to prison, his faith in human kind is less and he believes Delaney abandoned him and now only wants to use him for comfort and to find out what happened.But, Delaney keeps calling to him and he decides to use her right back letting her think she has imagined him, even when she runs into his physical self.Delaney annoyed me for sometime with her whole wanting to see the good in people and ignoring the reality of her marriage, I found her naive actually and kind of wish washy.The next book is about the hateful step daughter and I am not sure I want to read about her since well she was HATEFUL. These days I don t read a lot of romantic suspense I have a few favorite authors I still read, but I rarely pick up a new to me romantic suspense My problem is I think too much to read and enjoy RS I can t get over the Super Security Specialist does nothing Super to protect little womenz from threats because he s too busy humping her leg every 5 seconds trope Or the we re in the jungle with bad guys surrounding us with guns but OMG I NEED TO DO YOU RIGHT HERE, RIGHT NOW trope.Even than that, though, I can t get over the little, tiny, seemingly unimportant details no other readers seem to notice Like common sense things or police procedural things or OMG WHY ARE YOU SO FREAKING STUPID things.So it was with trepidation that I picked this one up I honestly only meant to skim it a bit, and before I knew it I was halfway through The pace of the novel was pretty quick and I enjoyed the paranormal aspects The idea that two kids could connect mentally after a near death experience and maintain that connection for life was interesting The way they connected and the experiences they had mentally were also interesting.Less interesting was the way the hero constantly felt the need to punish the heroine because she thought he didn t exist Delaney had no memory of them actually meeting, so she always assumed Max was her imaginary friend Max felt betrayed when she left him as a child she grew up and therefore no longer needed her imaginary friend Now that she s back and reconnecting with him, he resents the intrusion He also resents that she s using him to regain her memory from the night her husband died in an accident one she was severely injured in as well.Delaney thinks she s conjured up here imaginary friend as a way for her subconscious to work through her repressed memories and the trauma she suffered at the death of her husband This makes for some amusing scenes in the beginning She thinks she s going insane because she s attracted to her imaginary friend Not to mention she s an adult who has an imaginary friend I kept snickering.But once Max realizes she only wants to use him to find her repressed memories, my amusement faded He then decides to use her right back The problem Delaney didn t know he was a real person Why would she She wasn t much than a toddler when they met in person, and that only happened once Since then the only interactions they had were mental ones imaginary ones So..why was he so angry with her Why was he so bent on teaching her a lesson That made no sense to me.The romance was well done when the story focused on just the two of them together without Max s thoughts of revenge It was obvious they cared for each other and understood each other well Delaney wanted to help and comfort Max just as much as he wanted to help and comfort her Even though they only had a mental connection for much of the book, they re feelings for one another were believable I believed in that aspect of their relationship.The mystery plot wasn t much of a mystery I figured out early on who was behind the attacks on the heroine and others What I did find interesting was the way she uncovered her memories and her connection to the hero I was bothered by how sweet and compassionate she was She just had to see the good in everyone She was naive and sweet and oh so good That was frustrating.There was a lot here that bothered me, but for all that I enjoyed much of the story I look forward to reading the second book.3.5 5 This review was originally posted on Book Binge by Holly.