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e, the incredibly strange story of ecstasy by Tim Pilcher Running Press 2008 306.1 is a thorough summary of the history and culture of the end of the 20th century s most popular psychedelic substance My rating 6.5 10, finished 1 22 14. [Download E-pub] ♽ e, the incredibly strange history of ecstasy ♸ Disco Biscuits, Happy Pills, Doves, Wobbly Eggs, Burgers, X, Adam, E, Ecstasy However You Refer To It, MDMA , Methylenedioxymethamphetamine Has Been A Life Changing Force, For Both Good And Bad, In Millions Of People S Lives Not Since LSD And Cannabis In The S Has A Drug Acted As Such A Profound Social And Cultural Catalyst Ecstasy Changed Clubbing, Music, Fashion, Design And Overall Society Forever E, The Incredibly Strange History Of Ecstasy Examines Every Aspect Of MDMA, From Its Creation In A German Lab Just Before World War I And Its Use As A Psychotherapy Tool In The S, To Its Ultimate Explosion On The US And UK Dance Scene This Visually Stunning Book Features Than Photographs And Illustrations Including An Extensive Catalog Of The Most Popular, Unusual, And Fascinating Ecstasy Pills Along With Listings Of What They Contained And Details About Their History And Cultural Significance Similar To The Cannabis Companion Which Has Sold Than , Copies To Date , E, The Incredibly Strange History Of Ecstasy Covers Every Aspect Of The Subject From The Physical, Emotional, And Psychological Effects Of Ecstasy And The Rise Of Key Rave Locations Such As Goa And Ibiza, To The Futile Attempts Made By International Governments To Halt Rave Culture And Stop MDMA Use It Is The Most Comprehensive And Contemporary Book Ever To Explore The History And Continuing Cultural Influences Of The Drug That Changed The World This was pretty bland Learning about Ecstasy itself and how it affects the mind was pretty cool, but the author focused so god damn much on the music scene and it felt like one big nostalgia trip than an actual history The Serotonin Stories were cool as shit, though Like most nostalgia heavy things, this book made me feel a longing of sorts, like I ve missed or am missing out on something. Great little book Easy and fun read that gives a great overview of the history of ecstasy It s also full of beautiful color pictures that help visualize the history.I read it to help with a college paper speech that was about ecstasy I got an A and this book helped. Good as a stocking filler for old skool ravers.This is a fine looking little book It is well laid out with a good choice of illustrative pictures, particularly the catalog of pills It starts of really well, with the first few chapters looking at the discovery of ecstasy, governmental responses and the physical and psychological effects of its use These chapters are informative, interesting and a great antidote to the one sided view of ecstasy often presented in mainstream media.After that it or less turns into a padded out list of ecstasy related popular culture reference points So we have Detroit techno and Chicago house check , Danny Rampling going to Ibiza check and on That s all well and good, and it could be considered an omission not to document this stuff However the problem is, this side of things has been covered so extensively elsewhere It starts to get dull, with a feeling of I know all this already As the author continues down this chronology route, the plight of the book ironically parallels the pills themselves, in that it all gets progressively weaker This culminates in name checking the film It s All Gone Pete Tong Similarly, although the book was published in 2008, the story seems to end with Fatboy Slim I presume this is because that is where the author s knowledge from experience dwindles In this way, the tale goes mainstream towards the end, where perhaps other avenues could have been explored. Started off alright as the history of the drug starts but then when it moves towards the music raves side of things it becomes clear that it s written by an American And we all know American s know shit all about raving The music might have originated in Merica, but us Brits are the ones who pioneered the rave scene.The section on the different kind of E s is laughable, all ones found in New York Wow No mention of White Doves, Dennis the Menaces, Snowballs, Mitzi s Towards the end of the book it seems to have been written by a child.