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!READ KINDLE ♴ Five Go to Billycock Hill ♌ Hurrah It S Holiday Time, And The Famous Five Are Spending It At Billycock Hill Most Exciting Of All, They Ve Made A New Friend A Real Pilot But Now He Has Disappeared, With Top Secret EquipmentThe Five Are Puzzled, And Concerned, Too Could Their New Friend Be A Spy A Traitor Whatever His Motives Are, The Gang Feel Duty Bound To Investigate I m glad I got a copy of this book The five friends that kept me company with their adventures while I was little managed to take me back in beautiful and carefree moments in my life when I just wanted to experience an adventure like their s with my friends Genuinely don t think I had ever actually listened to this one as a child and so the adventure was all new to me However, I don t think this is one of the best adventures that the five have as once again it s focused on the boys predominantly, and it s of a mystery that they just happen to kind of be a part of, rather than true investigation.This is the story of the kids visiting Billycock hill and befriending a young pilot However, it seems like quickly there is a mystery with the planes at the local airfield and he s implicatedA fun easy read, but nothing too exciting 2 s from me. Die F nf Freunde bei der Schmetterlingsfarm gestohlene Flugzeuge und verschwundene Personen Was gleich bleibt ist dass ein Junge aus der Nachbarschaft mit dabei ist Ich sehe da ein Schema 10.08.2018 A cute little story, made cute by Benny and Curly, his little pigling I liked as well the inclusion of Toby, a friend of Julian and Dick s it seems to me that most of the kids the five go to school with wouldn t believe their adventures, and now one has shared in it It was another quick read, but I always love reading the adventures of the five, whether long or short.One particular line caught my attention when they are discussing traitors, Dick says traitors deserve to die Heady stuff there, Enid I think it s also the only time the bad guys do die in these books, but of course, not in front of the children Another darker aspect was when Benny goes missing, and his mother thinks he may have been drowned There is never any real danger to the kids in these books, but it makes you remember how quickly and easily something like that can happen, with both Toby and his mother believing the boy is with the other.One of my favorite five books growing up, time has not diminished it I d like to get hold of whomever scribbled in my secondhand copy before I got it though, and wring their neck The Five discover a secret airbase16 August 2013 I guess by number 16 the stories start to become a little dry and the setting a little too familiar I have mentioned it before, and the reason is that others have also mentioned it the Famous Five do not seem to grow up and that there seems to be an awful lot of holidays in England In fact the Famous Five seem to spend time on holidays than they do at school, and further, there seems to be many places around Kirin Cottage for them to explore though I think there have been a couple where they have gone to Julian, Dick, and Anne s house, though they do not spend much time there However, enough of that because they are still an enjoyable read, and I doubt that Enid Blyton would have written 21 of them if people had become board after, say, number 10 Mind you, the Secret Seven books seem to take place over a much shorter time, and they are not necessarily on holidays, but they is probably because they all live in the same town and can easily meet up with each other The Famous Five, on the other hand, live quite a distance apart, and also go to boarding schools, so they can really only visit each other on school holidays Still, one would think that by this book they would have well and truly entered puberty This book is set during the Whitsunday holiday apparently when they get a week off school, not that I know anything about that because here in Australia I never had a week off school during Witsunday, not that I actually know what Whitsunday is we only ever had time off school during Easter, though when I was a kid we had two two week holidays between the terms and a two month holiday over Christmas and summer Anyway, they decide to go and visit a friend of Julian and Dick s from school at a place called Billycock Hill were there is a butterfly farm and a secret airbase not that they can go and run around the airbase because it is secret, and they do get told off when they go and have a swim in the pond As with some of the other books, a bulk of the story is about their little holiday at Billycock Hill and only the last third involves the adventure that they stumble upon This one involves a couple of planes that are stolen and their friend s cousin is implicated in the theft because he, and his colleague, go missing at the same time the plane goes missing As is typical, the Five stumble across the perpetrators of the crime, and inform the police of their discovery, and then Timmy locates actually it is not Timmy but a piglet the missing pilots and everything goes back to normal The pigling as she calls it, though I always thought they were called piglets was an interesting addition to this story Basically the friend s little brother has a thing for baby animals and they do live on a farm so whenever a new animal is born the brother immediately forms an attachment to it this time it is a pigling The pigling unfortunately has a habit of running away, and the little brother tends to get into trouble when he runs off to find the pigling However, this time the pigling saves the day, despite it being nowhere near as intelligent as Timmy As for Timmy, it is interesting that the TV series use this dog as Timmy when in the books, Timmy looks like this I ve also noted that Disney has decided to produce an animated series involving the children of the Famous Five but personally, I really don t think it would capture the essence of the original Blyton stories. Enid Blyton remains and after this book, stays as one of my favorite authors This book made for a good merry tale of adventure and innocence, and the pages flew by in one day I needed this book after a few mismatched and false starts and hiccups I needed the silky and fluid narrative that this book provided If there had been a clever enough ending instead of the dumb one provided then it would be one of the best ever This book is about the Famous Five going off to a Hill bracketed by a proper Farm and a Butterfly Farm It s about two airmen that needed rescuing from the Caves of course. Every once in a while I read one of these It calms me down.I love that thanks to local Onleihe online library I have several available as e books These new German digital editions have new illustrations by Gerda Raidt, a German illustrator So far 22 of Enid Blyton s Famous Five books were transformed into the new format.I like that I know the stories by heart having listened to the audiobooks as a child over and over again Those were very close to the books, not leaving out many details The books make a short comforting read in between other heavier topics.In this particular edition the five friends go camping near a friend s farm An small airfield is closeby with secret new plane models One stormy night, two pilots get kidnapped and the planes stolen The friends search for the missing pilots in some caves and are able to rescue them. Enid Blytonin Viisikko sarjaa tuli luettua lapsena melko ahkerasti, joskin on rehellisyyden nimiss sanottava, ettei se ole j tt nyt kovin tarkkoja muistikuvia Lasten ja heid n koiransa nimet muistin sent n ulkoa, mutta siin oikeastaan kaikki Niinp oli aika lainata kirjastosta Viisikko vapauttaa lent j t Tammi, 2005 , joka ilmestyi alun perin vuonna 1957 ja oli j rjestyksess n kuudestoista Viisikko tarina.Dick, Leo, Anne, Pauli ja Tim koira ovat j lleen lomalla yksi kirjojen klisee ilmeisesti t m kin ja l htev t telttailemaan Billycock Hill nimiselle paikkakunnalle, jonka l hell sijaitsee lentotukikohta Kavereinaan heill on Toby, t m n pikkuveli Beni sic alkuper istekstiss niinkin eksoottinen tapaus kuin Benny ja karkaileva porsas nimelt n Korkkiruuvi Synkk n ja myrskyisen y n lentotukikohdasta katoaa kaksi h vitt j , ja syyllisiksi ep ill n kahta lent j , joista toinen on Tobyn serkkupoika Viisikon on siis k yt v tutkimaan tapausta Miten l hell sijaitseva perhosfarmi erikoisine luonnontutkijoineen liittyy asiaan Englannin maaseudun kuvaamisessa on jotakin idyllist , ja tietynlainen viattomuus on omalla tavallaan ihan vieh tt v Mutta Seikkailu on sanalla sanoen v h n tyls npuoleinen, eik siin oikeastaan tapahdu mit n kovin j nnitt v Lieneek aika sitten tehnyt teht v ns Viisikkojen suhteen, vai sattuiko t m olemaan vain keskim r ist mit nsanomattomampi tarina, mene ja tied Voisi n it silti harkita vinkkaavansa pienemmille alakoululaisille, tied jos vaikka jotain n m saisivat irti.Sukupuoliroolit istuvat romaanissa melko tiukassa Vaarallisimpiin juttuihin k yv t pojat kahdestaan, ja maatilan t iss kin kanalan kalkitseminen on ns v hemm n kauniin sukupuolen hommaa Se kyll kismitt poikatytt Paulia, mutta ei t m ihmeemmin ala pulikoida vastaan.Ja hei, on se ihan totta n iss kirjoissa tosiaan sy d n jatkuvasti.