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READ PDF á Ender's Shadow æ The Human Race Is At War With The Buggers , An Insect Like Alien Race As Earth Prepares To Defend Itself From Total Destruction At The Hands Of An Inscrutable Enemy, All Focus Is On The Development Of Military Geniuses Who Can Fight Such A War, And Win The Long Distances Of Interstellar Space Have Given Hope To The Defenders Of Earth, They Have Time To Train These Future Commanders Up From Childhood, Forging Them Into An Irresistible Force In The High Orbital Facility Called The Battle School Andrew Ender Wiggin Was Not The Only Child In The Battle School He Was Just The Best Of The Best In This Book, Card Tells The Story Of Another Of Those Precocious Generals, The One They Called Bean, The One Who Became Ender S Right Hand, Part Of His Team, In The Final Battle Against The Buggers Bean S Past Was A Battle Just To Survive His Success Brought Him To The Attention Of The Battle School S Recruiters, Those People Scouring The Planet For Leaders, Tacticians, And Generals To Save Earth From The Threat Of Alien Invasion Bean Was Sent Into Orbit, To The Battle School And There He Met Ender I had read Ender s game and Ender s shadow each when they were first published I have re read Ender s game several times over the years and this is my second reading of shadow I have thoroughly enjoyed each read Both Ender and Bean are fascinating characters doing incredible things and it is great fun to share their world and their tribulations as they triumph over them I want to add that I have read many of the other Orson Scott Card books and they all are highly original and great fun to read and to inter into their worlds. Ender s Game has been on my top five list for over 30 years I reread this book or listen to the audio book pretty much every year, and there are still nuances that I catch Orson Scott Card s depiction of the simple reasoning of a child caught my attention when I was still a teen Having been bullied by an older brother, I saw so many parallels between Peter and my brother.This companion volume takes Bean through the same time period as Ender s Game, from a different character s perspective With Ender being the best of the best , it catches you off guard when Bean is much smarter After Peter threatening Ender with death, you find that Bean s bullies are much deadly, and have much greater motivation to kill If you like Ender s Game, then this book is a must read Its weakest moments are those in which certain key events and circumstances get forced to match up to the original Probably the most clumsy of these is the story of how Bean got his name These are minor in comparison to the quality of the story and writing. Years ago I read Ender s Game I loved it so much that I recommend it to my family and coworkers I still do to this day I didn t know if anything else could be written into the original source material than had already been done I was wrong Orson Scott Card brought so much depth and backstory to the original novel that it enriches the experience of reading it I will admit to NOT reading any other books by the author, but given the two different series paths, at this point, I would much prefer to follow Bean than Ender s following work This is definitely going to be added to my recommendation of outstanding novels If you liked Ender s Game one of the most successful sci fi novel series over the last two decades then you ll love Ender s Shadow Unlike the first sorta sequels to Ender s Game which were widely different topics than the Battle School and the Formic Invasion, Ender s Shadow takes the simultaneous timeline of Ender s Game and draws it from Bean s point of view, Bean, the most brilliant, the smallest and the closest soldier to Ender.Bean s back story is so heartbreaking, it s almost hard to read He is a starving street urchin in Rotterdam But how did he get on the streets as a four year old, and who were his parents, that he should be so incredibly brilliant The antagonist Achilles pronounced Ah sheel is equally brilliantly done The story sets up the rest of the Ender s series where the fate of the Battle School children and the wars pending on Earth after the Formic Wars is dealt with along with the rest of the story of Peter and Valentine.The audiobook is particularly good, I have the Kindle plus Audiobook and it s the edition I d recommend.