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Liza Marklund Marklund , deadline Marklund , 3,5 pelo final surpreendente No entanto, apesar do in cio do livro ser bom e o final ainda melhor, achei que pelo meio houve muito pouca a o.O livro aparentemente baseia se no assassinato de uma jovem, mas vai muito mais al m, tocando o tema da viol ncia contra as mulheres, como j caracter stico de alguns policiais n rdicos.At mais de meio, achei que talvez n o voltasse a ler outro livro de Liza Marklund Agora, e depois de um grande final, sei que vou ler. reto pop sugar 2018libro que sea crimen negro nordico este libro lo tengo muy visto desde hace tiempo porque el siguiente a este tiene una trama bonita pero yo siempre he sido una persona que lee en orden asi que queria iniciar con este pero cada vez que iniciaba el prologo me habia tanto que dormia esta vez igual pero logr engancharme.ha sido un libro maravilloso que lamento no ponerle 5 estrellas habla aparte del crimen cosas sobre la informaci n publica de los servidores publicos los ciudadanos tenemos derechos a saber que gastan su dinero pero hasta que punto es bueno saber nunca lo sabremos. Liza Marklund was a hack, still writes like one, and has that hardness of personality that leaves all the characters in this book rather unlikeable to varying degrees.A realistic account of the Social Democrats IB scandal and Swedish arms sales, intermingled with Stockholm sleaze and crimes against women. [ FREE ] ♿ Studio Sex ☲ When Freelance Reporter Annika Bengtzon Gets A Call That A Murdered Woman S Body Is Lying In A Stockholm Graveyard, She Knows Immediately That This Story Might Be Her Ticket To The Permanent Job She Craves Annika S Position At The Big City Tabloid Is Tenuous And Her Mother And Boyfriend Want Her To Come Back To The Local Paper She Has Worked For, To Stay Near Home And Settle Down As She Pursues The Murderer, Battling The Male Dominated Cliques Of The Newsroom, Annika Must Also Overcome Her Own Inexperience And The Instincts That Will Draw Her Much Too Close To The Story Studio Sex Is The Prequel To Liza Marklund S International Bestseller The Bomber That Also Featured Annika Bengtzon Studio Sex Inhabits The Same Cutthroat World Of The Tabloid Reporter, Rendered With Precision And Intelligence By Sweden S Most Popular Novelist But Studio Sex Also Introduces Fascinating New Terrain For Most American Readers, That Of A Political Scandal In One Of Europe S Most Solidly Social Democratic Welfare States When The Political Imbroglio Seems To Intersect With What Happened At A Stockholm Sex Club, The Cover Ups And Switchbacks Can Be Cherished By Thriller Readers The World Over Over The Course Of An Unusually Scorching Swedish Summer, Annika Bengtzon Will Exhaustively Follow Every Lead To Uncover The Murderer Of The Young Woman In The Graveyard At The Same Time, She Will Also Try To Discover What She Wants For Herself And Whether She Has What It Takes To Survive And Thrive As An Investigative Reporter Her Choices, Her Victories, And Her Mistakes Make Her One Of The Complicated Even Fragile Heroines To Emerge In Recent Years I m not quite sure what I think of Liza Marklund s character Annika Bengtzon She is a study in contrasts and perhaps that is why, though I might occasionally shake my head in exasperation at her, I find her so interesting to read about I first met her when I read Marklund s Paradise It s something of a challenge to get your hands on this book as it is out of print and fairly scarce and expensive to buy I borrowed a library copy via ILL Add to that challenge is the fact that Marklund has written Annika s story there are a total of eight books now, though not all translated into English out of order While Paradise was the first book she published, it isn t actually the first book about Annika chronologically Studio 69, which I quite enjoyed again with a very few reservations actually begins Annika s adventures as a tabloid journalist.In Paradise I learned that Annika was the victim of domestic abuse and had been involved in the death of someone close to her She is a sub editor for the newspaper Kv llspressen in Stockholm, and in Studio 69 the events that are hinted at in Paradise are finally fleshed out Annika is not close to her family, she and her mother especially butt heads, but she has a close relationship with her grandmother to whom she returns when life is particularly weighing her down She has a steady boyfriend but he s mostly absent during the story as he still lives in the small town where he and Annika grew up She has come to Stockholm as a temporary, rookie reporter She has the summer to make her mark and hopes for a permanent position or will have to return home Annika wants nothing than to succeed and is fairly fearless when it comes to going after a story, but being a novice she makes mistakes which also plunge her into a welter of self doubt.When someone calls in with a tip that the body of a young woman has been found in a local cemetery, Annika and another, seasoned reporter set off to investigate The victim often crossed through the area on her way home from work, so she was only steps away from safety Annika s story begins to take shape as she interviews the dead woman s neighbors, friends and former classmates Each offers a different reality of the woman s life, a woman who was beautiful and smart and stuck in a job as a stripper at the persuasion of her jealous boyfriend, who Annika implies is the most likely culprit Initially Annika does well with her first investigative piece, with multiple stories appearing in the newspaper some on the front page The newspaper s top editor is impressed with Annika, calling her an alert young woman who can turn things around fast and with a completely different approach in her thinking only she goes too far sometimes When a new suspect emerges, contrary to Annika s line of enquiry, things blow up in her face The story takes a complicated turn as a politician high up in Sweden s government is discovered to have entertained German politicians at the strip club where the victim worked More damning, he apparently has rooms in the same apartment building as the woman Liza Marklund was inspired by actual events in Sweden involving illegal spying not only on other governments but on Swedes who were considered security risks She wraps the story of a young murdered woman up nicely with a political slant here lies one of my reservations as some of this political detail was a little over my head not being too familiar with this aspect of Swedish history Not only does she wrestle with the questions of domestic abuse and pornography but she also ties it in with illegal activity on the part of the Swedish government, a theme which carries over into Paradise As the frenzy of the press and the possible involvement of a government official threatens to boil over, Annika notes that Josefin, the dead girl, is completely forgotten in this mess of political scandal.Liza Marklund included a very helpful and interesting author s note at the beginning of the book I should have read it first to avoid some of my confusion that sheds a little light on why she writes about a character who is a tabloid journalist My perception of tabloids is that they tend towards scandalous and maybe not usually true stories Marklund notes that until the 1980s nongovernmental broadcasting was forbidden by the Swedish government They had state run TV and radio and broadcast news programs have always been strict, official, and uncontroversial Investigative journalism and groundbreaking news have usually been found in the tabloids If you are a fan of Swedish crime novels and have yet to try Liza Marklund, do look for her books Her stories are less mysteries you may discover the truth in reading, but that doesn t mean the real culprit is going to be brought to justice than suspenseful tales that shed light on social issues or the inner workings of Swedish society Despite the unevenness of Annika s character I m curious to see if and how she changes over the course of other stories , I thought this was a tightly written story, better plotted and with a assured voice in the storytelling Next up is Prime Time, which looks like it will be another book that is difficult to find N o consigo decidir se adorei ou detestei este livro Talvez, o facto de me suscitar esta d vida revele que esta seja uma excelente obra muito interessante e original a forma como est elaborada a hist ria, revelando segredos de uma forma subtil Achei o final surpreendente.Como n o aprecio literatura que aborde temas como pol tica e jornalismo, certas passagens entediaram me um pouco Gostei da refer ncia leitura do destino pelas cartas de Tarot Gostei do carinho com que a protagonista se relaciona com os gatos Whiskas . A good book that is the first in the series about a newspaper journalist Annika.I found it very good at the start and at the end but lost its way in the middle Characters are well developed and the book on the whole was a good read. 3,5