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Avec ce titre de Doglands de Tim Willocks, son cinqui me roman, malgr sa cat gorie dans le roman jeunesse, j ai t tent e de le lire un chien, un l vrier Furgul ma foi, la lecture de la quatri me de couverture elle m est souvent utile , mon choix a t d finitif.Le livre d bute avec l pigraphe suivante Les Doglands sont partout et nulle partParce que les chiens sont partout et nulle partIls vivent dans un monde qu ils ne dirigent pasMais parfoisSuivant le souffle des ventsUn chien se met courir Voici son histoire Dans ces Doglands , les chiens voient en r ve depuis l aube des temps Cela fait penser Il tait une fois un chien nomm Furgul qui signifie ici Brave , n de Keeva, un l vrier, dans l abominable Fosse Dedbone Cette fosse, h las, tait un levage o les conditions de vie de ces pauvres b tes n taient certainement pas des plus agr ables, loin de l J ai pens que je risquais de ne pas tenir le coup car il m est arriv d abandonner des livres o les animaux n taient pas des plus heureux mais j ai tent de poursuivre d autant plus que cet ouvrage est galement destin la jeunesse, alors pourquoi pas moi Et puis il y a des choses qu il faut lire et ne pas faire l autruche ni se voiler la face.J ai donc bien accroch mon c ur et c tait parti.J ai d ailleurs bien fait car j y ai vu des chiens qui parlent Mais, oui il y a un mais Furgul n tait pas un chien de pure race car son p re n tait pas un l vrier Sa m re lui demanda alors de fuir en compagnie de ses s urs et on se dit cours Furgul, cours Avec ce roman d aventures mais aussi un r cit initiatique, c est un combat de chaque instant o l action ne manque pas Bien entendu, rien de cr dible puisque c est plut t un conte ou qui sait, peut tre une sorte de western.On suit toute allure l pop e de notre cher Furgul o on trouve tout de m me une certaine po sie et beaucoup d humour, heureusement En effet, on pleure mais on rit aussi, fallait le faire En regardant les humains, les chiens nous font ressentir leurs sentiments leurs jugements videmment, on ne manque pas de penser cette satan e maltraitance animale finira t elle un jour.Dans cette qu te vers la libert , c est un bel hommage la race canine, soumise la folie des hommes lu il y longtemps dans un article de presse et not dans mon bauche de chronique de l poque Tim Willocks, ancien m decin psychiatre et grand crivain anglais son premier roman Bad City Blues a t adapt au cin ma puis il y a eu entre autres La Religion et ne pas oublier que La Mort selon Turner publi en 2018, a re u le Prix le Point du Polar Europ en remis au cours de la quinzi me dition des Quais du Polar , a avou qu il avait crit cet ouvrage en pensant son chien Feargal qu il avait r ussi sauver de la fourri re o , qui sait ce qui aurait pu lui arriver En conclusion, autant je n ai pas r ussi reprendre certaines lectures animali res comme Cheval de guerre de Michael Morpurgo ce livre m attend toujours , autant j ai pu lire jusqu la fin Doglands que j ai trouv bouleversant et si juste car ils sont bien malins ces chiens Est ce parce cela parle de chiens, nos chers compagnons quatre pattes et aux nombreux abandons que l on conna t de la part des ma tres inconscients et assassins Enti rement d vou e la cause animale, adolescente ou pas, je ne peux que recommander ce livre paru en 2012 aux EditionsSyros a fait un bail mais peu importe car c est toujours, h las, d actualit.Et pourquoi ne pas finir sur les derni res lignes d espoir Et Furgul tait parti.Et malgr sa tristesse, Keeva tait heureuse.Car elle savait que Furgul courait vers le lieu qui lui appartenait.L o les chiens pourraient toujours le trouver.Nulle part et partout.Courant, toujours, avec les vents.Dans les Doglands Nota l excellente traduction de Benjamin Legrand on ne cite pas assez souvent les traducteurs. This book has got a very special place in my heart Thanks to this book, which was recommended by a friend of mine, I ve regained my love for reading after not reading a book since many years It s amazing how it changed my life The messages in this book are beautiful and profound, and very worth reading Furgul will forever stay in my memory Thank you for this wonderful work, Tim Willocks. I ve read many of these type of books in recent years that is, realistic animal fiction depicting an animal and their view of our world There s been numerous dog books in that mix too, although this one definitely makes it mark in terms of showing cruelty and death, and not just for the dogs I did wonder and probably knocked it down a star for the adding of the character Jodi, a woman who can listen to and talk back to dogs If only it were that simple It took the plot in places I didn t really want it to go, and made the story seem a little unbelievable for that fact alone.This one isn t for kids, despite the fact it s about dogs There is a lot of violence depicted, so I d rate it somewhere in the mature teen category Most of my immunity to animal violence in books was built from reading Watership Down and the Plague Dogs as a child, but not all will appreciate it here I liked the brutal reality however, and thought it added to the books.An interesting one, that s for sure A bit hard to come by too, I had to special order it in Four stars Apart from knowing that this was a novel about dogs I didn t have any expectations of it I always prepare myself for dog stories to make me sad they usually do and yes, this one was no exception However, it also really entertained me It made me laugh ha, ha, ha and of course cry weep, weep, weep It made me feel angry grr, grr, grr but also happy joy, joy, joy Tim Willcocks certainly has captured the positives and negatives of the world that we share with dogs. ( DOWNLOAD PDF ) ☪ Doglands ⚕ Furgul Is A Puppy Born In A Slave Camp For Racing Greyhounds But He Has A Terrible Secret He Is Only Part Greyhound When The Cruel Owner Of The Camp Recognises Furgul S Impure Origins He Takes Him To Be Killed, But Furgul Manages A Spectacular Escape Now Furgul Must Confront The Indifference, Complexity, And Ferocity Of The Greater World, A World In Which There Seems To Be Two Choices Live The Comfortable Life Of A Pet And Sacrifice Freedom Or Live The Life Of A Free Dog, Glorious But Also Dangerous, Because Every Man Will Turn His Hand Against You If you are looking for an honest account of life from a dog s view of the world this is your book True to the ways of Richard Adams novels, life is given to the world of the dog with vivid reality, their interactions with each other, beliefs, and ways of life which we humans might misconstrue as something else A beautifully epic novel which is sure to stand the test of time as a classic Now bear in mind that this book is from the viewpoint of a dog who has seen some pretty horrendous things Furgal is born in a whelping cage at a greyhound breeding yard surrounded by garbage When it is discovered that Furgal is not a purebred greyhound, his life is expendable in the eyes of the breeder As they take Furgal out to dispose of him, he makes his escape and this is where his adventure begins.Furgal becomes many things as he grows up He is a pet, a street dog, a coward, and a champion He makes friends along the way that are characters you can t help but love and he learns a thing or two about humans He also learns a lot about dog legends and a legacy which he may be the one of the last dogs left to revive The one thing Furgal never forgets is where he came from and the promise he made to his mother that he would find a way some day to get her to freedom This story is not for the faint of heart As I mentioned before, it is very similar to Richard Adams who wrote Watership Down and The Plague Dogs However, this is a story that needs to be told and should be embraced for the beauty it brings to today s literature This is not just a book for animal lovers but those who love a great story of adventure and an underdog who becomes a hero It will grab you by the heart and hold you until you think you are going to burst You will find happiness and tears as well as hope and remorse between these pages An excellent read for teens and adults alike. When I first embarked upon this book, I was told that it was going to be rather a lot like Watership Down, and was very disappointed when it turned out to be nothing like it at all In fact, I wasn t super fond of this book for a large portion of the beginning Like, it was readable, but not all that much to capture my interest Then this became a story about one dog s struggle to keep his nuts and his freedom , and I was sold I like it when books take surprising turns like that. Best dog fiction since The Call of the Wild I loved this book I grew up reading animal fiction i.e the Warriors series, Guardians of Ga Hoole and this was nice for older people as well as probably someone younger The plot and characters weren t remarkable, but it was fun to read I liked all the characters and how while they weren t extravagant, each had their own personality, motives, etc The only thing I might not have liked was the vernacular the dogs had They used a lot of informal human words, which made it seem less like an authentic dog speak kind of thing Warriors, for example, called humans Twolegs and cars were monsters All in all, I like this book enough to reread it all the time The twist with Dedbone and dog communication was startling at first and I thought it could ve been cheap, but it wasn t. La prosa nitida e precisa del grande Tim per una storia profonda e di grande spessore emotivoFurgul emerse dalla caverna e lev il muso verso il sole.Era bello essere vivi.Sapeva dov era stato, ma non sapeva dove sarebbe andato.La strada libera e selvaggia continuava a chiamarlo