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!READ PDF ⚈ Dr. John's Healing Psoriasis Cookbook (English Edition) ♷ Over Kitchen Tested Recipes Designed For The Psoriasis, Eczema, And Psoriatic Arthritic Patient, Plus The Latest Nutritional Facts For Everyone Foreword By Annemarie Colbin, CHES And Founder Of The Natural Gourmet Institute, New York Statistics Show That Than Million People Worldwide Suffer From The Chronic Skin Disease Psoriasis In His First Book, HEALING PSORIASIS The Natural Alternative, Dr Pagano Presented A Report Of His Natural, Drug Free Treatment Regimen That Has Alleviated, Controlled, And Even Healed Psoriasis Without The Use Of Steroid Creams, Tar Baths, Injections, Or Ultraviolet Treatments Dr John S Healing Psoriasis CookbookPlus Is The Companion Book To Healing Psoriasis The Cookbook Consists Of Three Parts Part I Basic Principles Gives Technical Data Which Includes The Six Principles Behind The Regimen Detoxification Diet And Nutrition Herb Teas Spinal Adjustments External Applications And Right Thinking Part II The Recipes Consists Of Over Original Recipes Specifically Designed For The Psoriatic Patient Part III Eye On Nutrition Is Loaded With General Nutritional Information And Advice Good For All Readers There Is Also A Helpful Color Photographic Portfolio Of Case Histories Which Give Undeniable Proof Of The Efficacy Of The Pagano Regimen I am so very thankful for this book coming my way I have psoriasis and this is the best health minded view of this situation Dr John Pagnano has followed Edgar Cayce s request to continue researching health issues This book is so very clearly written and easy to understand and follow.The products are easy to find If you are tired of trying all the stuff that doesn t work and are willing to change and do some things a little bit differently this is the book for you It is not a cake walk but then what is Please consider reading this book for your own health Don t see it as just a bunch of hard stuff to do see it as perhaps a new way to enjoy and live your life We already are different than others because of our psoriasis so why not be different in a positive uplifting way by doing these things Dr Pagnano suggests and have our difference now be our radiant health The recipes in this book are amazing weather you want to try the alkaline friendly diet or not I have cooked these for everyone and they all love everything I love the use of all the herbs I have love 99 percent of the things I have tried, and have made most of them a regular meal. It has helped me in many ways I m still in the process I have Psoriatic Arthritis too so I m hoping it will help with that too Be ready to some rough changes in your diet It s hard but you will gradually start to like it. I was told I was one of the worst cases ever seen by my doctor I spent over ten years taking methotrexate and the doctors asked me to start taking injections I bought this book instead and followed the diet and in three months my skin was mostly clear I would recommend this book to every Dermatologist in the country and absolutely to every Psoriasis sufferer.