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Loved ItWow. what a story This book was filled with so much drama I was addicted from the 1st paragraph This definitely haddark matter in it but thankfully everyone ended up in a better place I loved the characters They were so well written and intriguing I am praying that you have a Story for Keep, Tristian, in the future That poor guy needs a story to heal him Good storyNon stop action Although it is not my usual sort of story, it held my interest to the end Sons of Anarchy fans are likely to enjoy this one Grammatical errors and a need for good proofreading recommended. [Read Epub] ♶ Exiled (Anathema, #2) ☥ The Only Thing Sacred Than The Anathema MC Is The Vengeance Of A Wronged Man ExcommunicatedExiled From The Anathema MC, Brew Darnell Escaped The Bullet Only To Face The Unforgiving Solitude Of The Road With No Future Before Him, Brew Battles His Past And Vows To Protect The One He Loves The Only Way He Can By Hunting The Man Who Destroyed His Family, Devastated The Anathema MC, And Betrayed Every Promise He Ever Made SavedTrapped In An Abusive Relationship With A Sadistic Biker, Martini Wright Learned To Manipulate, Controlling Her Boyfriend S Temper With A Wink And A Smile Until She S Traded As Collateral To A Rival MC Her Captor, Brew, Has Never Trafficked A Woman Before, And Martini Intends To Exploit His Guilty Secrets To Escape Caught In The Middle Of A Gang War, Brew And Martini Fight A Dangerous Attraction A Second Chance To Heal From The Mistakes Of Their Past If They Can Confess The Terrible Truth RedeemedBrew Failed His Family Before, But Martini Can Still Be Saved With Redemption Delivered At The Edge Of A Blade, Brew Must Choose Who To Rescue The One He Already Lostor The Love He Never Deserved While I like the characters and the story line, I found myself finding it hard to absorb the prose in this book just like in book 1 I found myself re reading sentences paragraphs to make sure I understood and followed the thought process involved Then I found myself skipping pages At about 60% the action picked up and I followed the story better I m sure there are a lot of readers that will like the writing style but it s not for me Doubt if I ll go for book 3 It s just too much of an effort for me to follow and stay interested in the story. loved it can t wait for book 3 I received this as a Arc for honest review I thought the first book Warlord kept me on the edge of my seat, lol This brings suspense, emotions and surprises I m absolutely loving this series and most defiantly recommend it if you like MC books a decent continuation same thoughts as the first. BarbaricTo much senseless violence for me Lots of explicit sex , abuse mental as well as sexual A very dysfunctional family Wowjust wow I read Warlord, the first book in this series and was for the most part pretty impressed with this first time author s work.Now with this follow up I am just blown away by the sheer poetry of her writing YES you read that correctlypoetic writing in a violent book about biker clubs at war and found myself re reading passages because there was so much beauty in the words of even the most disgusting, degrading and abusive scenes Brew was a dead man walkingon his own taking jobs for money to one day pay back for what he feels were his sins of not protecting his little sister from the horrific abuse she suffered at the hands of their own father While completing a delivery, he meets Martini, a beautiful bartenderthe property of a vicious rival club member and is ordered to take her to another club to be held as collateral This is the start of a road trip to hell that doesn t go as planned, and the beginning of what would be both of their downfalls and salvations Martini desperately wants to escape the cruel man she is owned by and Brew is a hardened shell of manhaving failed to protect the little girl he has taken into his heart and left behind a broken womanand so they both feel like they have nothing to lose when everything starts to go terribly wrong.So much happens in this book it is literally non stop action and one bad thing after another that makes it crazy hard to follow at times that I won t even try to explain or even try to summarizebut just know going in that you will not be disappointed or feel like it is anything you have read before.The relationship between Brew and Martini is fascinatinga deep, dark connection based on the twisted imperfections of two lonely, lost souls who feel they have no hope at love or even deserve to be feeling anything close to happiness The slow build up of trust and feeling and the sexual chemistry that both threatens to heal as it destroys them is also really wonderful and this author took her time to make it very real and believable.A HUGE and I mean gigantic OMG and WTH moment occurs about 80% into the book and I pretty much was in shock but thought it made for a very interesting complication and took the story in a different direction but created the basis for some new feelings to be explored.It ends with an HEA for now and the promise ofadventure to come for another brother in the next book Be forewarned though, it contains graphic depictions of abuse against women and some pretty gruesome violence in the course of conducting club business as well I received a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review 5 a match made in hell reaches for a heavenly paradise stars DNF A bit of spoiler up ahead Picked it up and put it right back down I was really looking forward to this book as I loved warlord Once again I read a book about a man almost 40 and a women in her mid 20 s I am really tired of this age gap that are put into MC books I wish the heroine was older, then I would have continued At the 4% mark I lost complete interest in this book.I just can t read any books abou grown men falling for girls who are barely old enough to rent a car This is in no way a reflection of how good the book might be, I m sure it s great I just can t get attached to books like this any, very disappointing Happy reading to everyone else