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Good reference book for risk evaluation. [Free Ebook] ♖ Evaluation for Risk of Violence in Adults ♠ Forensic Mental Health Assessment FMHA Has Grown Into A Specialization Informed By Research And Professional Guidelines This Series Presents Up To Date Information On The Most Important And Frequently Conducted Forms Of FMHA TheTopical Volumes Address Best Approaches To Practice For Particular Types Of Evaluation In The Criminal, Civil, And Juvenile Family Areas Each Volume Contains A Thorough Discussion Of The Relevant Legal And Psychological Concepts, Followed By A Step By Step Description Of The Assessment Process From Preparing For The Evaluation To Writing The Report And Testifying In Court Volumes Include The Following Helpful Features Boxes That Zero In On Important Information For Use In Evaluations Tips For Best Practice And Cautions Against Common Pitfalls Highlighting Of Relevant Case Law And Statutes Separate List Of Assessment Tools For Easy Reference Helpful Glossary Of Key Terms For The Particular Topic In Making Recommendations For Best Practice, Authors Consider Empirical Support, Legal Relevance, And Consistency With Ethical And Professional Standards These Volumes Offer Invaluable Guidance For Anyone Involved In Conducting Or Using Forensic Evaluations This book discussesthe process of evaluations the various methods of different anaylysis, rather than how to do a good risk assessment which I was looking for. For people with serious mental illness, the illness itself is often less disabling than the stigmatizing stereotype that people with mental illness should be feared As with any stereotype, the remedy isand better information It is not enough to say that most people with mental illness pose no danger, as people will still overgeneralize from a few vivid case examples However, mental health professionals and lawyers have no excuse for such bias, when a book like this is available Professor Heilbrun s work is always stellar, but in this case he has truly outdone himself No one writes about risk assessment withclarity than Kirk Heilbrun He has once again managed to cover an incredibly complex and sophisticated issue with comprehensiveness and simplicity this is no small feat This book is must reading for mental health professionals who conduct risk assessments, attorneys who request risk assessments, and judges who must decide if the quality of a risk assessment warrants expert testimony I recommend it highly. Great read