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digital banking 3 1 99% 2 , , .3 . ,legacy , ,, . Hi Great book how banking is changing from day to day, still a very actual book since it s launched 2014 Very charismatic author,in person.Truly recommend. [ Epub ] ♂ Digital Bank ♘ Digital Bank Tracks The Innovations In Banking And How The Mobile Internet Is Changing The Dynamics Of Consumer And Corporate Relationships With Their Banks The Implication Is That Banks Must Become Digitised, And That Is A Challenge As Becoming A Digital Bank Demands New Services Focused Upon St Century Technologies Digital Bank Not Only Includes Extensive Guidance And Background On The Digital Revolution In Banking, But Also In Depth Analysis Of The Activities Of Incumbent Banks Such As Barclays In The UK And MBank In Poland, As Well As New Start Ups Such As Metro Bank And Disruptive New Models Of Banking Such As FIDOR Bank In Germany Add On To These A Comprehensive Sprinkling Of Completely New Models Of Finance, Such As Zopa And Bitcoin, And You Can See That This Book Is A Must Have For Anyone Involved In The Future Of Business, Commerce And Banking Chris offre un contributo importante al dibattito banca digitale.Il libro arricchito di case study, il taglio estremamente concreto e testimonia una conoscenza molto approfondita della materia.Faccio in onesta fatica a pensare al cambio di paradigma sui big data che prospetta Chris Attenzione, Skinner non dice che cos sar , dice che quella l unica alternativa se vogliono ancora avere un ruolo nella catena del valore.Raccomando la lettura. The main takeaway is retail banking branches suck, close them down Okay, get the point but repeated 50 times it s becoming really annoying The book is less about digital banking butabout how banks must reinvent themselves Otherwise, good thoughts smartly presented along the book As a Bemol, I read this book 3 years after initial publication Probably less disruptive now than 3 years ago as banking already started walking the digital transformation avenue. The first 220 pages could have been written in half the space if the author wouldn t have repeated, rephrased and reframed everything a dozen times This would have made the book a muchenjoyable read The interviews at the end are perhaps the highlight interesting, although not exceptional In general, despite the above, it was a useful introduction to the banking industry today. Many interesting elements to this book Some great stories and anecdotes Somewhat repetitive And needs some thorough editing review some incomplete sentences and typos Waythan I would expect for a professionally published book ,, , .