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~Read Epub ♀ Faster ♡ For Professional Cyclists, Going Faster And Winning Are, Of Course, Closely Related Yet Surprisingly, For Many, A Desire To Go Faster Is Much Important Than A Desire To Win Someone Who Wants To Go Faster Will Work At The Details And Take Small Steps Rather Than Focusing On Winning Winning Just Happens When You Do Everything Right It S The Doing Everything Right That S Hard And That S What Fascinates And Obsesses Michael HutchinsonWith His Usual Deadpan Delivery And An Awareness That It S All Mildly Preposterous, Hutchinson Looks At The Things That Make You Faster Training, Nutrition, The Right Psychology And Explains How They Work, And How What We Know About Them Changes All The Time He Looks At The Things That Make You Slower, And Why, And How Attempts To Avoid Them Can Result In Serious Athletes Gradually Painting Themselves Into The Most Peculiar Life Style Corners Faster Is A Book About Why Cyclists Do What They Do, About What The Riders, Their Coaches And The Boffins Get Up To Behind The Scenes, And About Why The Whole Idea Of Going Faster Is Such An Appealing, Universal Instinct For All Of Us Another book I would have never picked up had it not been for Quest Scouts Even so, I almost abandoned it early as this is not my kind of book I am pleased I stuck with it.Today I was in the vehicle all day Having downloaded the audiobook from Hoopla made for great companionship Hutchinson read by Simon Vance has a wonderful sense of humor I really like his British wit I found myself chuckling aloud as I drove about Delaware today.It s still not in my wheelhouse There was far too many details on the minutia of bicycle racing for my tastes Yes, granted, that is what this is about kind of I enjoyed the insight to elite training I think Hutchinson did a wonderful job showing us that side of sport.His descriptions, wry as they were, were engaging At one point I pulled over to Google Hutchinson I was struggling with something he said and what I was visualizing That is when I realized he wasn t a road racer but a track rider That hadn t been immediately apparent to me.Hutchinson did a very good job of educating this layman as to the specifics of the sport Lung capacity is huge because it adds oxygen to get into the blood, which is what the elite bicyclist needs And as great as Hutchinson s lung capacity is, he is humble in noting that it is than just genetics that creates the elite Training, examining every detail is how the edges are found Blood doping is desirable because that gets oxygen into the system Seams on clothing help create turbulence, which is desired Aerodynamics are taken from motorsports, clothing from swimming, etc The edges are minute, but there is no physical training that can be gotten Everyone is already working at maximum, therefore, the advantages come from the other components of the sport.This ended up being an interesting listen Thank you once again for putting me in touch with a book I would have otherwise never seen. I liked it but didn t understand all of it I m glad I tried, though I wish I could get of his books.The main thing I got from his book was the question to ask myself when I eat or train or even in general Does this make me faster That s the perfect way to weigh in when I m not sure about something does it help me reach my goal Michael Hutchinson has achieved so much in cycling without actually reaching that very pinnacle of sport Without actually becoming a winning pot But he has achieved all of his successes clean and against the odds He shares his vast insights gained by hard work, trial and error His love of cycling is enormous and pure A must read for anyone remotely interested in cycling. Perhaps a not very interesting book if you are not a cyclist, but as a cyclist who wants to be faster, it was fascinating The book gives a lot of good history, as well as research on the pursuit of speed in cycling and how nutrition, training, and genes are all connected. Interesting If you are seeking to understand the whole marginal gains thing, if you want to know how obsessive you need to be to rise to the top, if you want to get insight into the attention to detail of the world s best racing cyclists, this book will be a good read It covers a lot of ground but appropriately only in the areas it says it will I would have liked on the dedication and determination required how these champions push themselves in training to the point of complete exhaustion There was a little on this how champions like training but it s an area that fascinates me and I d love to read about it What was absolutely engrossing reading was the quotes and comments from the people the author interviewed Sir Chris Hoy etc Overall, very interesting and delivers what it promises A must read for anyone interesting in cycling Hutchinson goes into great detail about exactly what is required from top level athletes, discussing human biology, genetics, doping, diets, and aerodynamics in a simple yet comprehensive way, and often through reflection of his own experiences. A great and engaging read about what makes a fast bike rider The fact that it s written by an insider makes it even fun and intriguing, but sometimes it inclines to slight pretentiousness Luckily the book is not devoid of any self deprecating humor and sarcasm as well. Without going into too much detail about the book itself partly because I don t think most non cyclists would find this interesting , and largely because I m writing this on my phone I think this is a great opportunity to explain my kind of new rating system I used to reserve 5 stars for books that I think would be enjoyed by anyone , regardless of particular interest in the subject or genre for instance Ender s game for someone who doesn t usually like science fiction My new 5 star review criteria is if someone asked me to recommend a single book to them for a first foray into a particular genre, would this be the book or one of the books Cycling , training and physiology are all subjects I have extensive personal and professional experience in and have read a decent amount about, and I would recommend this book without hesitation if someone asked me for an excellent introduction into the obsessive world of elite cycling. This book was good but extreme I felt like I was reading a book by a borderline unhinged person who decided to ride bikes Some of his tips are good but I would cautiously recommend because of the obsessiveness