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I was hooked from the first page, unsure where this story was going New York journalist Stephanie Beauman, recently fired from her job on a fashion magazine, goes undercover in Sydney, Australia, taking a job as a hostess come house sitter for publicity shy businessman, Gabriel de Romanos Attracted to the enigmatic Argentinian, she doesn t want to believe he s a drug dealer, or that he had anything to do with the disappearance of the woman he intended to marry years earlier But if she discovers proof of his guilt, her feelings won t get in the way of the exclusive story that will make her name in the world of journalism.With the help of Gabriel s groundsman, Stephanie gradually leansabout her reclusive employer, and his arch rival Miguel Both men involve her in games that spill over into the bedroom , pitting Stephanie s desire for a good story against desires of aimmediate nature.The locations were glamorous, as too were the main players The author kept me guessing right up to the last page, and I didn t see the final twist coming.An entertaining read You won t regret buying this one. If you love heroines who know what they want and will use everything at their disposal including their bodies to get it, then journalist Stephanie Beauman is perfect She is sexy and sophisticated with a bit of exhibitionist thrown in for good measure She isn t shy about sex and gets plenty of it, with several different men throughout the book and yet we see that she does have a deep attraction for the elusive hero maybe villain Gabriel de Romanos At first her attraction to him seems to be just as the object of her investigative reporting, but as the story unfolds the reader gets to fantasize right along with Stephanie about what it would be like to be with the quiet, brooding de Romanos Is he the dark and dangerous South American drug lord or someone else entirely Was he responsible for the disappearance of his fiancee nearly ten years before These are just a few of the questions that Stephanie has when she goes undercover as Gabriel s housesitter hostess Her ultimate goal is to collect enough information to write an article that will solidify her career as an investigative journalist and not just someone who writes for a fashion magazine The author takes you along with Stephanie on a breathtaking tour of Australia, Argentina and Peru We get to experience the food, wines and the sultry dancing in and out of the bedroom, leaving the reader breathless and wantingI thought I had it all figured out and then BAM, a fantastic twist was thrown in making the whole story even hotter I for one hope that there is a sequel to this story just so I can travel to these wonderful locations and be swept away again. ^Free Epub ↭ Embedded ↬ Siren Allure Erotic Romantic Suspense, Menage Elements Involving Secondary Characters, Adultery, Public Exhibition, Sex Toys Opening Her Eyes Again As Miguel Continued To Kiss Her Neck And Shoulders With A Warm, Insistent Mouth, She Saw Gabriel Had Leaned Forward A Little, Into The Light, Watching Her, Her Reactions, The Suggestion Of Her Nakedness Before Him Through The Shadows She Stared Back, Daring Him To Stop Her, Daring Him Not To Want Her New York Journalist Stephanie Beauman Goes Undercover In Sydney, Australia, To Investigate A Corrupt Business Deal, Taking A Job As Hostess For Enigmatic Businessman Gabriel De Romanos Initially Confident, And With Groundsman Reno As Her Ally, She Is Drawn Into A World Of High Stakes Business, Wine, Social Excess, And Murder As She Accompanies De Romanos Between Australia And Argentina, He And His Suave Rival Miguel Involve Her In Their Business And Sexual Games Stephanie Is Forced To Take Increasing Risks And Finally To Choose Between Her Story And Her Own Desire A Siren Erotic Romance