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Oh my word I must say that this was by far the best of the seriesone small bad thoughfound myself going back every now and then to figure out who someone was or what they were or who they were mated to or best friends with.you get the picture lol Over allwonderful read Felix is the greatestI am sure it was hard to put him to paper or whatever and keep some kind of control over his personality Ms Alder not only succeededbut made us laugh and cry while she did it What an emotional roller coaster ride this story turned out to be Looking forward to the next book in this seriesI have a feeling Madison is going to rock Arkadia s world Rating 3.5 One Word Rec BuyAlder, Alanea FATED HEALING Kindred of Arkadia, 5 Ebook genre s paranormal romance shelves author Alanea Alder rating 4 Great Book, will re read than once or twice when released in theater paranormal, shifters bear, canine, feline, other paranormal, vampires romance, m m humorous read fan geek references tears Personally, I don t enjoy giving SPOILERS as a rule, so I believe the general synopsis above or on the book flap if it s a hard copy should give you all the pertinent information you need I do include the basics under synopsis though If you d like to know my overall thoughts feelings regarding the book or author, please check the Personal Opinion section Also, if this is a book in a series, under Characters, you ll most likely find a fu bo list While reading, authors tend to introduce us to numerous characters and I find I wonder if they will get their own book, so I decided to include this with my review to be helpful If the character has a fu bo already out, it will be listed I will try not to include SPOILERS if there are any And now to my review General Synopsis This is the fifth book in Alanea Alder s Kindred of Arkadia series, which focuses on the romance between Dr Maddox Claybourne, a white Bengal tiger shifter, and Felix Kilpatrick, a hybrid shifter, who has found his way to Arkadia for sanctuary Just as these two mates finally find each other, a viral outbreak hits Arkadia, devastating the town s inhabitants This book DOES focus on a relationship between two men Serious warning, there will be tears shed Even knowing this, I cry again when I reread the book You have been warned, so keep tissues on standby.Characters Fu bo Connor Fated Surrender Kindred of Arkadia 6 RianDamian Nic holasBenedictDuncan Emmett Finn ianGavinRileyMoe Mojo Fated Redemption Kindred of Arkadia 8 CeceliaGinaBeauKaden Peyton RomanBaptistaDavid DanielMikhailRexTalonEirikNathanielRonanRhys Kyle Personal Opinion So, no new additions to the fu bo list cannot decide if this is a good thing or not to be honest , but then the town was under quarantine a majority of the book.If you read my previous review for Fated Forgiveness Kindred of Arkadia 4 blush Thank you , I informed you rushing into this book would put you back on the roller coaster ride I don t want to give SPOILERS, so I ll say no I know you ll understand as you read My only warning is again, have tissues handy. E-PUB ☩ Fated Healing (Kindred of Arkadia, #5) ♵ Felix Kilpatrick Survived Years Of Hell In A Mad Alpha S Cage And Has Finally Made It To The Safety Of Arkadia To Make Things Even Better, His Best Friend Sebastian Has Also Found His Way To Arkadia And Offered To Let Him Live With The Arkadian Lion S Pride He Is Living It Up When He Meets His Mate One Overly Neat, OCD, Fastidious DoctorDr Maddox Claybourne Is Content With His Life In Arkadia He Tends To The Occasional Broken Bone Or Contusion That Is Commonplace In A Shifter Only Town He Is Not Prepared For A Redheaded Mate That Wrecks His Clinic, Ignores His Orders, And Tries To Serve Him Microwavable Pizza It Will Take Every Ounce Of Skill Between Felix And Claybourne To Combat A Mysterious Illness That Threatens To Steal Away The Lives Of Those Most Precious In Arkadia No One Is Safe When People Begin To Fall Ill Can Felix And Claybourne Discover A Cure In Time And When They Can T, Can They Live With The Deaths This Virus Will Leave In Its Wake Is the doctor in Take a ginger man , a doctor , and a medical condition for great read Please buy this book from Alanea Alder , you ll laugh out loud , cry , and root for everyone.. I truly love Arkadia and wish it was a place that I could not only visit but live in And with Alanea Alder s Fated Healing my desire has not abated one wit Words really can t express just how much I enjoyed my latest visit to Arkadia The town is under siege and it is all hands on deck I was impressed, yet again, with how this town pulls together in both joy and sorrow They don t allow anyone to feel left out and that feeling extends to the reader Felix was a breath of fresh air His past was dismal but he was than his outlandish nature would suggest One moment he would have you chuckling away at either a comment or thought and the next moment he is standing up for his mate, no one would be allowed to heap their angst and fear upon the one fated to be his without him taking a large chunk out of them I could do no than be impressed by his loyalty, courage and humor And if anyone needed someone to help them loosen up a bit it was Claybourne While he was definitely a fuddy duddy, I was pleasantly surprised by the moments when he stepped outside of his rigidness Fear was pervasive throughout town and Ms Alder grabbed the reader by throat as they feared along with the townspeople I laughed, I cried, I felt the highest of the highs and the lowest of the lows right along with the town Ms Alder gave us a story that was so well written that I felt each emotion right along with them My emotions seesawed as I read with bated breath to see if the town would win this latest battle I thoroughly enjoyed feeling like I was one of the Kindred of Arkadia and look forward to returning to my home away from home five shooting stars and a Recommended Read We were warned in the dedication to have tissues It was extremely nice of her to give us the heads up I admit I never in a million years expected I d use as many tissues as I actually did I was crying so much I could see the tears dropping on my iPad that s how much I was crying.This is the story of Felix, who is a free spirit, wild, crazy, and fun loving He is everything that Dr Claybourne isn t Dr Claybourne is stuck in his ways, responsible and completely OCD But they balance each other out and that makes for a perfect mating While we get to see parts of why they are who they are and some pretty steamy sex scenes, there are other things that occupy their time They have to save the town.Something is attacking the citizens of Arkadia The people in this town, who we have grown to love, are dying and Dr Claybourne and Felix are trying to find out what it is and how to cure it When the perimeter locks itself and nobody can get in they have nobody to help them, they have to work to save the town, their friends and their loved ones themselves.While I hoped and prayed in the back on my mind that Alanea wouldn t, possibly do anything to anyone in the town that would be permanent I wondered if I was wrong sometimes So many times I was cursing her, while I was crying But since I am not giving up on this series it s clear I have stopped cursing her.It astounds me how in just the first four books I can attach myself so much to the town and the residents I feel like they are family and that is why this book hit me so hard I mean imagine how you would feel if all your friends and family were dying and you, as a doctor, couldn t do anything to help them.With every book I say it s the best one in the series and then she goes and writes a better one So I have no doubt that the rest of the series, which I hope will never end, will continue to get better and better No pressure or anything.So congrats Alanea you did something I would never have thought possible Not only have you opened my mind to MM romance, and love it, but you made me bawl my eyes out while reading one.I look forward to even in this series I just can t wait for the next one. Another book in the Kindred of Arkadia series that you hate to see end Fated Healing was a great read that I couldn t wait to start and hated to get to the end cause then I had to wait for the next book The romance, nail biting suspense, and catching up with the rest of the residents in Arkadia makes this author one of the best One quirky, mad capped hybrid who is a compassionate nurse and one OCD, clean freak doctor make the odd couple look normal But throw in some great suspense and you have a winner Alanea Alder brings all the things that make a book good into one stupendous great book It doesn t matter whether the lead romance characters are M F, M M, or a triad, she really makes the romance real But, to me one of the greatest features that an author can incorporate into their storytelling is to keep previous leads prominent in each book If you haven t tried this series, it is a must read Holy Cow This is one tearjerker of a book Ms Alanea warned me about having a box of tissues when reading, but never have I gone through almost a whole box Ms Alanea Alder has really out done herself this time, making an emotional story that has everyone in the series growing This book stars Dr Maddox Claybourne who is OCD, and his mate nurse Felix Kilpatrick is not Together the two are a perfect couple that balances each other out They are forced to stop a serious illness that threatens the shifters in Arkadia This illness affects the all of the previous characters and together two cure the town and save the day This book has some serious emotions in play as well as mysteries as to what happens next I am eagerly awaiting the next story to see what happens This is the saddest book so far and I cried and cried whenever I thought my tears would dry and scene comes in and the cycle repeats itself I liked the main characters especially the red head, it was cute to see the differences between them, first with the age difference and then with the mannerism and organization XD I especially liked when the red head says red heads are sex gods that cracks me up every single time I liked how the red head instantly bonded with Rian it was kinda adorable I hated what happened to everyone the infection and how they were imprisoned in their own town I hated the negative emotions that were along the whole problem, each case had its own dilemma and I would cry on each like I don t want to lose anyone of them cause I really grew attached to all of them, like with the wolf triad, with Rebecca and her baby, each case pulled at my heart and each was harder and harder I admired the doc and the red head in here cause they pulled their asses off to figure this out and even the red head exposed himself to the infection just so that they find the solution I liked how the vampires instantly and without hesitation helpedOverall, thumbs up Another great add to the series As much as I love Felix, I am still not sure about Maddox I still felt these two were lacking something where the other couples had epic love Overall it was a great book and the story line was crazy with everyone trying to work together I hope to see of these two and hopefully personally start to like Maddox Can t wait for the next.