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Short and hard on how to loose perspective. [Read Book] ⚉ Everything in the Garden. ⚈ In George Oppenheimer S Words As Always With Mr Albee There Is A Theme Beneath The Surface, In This Case The Corruption Of Money And The Rottenness Of This Bigoted Exurbia Where Conformity To Its Illiberal Standards And Its Hypocritical Show Of Respectability Is All That Counts The Scene Is The Suburban Home Of Jenny And Richard, Beautifully Played By Barbara Bel Geddes And Barry Nelson The Only Thing That Seems To Stand In The Way Of Their Happiness Is A Lack Of Money The Action Starts In An Entertaining Comedy Of Manners Style Then Abruptly There Enters A Mrs Toothe In The Menacing And Fascinating Person Of Beatrice Straight Who Offers Jenny The Opportunity To Make Money Than They Have Ever Had, To Buy A Greenhouse And All The Other Luxuries That They Require For Their Garden And Their Lives Richard S Realization That Their Newfound Money Is Being Earned By His Wife S Whoring Comes Almost Simultaneously With The Return Of Their Fourteen Year Old Son From School And A Champagne Cocktail Party Which They Are Giving To Impress Their Country Club Friends As A Result, His Horror, Disgust And Rage Has To Be Kept Under Wraps In Order To Keep Up Essential Appearances Until Tragedy Strikes, And Richard Realizes That The Assembled Wives Are All Involved And Their Husbands Are Aware And Condoning More Than That, They Are Prepared Not Merely To Justify But Defend The Ends Through Which Their Means Are Attained And The Devastated Richard, Left In Agonized Despair By The Ironic Events That Charge The Final Moments Of The Play, Must Face The Fact Of His Own Share In Their Communal Guilt Less shocking today than it must have been when it was released, but a well paced and fun little play The major scandal of the play revolves around discovering that these middle class housewives are sex workers By contemporary standards that might just look progressive and interesting, rather than shocking. I was reading it in estonian language An interesting version of this play by Albee, certainly not his best work. Just read it It is absurd, thought provoking, and entertaining all at once If I say , I m afraid I ll ruin it for you. I had to read this for school My problem is, mainly, that I don t like reading plays, and I don t like reading satires I feel that both benefitfrom being watched Reading them to me takes away from the story And unfortunately, this is both a play and a satire I ll be honest, I struggled Albee s writing is just it s not that great The dialogue was awkward and repetitive, the direction and narration was really weird I just didn t enjoy his writing style Most of the characters are just meh Jack was the only one I sort of liked Jenny was okay Roger seemed pointless.I couldn t stand Richard He s an awful person And every other character was rather flat Plus, reading this now, it s dated The whole women should be housewives, they shouldn t work thing was annoying And the idea of prostitutes being the most scandalous thing ever was just absurd I get that s how it was in the 50s 60s but it s a dated notion so mostly it just annoyed me.Luckily it s short, but that also makes me wonder how long this play is It feels like it could be done in an hour. I m sure I d enjoy seeing it on the stage, but reading it was tiring because on the constant parenthetical directions for the actor s line readings Stage directions are fine, but I could probably figure out teasingly for myself It did tie together well at the end, otherwise I d rail against the talking to the audience thing Also, dated.