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Reviewed by Rabid Reads.This installment was TAKEN BY THE OTHERS 2.0 with the same overall premise, but without the secondary plot threads to lessen how messed up this series lead antagonist really is in addition to a few other differences as the title suggests In this novel the distinction between a good and bad vampire became glaringly evident as the story took on a better the devil you know vibe The six book long arc came to a close which left me feeling like this might be the last of Shiarra Waynest s shenanigans it s been nine months since this title was released, and nothing new has been announced.The HW INVESTIGATIONS universe has primarily revolved around blood suckers, and werewolves however ENSLAVED BY THE OTHERS brings a couple of new supes to the field, and I still haven t managed to figure out what one of them was based Jess Haines clues I m hoping that there will in fact be a seventh installment because I NEEDS TO KNOW what s up with Iana The second Other we hooked up with was Soo Jin Kumiho, a Kitsune demon fox with 9 tails, so after that little diddy, plus all of the hints with regards to the former s true nature, I m thinking she s something pretty spectacular.Just when I thought the darkest novel in this series was behind me, I crack this baby open only to discover that this author s previous horrors don t even begin to scratch the surface The blurb mentions a slave trader, so that gives you a good indication of the level of depravity you can expect from this story We learn how the vampire named Mouse became mute after she was immortal, needless to say that it takes a special kind of monster to mutilate a being that can heal almost anything And, that s merely one example of many Yeah, this book s fucked up.Royce s character was shelved once again which was a downer because I really wanted him to go mano e mano against Shia s jailer instead of pulling his minions puppet strings from a distance We did get Arthur and Sara though which was a minor consolation The ending satisfied in an it s about time kind of way I was happy that Waynest accepted what Alec had to do without protest, and finally acknowledged that her boy toy has been on her side since their first meeting I d be ok if this series concluded here, although there s definitely still room for it to expand.ENSLAVED BY THE OTHERS wasn t pretty, but in the end Shia got get man. 4Sometimes we readers are a funny bunch Last year in August I was moaning and bitching I had to wait at least a year for the sequel to Forsaken by the Others.Then, this year I left this book on my TBR list close to 2 months, terrified it wouldn t be good enough for my expectations, that it would be too terrible to see Shiarra enslaved, that the author would be cruel to us poor readers alas, you get my meaning I was scared s of an other cliffhanger and my own desires DWell, I did something clever I read it during the day, before going out to a night out So I had all the time to cure the adrenaline crash that this damned series causes me every single time Enslaved By the Others was exactly like its prequels a never ending adrenaline fuel run This book was an action paced, sorrow filled closure to a plot arch Now the evil witch of the west is dead, and it may start a period of relative calm Nope, having read this series from the start I seriously doubt it But hey a girl can dreamBoth new and old characters are going to keep you engaged, there may be a less snarky Shiarra, but it s great to see she has both learned her lessons no, not all the lesson, has she sigh , and kept her spirits I m glad there s no cliffending yes , but doesn t imply I m not keen to see where this story is going Will she mend her rift with her family, what s going on with the White Hats and the weres An other year to wait Arc Courtesy of publisher via Netgalley. Review courtesy of Dark Faerie TalesQuick Dirty Shiarra has been captured by the vampire Max and has no idea how she s going to escape in this slow read that ultimately wasn t for me.Opening Sentence My mind was a fragmented haze, but I found the glue necessary to pull it back together as soon as a voice I hadn t heard in years except in my nightmares rang out.The Review Shiarra couldn t imagine herself in a worse situation She s been captured by Max, an evil vampire who wants nothing than bend her to his will She s trying to resist, but it s becoming harder by the day She continues to hold out hope that Royce will somehow find her and rescue her, but it s becoming and difficult to keep hope alive To add to all this, she s realizing she s no longer completely human Whatever type of Other that infected her is slowly making changes to her body, and Shiarra has no idea what to do Will she be able to escape Max s clutches Will she ever be fully human again I ll preface this review by saying I have not read the previous books in the series I hate not being up to date on a series that I m reviewing, but my library didn t have any of the previous books, so I had to go in blind That being said, I tried not to let my lack of knowledge of previous events affect how I felt about this book And to be honest, I really, really did not like this book I feel like I can say with 98% certainty that my dislike had nothing to do with not having read the previous books, but I still wanted to put it out there before I started in on what I didn t like.First off, it felt like not a whole lot happened in the book The first 40 percent or so revolves around a cycle of Shiarra being terrified of Max, Max leaving her alone for a while during which time Shiarra attempts to escape then Max punishes her, leaving Shiarra terrified and wondering if she ll ever make it out of there That cycle got old quickly I m a fan of heroines who, even if they re afraid, refuse to show it in any way and continue to act in a tough manner I couldn t see any of that in Shiarra, and it frustrated me, especially when she kept hoping Royce would come save the day Save yourself, woman By the time she finally did make it out of there and the plot continued, I had pretty much no connection to Shiarra as a character and no interest in wanting to continue the story.One of the other issues I had concerns the idea of Shiarra becoming an Other It seems to only pop up when it s convenient to the story The rest of the time, it seems to be a total non issue Because of that, I had a hard time seeing what the big deal was, and I found myself really not caring much about it.All in all, it seems this series just isn t for me, which is sad because it has been on my to read list for a while After my experience with this book though, it s looking like I ll be taking it off that list.Notable Scene He never strayed toward inappropriate territory, but the constant reminders that I was trapped and helpless was doing plenty to fray my nerves to the breaking point I figured out before long that he was doing it on purpose to rattle me A silent reprimand that no doubt would be followed by something worse once he was done dealing with his guests.Their chatter shifted to talk of politics and investments I made mental notes of incriminating mentions of their names and businesses on the off chance I might get out of there someday Never mind the lack of a retainer fee Hunting down each and every one of these sick fucks pro bono, as a favor to the rest of humanity, would be my pleasure Focusing on a future that might never come was better than pondering what Max might be planning to do to me as soon as this meeting was over.While they discussed their business, one by one, the people were freed from their chains Half a dozen men entered to usher them back to the rooms in the hall The newcomers were all dressed in suits much like the ones Max s men wore the day I was kidnapped off the street, back when I had met him the first time The rapid, efficient way his people moved gave me the sneaking suspicion that this human trafficking business was something they did often.Worse, none of the captives spoke a word or did a thing to struggle for their freedom They moved where they were bid, but slowly, further cementing my suspicions that they were drugged Please, God, don t let them be so broken that they couldn t fight for their freedom any.Don t let that be me someday.FTC Advisory Zebra Kensington provided me with a copy of Enslaved by the Others No goody bags, sponsorships, material connections, or bribes were exchanged for my review. 3.5 StarsShia wakes up in a room with the sociopathic vampire Max He starts to drill Shia with questions The first thing she does is try to escape Her attempts end up leading her to discover that not only is Max a crazy vampire murder, but also a dealer in human trafficking Because of the continued problems that Shia causes him, he ends up putting her in a different part of his home, near his bedroom Shia s defiance only grows with Max s abuse Her best friend and business partner, Sara is brought in to control her.Enslaved By the Others starts out nail biting, only I had to play catch up I didn t at once remember what happened from the end of the last book and had to glance back The book before this one felt like a set up for the events in Enslaved By the Others If you re looking at reading HW Investigations series then I strongly advise starting with the first book, Hunted by the Others If you haven t kept up with this series I warn you that my review may confuse you or give you some spoilers Yes, Max has kidnapped Shia again, but this time things are harder The start of a novel had a theme that went Shia is defiant, she gets knocked down She acts that way again, and it happens again Each time is worse than the other, and each time gets harder to read I don t mean hard to read in a bad way, but this is some serious abuse I don t actually understand some of why Max never just killed her, but he s a power tripping mofo, so I let it go There are new characters to look forward to A demon, who is straight out of some awesome mythology and another character who I suspect to be an angel There is a ton of Gideon who I thought was played up too weary and mysterious in the last book, but I grew to love him in this book Actually out of everyone in this book I liked his character the most Side note Please don t give him the axe I think this is a much better book than the last one The story kept me on my toes and is filled with tons of action Shia does things and steps up I loved that, even if sometimes her strange comments drove me nuts Like remarking on how the other slaves in Max s creepy dungeon are prettier and smarter Really, that s what you re thinking about Shia still isn t exactly my heroine of choice but she s getting there In short, I think this was one of the better novels in the series Some of the action scenes towards the end became a little confusing and I still wish the battle outcomes were less predictable There are still things I don t like in this series, but the action and tension held together nicely, making it a page turner Elizabeth This review is for part six of the H and W Investigations series by Jess Haines and follows on from Forsaken by the Others I don t really feel happy to recommend this as a standalone as so much that has happened in previous books comes home to roost here and it really is a good idea to read this series in order.Shiarra wakes up to find herself held captive by Max one of the cruelest vampires she has ever had the misfortune to meet His liking for slaves and natural cruelty sets Max apart from others of his kind and he truly is a monster Shiarra needs to escape but her captor is determined to use her to take over even territory Separated from the one vampire that she does trust Royce, Shiarra needs to keep her wits sbout her but her latent bloodlust is fast becoming a problem Getting herself free is her goal but she s not going to leave the other slaves behind Shiarra may be clinging on to her humanity by a thread but this girl will escape or die trying This series is pure urban fantasy , it s dark, full of exciting creatures and just pulls the reader in Although there is a romantic element to it I thought that Royce was a little underused in this instalment and I didn t quite buy into their relationship That being said our heroine keeps her cards pretty close to her chest and as usual needs bailing out but she s no slouch Shiarra keeps going no matter what and defeat doesn t ever seem to be a part of her repertoire No matter how much she suffers she s always true to herself Perhaps that s why fans love this series A selfless heroine who will do everything in her power to save others no matter what the cost to herself She s definitely the kick ass sort and I adore the humour that runs through this book, although stories in first person don t appeal to all readers It s not my favourite in this series as I wanted Royce but supporting characters got to step up with both Gideon and Arnold contributing to the action My favourite character though was definitely Soo Jin and I sincerely hope we see of her.So it s not exactly a cliffhanger ending but there are still questions to be answered I guess I just expected but one thing is certain this book will please fans of the series. This book series has been on my radar for quite some time It wasn t until I was offered the ARC of Enslaved by The Others EBTO that I decided to finally sit down and check out this series I must say that by Urban Fantasy standards this one is above the curve Shiarra is a magnet for trouble Since book 1 in this series, she has managed to get herself deeper and deeper in The Others non humans in Haines world business She desired by The Circle, multiple Were packs, and two Master vampires Around every corner, she finds new and interesting ways to put herself into dangerous situations At the beginning of EBTO, Shiarra and her business partner Sara have been abducted from their so called safe house in L.A by the one Master vampire that gives the Devil a run for his money when it comes to his sadism She discovers sadistic Max is a vampire slave trader Shia has to devise a plan to not only free herself from Max s grasps and attentions, but to free the other women and Sara from his hands.Having been influenced to become a sadistic, revenge seeking killer herself book 3 Stalking the Others, I found that this book was really a redemption story for her She s trying to drag herself up from the endless darkness to which she nearly succumbed She s way over her head and has dragged her friends into the mix with her Having a heroine character like Shia breathes new life into what an urban fantasy novel lead female character should be She s a born fighter, strong, and stubborn Yet, at the same time, she has her weaknesses While it isn t revealed until the end of the book as to her Other human status really is, I feel as if her struggles with becoming an other and the result on her life is simply amazing Shia grows leaps and bounds in EBTO Shia and her story are masterfully written by Jess Haines I find the decisions lead characters make in most UF novels to be almost inconceivable and that is not the case in Shia s tale The levels of romance and intrigue are balanced perfectly with the action and adventure Enslaved by The Others is by far my favorite in this series With each book Haines takes it up a notch and enthralls me and I actually read the last 4 books of this series in one day I simply couldn t put them down Enslaved by The Others takes what you know and love about UF novels and multiples them by 1000 This UF novel should be moved to the top of your TBR. Forsaken by the Others, the previous book in the HW Investigations series, ended with a bang and this installment starts right where we left off Shia is now in custody of Max and her future is most uncertain Royce has absolutely no idea where she is, so any hope of rescue is out the window She will have to step up her game if she wishes to be free again, but can she do it on her own I am a big fan of this urban fantasy series, and miss Haines writing, and I was pleased once again with this new installment Despite Enslaved by the Others being the sixth book in the series Haines managed to keep things fresh by completely out rooting Shia She is taken away from her allies, planted in the middle of no where, in the grasp of her worst enemy so it s completely different from previous set up I enjoyed witnessing her take matters in her own hands and do the best she can to get out of trouble.Arnold finally makes a new appearance in this installment, and I was extremely happy I ve been waiting for so long to see of him Thank you Jess On the other hand, Royce is once again pretty absent from the premises, so I hope book seven will show of Shia and Royce and their growing relationship On that matter, Kensington hasn t bought books for the moment, but it s probably only a question of time before it s a done deal I urge you to purchase this novel to increase the sales and the chances of getting any novels in the series The plotline was steady and gripping and I enjoyed meeting new characters The conclusion proved to be satisfying if not terribly surprising If you haven t started this series yet, I strongly suggest you do And please, don t let the not super appealing covers put you off, those are great novels *READ DOWNLOAD ⇜ Enslaved By the Others ↡ Vampires, Werewolves, Magi And Worse The Others Have Joined The Mortal World, And There S No Turning Back NowAs A New York PI And Other Specialist, Shiarra Waynest Has Been In Plenty Of Trouble Before But Waking Up In A Windowless Room The Prisoner Of A Vampire Slave Trader Is A Shock For Anyone Shia Has Her Wits, Her Bravado, And A Couple Of Used Staples, So Maybe She Can Take On A Mansion Full Of Serious EvilBut Although She S Desperate To Escape, Shia Needs Some Answers Too Her Friends Are In Danger There Are Betrayers And Spies Among Them And Even If She Can Figure Out What S Going On And Somehow Get A Message Out, She S Still A Captive Of The Worst Kind Betrayal has led to Shiarra Waynest waking up as a prisoner of an evil vampire She has been in a lot of really bad situations but this one might finally break her.If you haven t read any of the HW Investigations series, I highly recommend starting from the beginning Even though this is a fabulous story, it doesn t contain a lot of storyline to encourage the reader s emotional development to its charactersa connection that you gain with previous installments Enslaved By the Others is a goose bump inducing, vividly depicted, action packed dark urban fantasy Marvelous new Others, bold new plot developments and a wonderful and likeable heroine make Enslaved by the Others a great addition to the HW Investigations series.I received this ARC copy of Enslaved By the Others from Kensington Books Zebra in exchange for a honest review This book is set for publication July 1, 2014.Series An HW Investigations NovelSequence in Series 6Page Counte 352 pagesPublisher Zebra Publication Date July 1, 2014Rating 4 starsISBN 10 1420124048ISBN 13 978 1420124040Genre Urban FantasyFind this book on Barnes NobleReviewed for Judging by the cover, I think and this is only a guess here that Photoshop has been abused to the point of death Let s take a two minute silence in the memory of Photoshop That woman does not look normal Ooh, but maybe that s the point Something to ponder on Thoroughly enjoyed the book, but the last page held a note finality and so I m left wondering whether this is the end of the series I really, really hope we see from Shiarra, Alec and the gang The characters are great fun, especially when they interact with one another.I ve always enjoyed the world building I LOVE it when supernatural creatures are out in the open and intriguing characters but I feel that Jess has stepped it up a gear in this book Not only are we introduced to Soo Jin the kitsune, who kicks ass by the way, but we also meet Iana The jury is still out on what Iana might be At one point, I thought she might have been view spoiler an angel, Supernatural style hide spoiler