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La novela no hace menci n ni del a o ni del pa s en que transcurren los hechos, pero parece que se trata del siglo XIX, en Inglaterra De la historia apenas se puede contar nada, para no arruinar una lectura de 900 p ginas a futuros lectores Los protagonistas y h roes de la novela son tres la se orita Temple, una joven orgullosa y adinerada, criada en ambientes campestres, empe ada en descubrir por qu su pretendiente la ha abandonado sin m s si supiese los l os en los que se va a meter Chang, tambi n llamado el Cardenal por su vestimenta roja, asesino a sueldo y el doctor Svenson, m dico militar Los caminos de estos tres personajes acabar n cruz ndose inevitablemente El desencadenante de la acci n es lo que la se orita Temple descubrir , siguiendo sus pesquisas e instinto, en una mansi n apartada de la ciudad, que pondr en peligro no s lo su vida sino tambi n la estabilidad pol tica y econ mica de Europa.El secreto de la primera novela de Gordon Dahlquist es c mo narra la historia, ya que al utilizar tres narradores, vemos ciertos hechos desde tres puntos de vista diferentes, haciendo que sea muy satisfactorio cuando las piezas de los misterios van encajando Adem s, la trama es sumamente emocionante y te engancha desde la primera p gina Aventuras, traici n, intriga, amistad, amor, ciertos toques fant sticos y steampunk Entretenimiento del bueno. Set in Edwardian England, Glass Books of the Dream Eaters is one part adventure, one part fantasy and two parts completely demented and I mean this as a compliment.Apparently, many people are undecided about how to rate this book From what I ve observed, people either love it, hate it, or are filled with begrudging indifference Apart from all of the scoffing and the grossly superfluous use of the word cabal Dahlquist manages to write a very interesting and unlikely trio of heroes This trio, consisting of the spirited Miss Celeste Temple, the formidable Cardinal Chang, and the endearing Dr.Abelard Svenson who are united in fighting against a profoundly determined group of fanatic villains, provide Dahlquist s otherwise convoluted premise a great deal of vivacity and charm.This is clearly the author s first novel and I think the editor was heavily sedated when he or she was suggesting changes I agree with anyone who believes that this book could have been powerful had it been condensed to about 5 to 600 pages Celeste, Chang and Svenson, however, will linger in my mind and provoke my lips to curl into a side smile What great characters I hope Dahlquist writes another adventure including all three characters, expanding on their relationships and interactions with one another. @Download ë The Glass Books of the Dream Eaters à Die Drei Helden Des Buches, Die Plantagenbesitzerin Miss Temple, Der Auftragskiller Kardinal Chang Und Der Leibarzt Des Mecklenburgischen Prinzen, Doktor Svenson, Kommen Auf Unterschiedliche Weise Mit Der Geheimgesellschaft Der Traumfresser In Kontakt, Die Ein Verfahren Entwickelt Hat, Mit Dem Man Erinnerungen Und Emotionen Von Menschen Auf Blaue Glasb Cher Bertragen Kann 2 , Dahlquist 1 , standalone1000 , . ,,. A fascinating book which demanded my full attention and quite a lot of time, but was well worth it It s quite difficult to explain what it s about without giving away crucial details of the plot the nature of the mystery at the book s heart isn t revealed until a significant way through , but it s at turns thrilling, scary, and erotic, and most of all compelling A big, juicy, labyrinthine novel, full of suspense and intrigue one to really get your teeth into Quite brilliant. My, oh my was this exactly as promised I picked up this book because I misread the review from the Daily Mail on the back I thought it read an exotically charged, rip roaring adventure It does not In actuality it reads an erotically charged, rip roaring adventure Nevertheless, every rave review from a UK newspaper on the back was so very right This is an incredibly intricate plot that weaves together three protagonists, whom combined make one very unlikely cabal of heros With excellently crafted anticipation schemes may favourite told from alternating points of view, this book, much like some of the content it delivers, lets one watch the same scene from various perspectives, allowing the reader to draw their own conclusions about the truth The plot of Dream Eaters flies while the book is made much longer by the multiple perspective approach, the plot never fails to keep moving, delivering action and contemplation steadily Our cabal of heros Miss Temple picture a Mary Poppins type personality, just a touch badass, Cardinal Change the coconut of the group tough on the outside only, and Doctor Svenson the lovable do gooder military man always provide for a new twist or turn.Top this off which creative, intelligent, and vaguely Biblical styled villains, and you have the creative genius that is The Glass Books of the Dream Eaters, of which my only complaint was that the text was too damn small. This is a hefty volume over 750 pages in hardcover whose elegant, fluid prose is of consistently high quality throughout complex, bold and even witty Frankly, The Glass Books of the Dream Eaters would be a tremendous achievement even if it weren t also a ripping good yarn This is Dahlquist s first published novel, and he writes with an assurance beyond his years and experience.Dahlquist establishes a trio of disparate, unlikely but likeable protagonists for his story diminutive but strong willed Celeste Temple, raised a child of privilege on a tropical island before being transplanted to London Cardinal Chang, a scarred mercenary of the London streets and Captain Surgeon Abelard Svenson, personal physician to the Crown Prince of the Duchy of Macklenburg Svenson is in London for the Prince s wedding to the beautiful Lydia Vandaariff Each character and I have only named a fraction of the host of individuals crowding these pages is unique and interesting Swapping viewpoints with aplomb, Dahlquist advances the story through each successive pair of eyes.Temple, Chang and Svenson find themselves united in opposition to a vast and shadowy conspiracy the best kind, at least for fictional purposes Britain s rich and powerful are doing extremely uncharacteristic things an atmosphere of bold licentiousness quite at odds with Victorian propriety prevails on the train to Harschmort where we first meet Miss Temple, and things get stranger from there There is a mysterious Process, alchemical or scientific in nature, which seems to involve sheets of strange blue glass the Glass Books of the title.This book occupies much the same spot in my mental catalogue as Susanna Clarke s Jonathan Strange and Mr Norrell not that they re very similar in detail, but they do both treat of a Victorian England colored with strange happenings, and they do share a delight in the precise use of the English language in all its complex glory, something of a rarity in these dark days.The Glass Books of the Dream Eaters is not by any means a perfect book, nor one for all audiences The violence in Dahlquist s decadent Victorian world is frequent, graphic and often cartoonish as is the sex But I was, as local music critic Charles Mudede says in quite another context, at once disturbed by the violence and drawn to the beauty It s Tricky, the Portland Mercury March 26, 2009 , p 17.While I was finishing my second reading of this novel during a vacation in Port Townsend, Washington, not far from Dahlquist s origins, I was delighted to discover, entirely serendipitously, that he has also written a sequel, The Dark Volume, in which at least some of the characters from his first book make another appearance I ll be picking that one up too, I do believe. The Glass Books of the Dream Eaters were my first introduction to the genre of Steampunk Fantasy , or maybe it s the first book of that genre as it is certainly unlike anything I ve read before Regardless of what other reviewers have written here, I myself could not put it down talk about downright fun escapism Written in the style of a gaslight era seriel novel it had everything mystery and suspense, action, sex with a healthy dose of fetishism , shockingly evil yet somehow strangely alluring villians with plans for world domination, the burgeoning of an unlikely romance, and plenty of cliff hanger moments I found I really cared about the three main protoganists who join together to save themselves and the world Miss Temple, the quintessential no nonsense, proper lady who discovers a darker, wilder, side of herself Cardinal Chang, the mysterious, poetry loving, and quite deadly, assassin who finds himself drawn to Miss Temple And of course the haunted and gallant Dr Svenson Admittedly, there were a few somewhat slow passages but not enough to put me off and most of the book was like a gothic rollercoaster ride through a house of toungue in cheek horrors I did not read the book until the two volume paperback editions were published and when I reached the end of Volume I, I immediately went to the bookstore for volume II This novel and it s sequel, The Dark Volume, are singlehandedly responsible for my failure to do any spring cleaning this year Dahlquists unique style may not be for everyone but I am hoping for a third installment Finally finished this book Phew After a very promising and intriguing first chapter, for me it unfortunately went downhill Practically all the characters, with distracting unpronouncable names, are introduced in the second chapter making it impossible to remember who is who I ended up writing them down on a piece of paper The book is bogged down with overly detailed descriptions of buildings, places etc which are unnecessary in many cases.There are too many convenient coincidences, like doors which are always locked are suddenly found unlocked, and too many sentences slipped in to explain the unbelievable.I got the feeling many times that I was watching one of those Hollywood films where the characters have been shot, stabbed, drowned, suffocated and they still keep going I was exhausted by the end, which took me a long time to get to as I lost interest half way through.The author is a playwright apparenty and is obviously a big Poe fan, which I m not really, so maybe that explains my reaction.One last thing, the title explains the whole mystery of the story. Not one to shy away from long books, I found both the title and inside flap description of this book to be quite intriguing Unfortunately, those were the only redeeming qualities of this 760 page book The editors must have fallen asleep reading their copy as many times as I did and just didn t want to admit it This book needs an editor Creatively chopping it in half and selling it in parts as they did with the trade paperback version is NOT editing The book is simply WAY too long Even the sentences drag on and on and on To approach eight hundred pages successfully, the only thing readers should be complaining about is that the book is so heavy that forced breaks for your arms to recover are a nuisance Here, I just wish that I hadn t bothered to finish it The entire text is so heavily bogged down with irrelevant detail after irrelevant detail Quickly, it became an absolute chore to read.It would have been an intriguing story if it had stronger characters like the main character, Miss Temple, for example she is a 25 year old who seemed like a spinsterish 60 year old virginal nun it was amazing how many times I had to remind myself of her actual age when she bent down without spraining a joint that weren t so utterly unbelievable And the mix of real places with fictitious ones wouldn t have been so infuriating if it had only once mentioned the name of the land they were supposed to be in England seems most likely Either way, these potential improvements hardly matter the book has been published I ve never fallen asleep while reading even textbooks are stimulating reading than this The best part of the book Having finished it The only explanation for all the extraneous detail is showmanship and to add to the odd tone but all it did was drag out a plot that would have been much stronger had it been genuinely suspenseful This is one of the books that I genuinely regret wasting my time with Please don t waste yours.