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3.3 StarsWell, that was interesting.I ve read a lot of Mpreg stories and this is the first that attributed the trope to an accidental alien virus exposure Points for originality Unfortunately, the pairing had 2 humans and I think that had the first book of this series been the Alien Human pairing a side story here that the verse would have beenfleshed out I m going to put the next one on the TBR though, and look for the one with Oliver his Borillian. warning, includes Really great take on if aliens came down I really enjoyed the story, it was too short and I m excited to read . It wasn t bad but it wasn t good It was just okay. view spoiler I have to say itthis has the same story structure as Rob Colton s The Degan Incident Partners meeting and then sleeping together in a built up heat of passion Hot Dominate male leaves without warning while submissive male stays behind Both males were unaware that Sub was pregnant, as he now faces his problem alone Sub goes through the notions of finding out whats wrong with him, physically After a doctor confirms what s wrong with sub, he gets kidnapped by government agencies and gets experimented on Dominate male finds out about his partner and comes to the rescue Happy endings all round.The main different between the two was that in The Degan Incident it s a alien human pairing, while in Finding Connor, it s a human and human with altered DNA by aliens.I actually enjoyed the first half of this story, right up until he was kidnapped and waiting to be rescued The story just then played out how we expected it to and as I knew what was coming, I just had to read it out to the end A tad boring, really The slow burn sexual tension was pleasing even if they hooked up the first night It wasabout the deliciously written text towards their coupling Yummy I also give credit to the male pregnancy aspects It was well thought out and actually made sense, instead oftemporary uterus and birthing canal thingcough stormyglenn cough I appreciate good sci fi elements and well thought out theories Kudos, Toni I am also terribly bias in saying this, but, I loved how this was based in Australia AND the author used Australian slang, context, cities and locationsinstead of changing her text to suit the international market Loved it All n all I enjoyed the coupling, the characters including side characters , the male pregnancy themes and the happy ending It was a quick and happy read hide spoiler Interesting start to a new series With the eventual widespread of the virus I didn t understand the government coverup trying to take place Plus this felt like a one off to me I d have to see the blurb for the next book to see if I d want to continue but if it was surrounding Connors BFF I d probably go for it. This was a lovely little Science Fiction m m story with a great twist on male pregnancy I think it s a great start to a new series, that I will probably end up regretting due to the drain on my already stretched book finances I really liked Mark and Connor and look forward to readingabout their friends in future books I also hope to readabout the Aliens too. 3.5 stars *Free ↡ Finding Connor (The Borillian Twist, #1) ⇚ Mark, A RAAF Fighter Pilot, Is On Leave For The First Time Since The Aliens Decided To Say Hello He Meets Connor, A Numbers Man For A Casino, At A Gay Bar And Danced The Night Away Their One Night Together Changes Their Entire Lives And What People Think They Know About Life On Earth A good start to a new series A different spin on Mpreg, and Aliens Looking forward to seeing how this series develops. There was a lot of world building in this one because it s the first of the series I m hoping as we go along we ll getabout the relationships I ll definitely be giving this series a chance.