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I made it up to 30% before I called it quits.Loretta So, is Fates an action packed story Me No.Loretta Are there a lot of deaths in it Me No.Loretta Are there any awesome creatures in it MeProbably not.Loretta OhWell is the main character a badass heroine Me Nope Not even close.Loretta What kind of story is this Me It s a love story.Loretta But I thought it was an action packed fantasy novel with a bunch of deaths Fates had so much potential I mean, there s this chick who makes sure people died How cool And sad This could have been creepy and awesome but unfortunately, the author made this too much about the romance and not enough about the deaths The protagonist I don t even remember her name It s something ridiculous is an annoying idiot All she ever does is complain and causes problems and then this guy, Luc I think still chases after her AND THAT S IT THAT S FUCKING IT It s all just insta love and romance and You have to die so that I can go home but I love you sooo soooo much Even though I just met you like two seconds ago It s annoying to have to read about a story that had so much potential go to shit because the amount of romance, insta love, and just plain pathetic characters that it makes me want to scream. WOW.That s is all I can say. I hate this feeling This feeling of being a quitter But at 41% on my Kindle, I just can t take this book any It s an absolute mess I don t care about Corinthe I don t care about Luc I don t care about the Fates And I sure as heck don t care about Free Radicals which really only make me think of anti aging creams.I think the biggest issue is that it felt like the author was making things up as she went along Hmmm she ll have to have a way to find him, so let s give her an enchanted locket She can t find him right away, though, so let s send her to a strange world with killer nymphs He s not going to trust her, so let s get his sister trapped where only his enemy can find and rescue her And let s make up a whole lot of mess that doesn t quite fit together.I loved the idea of it I hated the poor follow thru. Fates no es libro que trata sobre mitolog a, no es un libro que tenga un trama alguno, es sencillamente un libro donde dos personajes est n destinados a estar juntos Adem s de una portada hermosa que tiene este libro, lo que m s me llam fue a sinopsis, adem s de que est basada sobre la mitolog a, en este caso griega.Un gran error en este libro fue la mitolog a. Se supone que deber a estar basada en la mitolog a griega, pero no es para nada de mitolog a, solamente ponen criaturas sobre la mitolog a griega duendes, gnomos, ninfas, etc pero ni explican el hecho de porqu est n ah , porqu llegan a ser c mo son, porqu est n espec ficamente en se mundo Solamente lo dieron por hecho y listo Gran error No solamente ah termina todo, otro error fue el trama. Corinthe fue una Parca que fue exiliada hacia Humana por un est pido error, para volver a su hogar debe matar a Lucas. Corinthe fue una Parca. Primer error No se explica nada sobre los Parcas, los mundos, las dimensiones, ni siquiera sobre las luci rnagas que tiene que guiar Corinthe ya que es una Ejecutadora en Humana Los hechos del libro solamente ocurren pero no dan informaci n alguna sobre ello Adem s de que Corinthe solamente quiere volver a su hogar no dan ning n detalle de c mo es o cu l es su objetivo en todo el libro Corinthe es una Ejecutadora.Una vez que Corinthe fue exiliada, Miranda su tutora le ense o todo lo que deb a, pero adem s de eso, le ense o a llevar acabo muertes y por ltimo a matar El nico trabajo de Corinthe es llevar a acabo muertes para poner en equilibrio el mundo pero para volver a su mundo, su ltima tarea es Matar a Lucas.Los personajes Corinthe es una chica que lleva a cabo todas las tareas que le manda Miranda, en esa parte no la culpo, si fuera ella har a lo que fuera para volver a mi casa el nico lugar que conozco Corinthe es un personaje demasiado vac o, no se siente ni una chispa de ella, es demasiada ingenua adem s de que se deja llevar por todo y es muy lenta para procesar algo que pasa, no piensa y solamente se atina a lo que pasa y da todo por hecho Lucas ugh, ugh, ugh T pico chico con un pasado tan pero tan oscuro que no puede ver la luz del d a Lucas fue sencillamente lo que volc el vaso No dicen nada sobre el hecho de que Lucas pueda viajar en las dimensiones y que se pueda conectar con todos en cada mundo que va Digo, por lo menos debe haber alguna raz n del porqu l pueda y otros no, no ste personaje fue otro vac o, no sent nada respecto a Lucas, peor a n fue el instalove entre stos personajes Corinthe y Lucas Qu m s rom ntico que pensar en los labios de alguien cuando te quieren matar CitoTen a un cuchillo en la garganta y lo nico que pod a pensar era en c mo sab an sus labios.Locura Eso ten a que ser.Pero l quer a besarla m s que nada justo en ese segundoNo lo voy a negar, las partes de las peleas fueron la nica cosa interesante en todo el libro adem s de Rhys pero a n as no me convenci del todo el libro.Despu s de eso, el libro se pasa el 90% solamente hablando de las descripciones f sicas de Corinthe y Lucas, creo que me aprend ya de memoria los f sicos de ambos ya que solamente hablan de eso Error n mero dos El trama.Como he dicho antes, no se dice nada sobre la mitolog a griega, ni un peque o detalle, ni nada de informaci n, pero peor a n son las descripciones que se hacen por todo el libro.Las cosas que pasan Las dimensiones, cada rasgo y detalle de cada mundo que van pasando Lucas y Corinthe solamente est n ah , no describen demasiado peor a n Tambi n se centra m s en los di logos que tienen stos dos personajes que todo al rededor y qu es o c mo lleg todo ah Adem s de que es demasiado aburrido todo lo que pasa, y las cosas pasan de un segundo a otro sin sentido alguno.Este libro es sencillamente de dos personajes que est n destinados a estar juntos pero una bruja malvada se lo impide, todo un cuento de princesas.Es incre ble qu tan r pido se puede llegar a amar a alguien CitoTe amo.Sonri tan alegremente que l apenas pod a creerlo Apenas pod a pensar ver o moverse Lo supo Le crey Tambi n, te amo dijo y la alcanzBueno Ya s que puedo amar a alguien que he visto solamente cuatro veces, ya s que puedo amar a alguien que me ha intentado matar m s de tres veces, ya s que puedo amar a alguien porque solamente es el destino Error n mero tres.En fin, Fates ha sido un libro que me ha decepcionado m s all de todo, adem s de que tiene una portada hermosa y un t tulo incre ble es una pena , el trama arruin todo adem s de los personajes y m s a n todos los detalles del libro, peor a n fue poner esto que es basado en mitolog a griega cuando no lo es para nada Fates un libro vac o que doy gracias por haberlo terminado, a n as espero leer el ltimo Chaos ya que odio dejar incompleto una saga.No sugiero este libro. To see full rant click on one of the following links My blog with gifsBooklikes without gifsAnd now it s time to play counter literary history In which McBeth s opinions about the witches better known to literary snots as the three fates is impeded Undoubtedly, this would ve occurred if he had gotten his slimy paws on Fates by Lanie Boss and think of how that would ve ruined your high school literature experience.Dear lord, people It s books like this that make me think anyone can get traditionally published People who snot about independent books not being professional well, hello have you read Fates I haven t read something that just made me want to throw it at the wall well.I ve blocked it out the last time I threw a book at the wall Needless to say, its going to be on my Quarterly Report.So, what s Fates about Well, Cornithe is almost near the end of her penance for not breaking the rules and decides to fuck up again That s basically it.And yes, I m going to be using the word fuck a lot in this review And I m sorry about this, but my sheer hate for this book won t let me be PG so there you ve been warned Children, cover your eyes.I think what makes me the angriest about this piece of shit was that there was potential The three fates are shrouded with so much mystery there are so many ways that Bross could ve gone with this one, but of course she had to go with the stereotypical YA she falls for a boy oh its magic plot.You know sort of plot I m talking about Where the stupid YA heroine falls in love with someone she s not supposed to and OMG if they ve together they ll destroy the world This is even a worst version of that storyline and I really didn t think that possible.To be honest, when I picked it up I sort of expect it to have the problems of that storyline Stupid heroine Abusive male lead that has an amount of siblings to rival the Duggars and random bad guy that appears that threatens their fragile love It s the same old story over and over again, though admittedly it can be some what interesting if done right.We don t even get that bland story.Instead, we get something blander than that and almost incomprehensible. I always feel really sad whenever I DNF a buddy read Luckily, my buddy Dyan agreed that we both should mark this one as a DNF read It was that boring.I read until 38% before finally giving up You can find our joint mini review here The gist is that we both disliked the heroine, Corinthe, for acting much too desperate and annoying thought the plot was unique, but other factors overruled it liked her hero, Luc, at first, but realized our disdain for him DNF a few chapters in, plus I skimmed the ending, which is enough to see this one is SO not for me The story, writing, and romance are all over the place. `Book ⇨ Fates (Fates, #1) ✖ One Moment One Foolish Desire One Mistake And Corinthe Lost EverythingShe Fell From Her Tranquil Life In Pyralis Terra And Found Herself Exiled To The Human World Her Punishment To Make Sure People S Fates Unfold According To Plan Now, Years Later, Corinthe Has One Last Assignment Kill Lucas Kaller His Death Will Be Her Ticket HomeBut For The First Time, Corinthe Feels A Tingle Of Doubt It Begins As A Lump In Her Throat, Then Grows Toward Her Heart, And Suddenly She Feels Like She Is Falling All Over Again This Time For A Boy She Knows She Can Never Have Because It Is Written One Of Them Must Live, And One Of Them Must Die In A Universe Where Every Moment, Every Second, Every Fate Has Already Been Decided, Where Does Love Fit In