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Nowhere near as good as her first book in this one we re not even sure she HAD a heart attack Not bad story. #READ EBOOK â Echoes of Heartsounds ¶ This New York Times Bestselling Author S Memoir Of Her Own Heart Attack Is A Refresher Course In Handling Life S Meanest Challenges With Grace Library Journal It Begins Late One Afternoon In Her Kitchen There Is No Collapse, No Massive Pain Just A Slight Fluttering Sensation In Her Chest, Then Chills, And Finally, Nausea Probably Nothing To Worry About, The Doctor Assures Her On The Phone It Doesn T Sound Like A Heart Attack But It Is Heart Attacks In Women Can Look And Feel Dramatically Different Than They Do In Men, Which Is Why They Often Go Undiagnosed But Heart Disease Is The Number One Killer Of American Women Greater Than All Forms Of Cancer Combined When The Doctor Examines Lear The Day After Her Episode, The Verdict Is Shocking So Begins An Account, Filled With Grace, Humor, And Ferocity, Of Her Hard Won Return To Good Health, Beset By Mysterious Postsurgical Complications And Haunted By Memories Of Her Late Husband When She Finds Herself In The Same Coronary Unit In Which She Lost Him All Those Years Ago Heart attacksSequel to Heartsound, the story of her husband s heart attack, this is the story of her heart attack some 30 years later Well written but ended too soon before she gets permanently discharged from the hospital Would have liked the story to go further. I received this book through First Reads Giveaways, and I really enjoyed it I actually entered the giveaway so that I could give the book to my grandmother because it looked like something she d enjoy reading, but then I remembered hearing the name Martha Lear in my feminist studies course in college, so I thought, Hmmm I wonder if this is the same woman So I picked up the book and began to read, and I m very glad that I did This book is not AT ALL my type of reading material, but it was such a good book The writing was brutal at times I know this is ridiculous and it can t have actually happened beyond my brain making me think it was happening but I swear that while reading some of the graphic parts of this memoir of a woman s battle with heart disease, that at times, my left arm and chest started hurting Again, I know that it was totally a psychosomatic thing, but the writing was just THAT good and THAT honest and open and THAT brutal.My only complaint about the book is that the ending takes a bit of a detour into the author s life in her first marriage which is nice and illuminating but is also a bit ill placed in the scheme of things.Still, overall, a very enjoyable if sad read. Told with humor and grace, Lear is both parts feisty and fraut She narrates her grief and questioning beautifully, and invites the reader in on her personal journey to rediscover a disease with a new first hand approach She wriggles through the irony and paints a medical picture with shades of disbelief, doubt, breaking points and grief From bedside talks with her deceased husband, to contemplating the program for her own funeral to the devastating news that she has contracted a hospital acquired infection Lear chronicles the roller coaster medical journey that will endear you, educate you, scare you and ultimately leave you feeling vastly informed on a womens experience with heart disease This book is for every woman looking to make sense of what has been stereotyped as a mans disease It is not so much prescriptive as it is a narrative that many will identify with But this is also for the partner looking for solace or guidance as they question and ponder what could be going on inside the body It s for the child of an aging parent who cannot identify with their struggle but is looking for some guidance It is for the medical professional looking to get a patience perspective But mostly, it s for fans of anyone who can really appreciate a fantastic writer Experiencing Lear s illness and challenges in Echoes of Heartsounds will not only tantalize a new audience but will also update fans of her 1980s bestseller. I was very disappointed in this book I thoroughly enjoyed the previous book, Heartsounds by this author, so decided to read this one as well My impressions are that the author wrote this book to capitalize on the success of her previous book, and there was no comparison At least 1 3 of this book was devoted to retelling the story that was covered in Heartsounds Not worthy of the great review I gave to the first Heartsounds. I read heart sounds years ago and enjoyed that, coming from a cardiac nursing background This was also enjoyable, hearing how the author went on with her life How frightening for her to go through a similar experience in the the same place, but with a different outcome From my point of view I m glad she found the medical profession responsive to their patients. Longtime New York City journalist Lear s first husband, a doctor named Hal, died after a series of heart attacks Ironically, 30 years later she was admitted to the same hospital for a heart attack an event that presents completely differently in women As a sequel to her previous memoir, Heartsounds 1980 which I haven t read but would like to , this explores life s odd parallels and repetitions It s about her shambolic five week stay in the hospital infections and conflicting diagnoses abounded but also about how she survived Hal s death and later built a new relationship with Al, a widower It s short and punchy, and I enjoyed Lear s wisecracking yet heartfelt voice.Related reading The Sanctuary of Illness by Thomas Larson is another heart disease memoir, while The Light of the World is Elizabeth Alexander s devastatingly beautiful account of her husband s sudden heart attack death my favorite nonfiction of 2015 so far. My review will be posted closer to the publication date of this book I received this book from NetGalley and the publisher in exchange for an honest review.