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!Download Ebook ⚝ Entoverse (Giants, #4) ⚷ Human Society On Jevlen Was Falling Apart And It Looked As If JEVEX, The Immense Super Computer That Managed All Jevlenese Affairs, Was At The Heart Of The Matter Except That The Problems Didn T Stop When JEVEX Was Shut Down People Were Changing Or Being Changed It Was Almost As If The Jevlenese Were Being PossessedMeanwhile, In A Very Different Universe, Where Magic Worked And Nothing Physical Was Predictable, Holy Men Caught Glimpses Of Another Place, A Place Where The Shape Of Objects Remained Unchanged By Motion, And Cause Led Directly And Logically To Effect And The Best Part Was That When The Heart Was Pure, The Mind Was Focused, And Circumstances Were Right, Some Lucky Souls Could Actually Make The Transition To That Other Universe If Only They All Could I loved the first three books of the Giants series in high school, and they have held up well for me ever since Entoverse, however, never really drew me into the story the same way This is a solid continuation of the series, however, and may work better for other readers.3 stars Wow, it took me from the 28th of July to the 2nd of August to read this book That s really a long time for me It has nothing to do with the book though but rather due to the fact that we constantly seem to be doing things that keep me away from my reading during the summer holidays Rather the inverse from what I expected.Anyway, this book in the Giants series wanders quite far from the original It starts of like the previous book but it never really recovers from its nose dive into a traditional thriller story with a lot of political manipulation and lurking around in the shadows Gone are really the research and discovery parts that made me like the first couple of books so much.The or less accidental creation of a universe with sentient beings within a giant computer was surely an interesting twist and one I didn t expect but it still didn t work out very well for me It was really overshadowed by the general plot which focused way too much on the politics and way too little on the actual discovery Then when Hunt Co travelled into this universe it actually went a bit silly, especially the carousel bit, as far as I am concerned.I really liked the first two books but this one not so much. Not very interesting This series could do without this book Didn t even get half way So predictable already Not much left of the science And politicswell, we live that every day.