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Forever Rockers focuses on Shane and Harper But it also sums up everyone s stories and gives them an ending and some closure for the reader The only story that does not have closure is Lucy and Harris which the author has done a spinoff series on to tell of their story in their older years.Harper wants a baby than anything She still wants to be pregnant, carry the baby and give birth She is at the point of giving up and lets Shane know that they can look into adoption if this last round of hormone treatments don t work out for them SPOILER ALERT Do not read unless you have read books 1 11 Everyone is the Rocker Clan is stressed out about the STALKER still out there Everyone is still in danger One of Shane s EX One Nighters is a real psycho She almost killed Ranger Harper s dog , she almost killed Gabriella, and almost succeeded in kidnapping Mia The police have no idea who this woman is Steller s men are still being used to keep everyone safe but they can only figure out that the Stalker is a woman, Shane has slept with her, Emmie has made her go away and she is obsessed with Shane With Harper trying to get pregnant they think if Harper succeeds and any outsiders find out she will be in even danger.Harper is stressed out and a lot of that has to do with her assistant Sean He is useless and she tells Rex she wants to use the receptionist Hannah as her assistant instead of Sean Harper is going through a lot in this story Her assistant is useless, her biological father is very sick, she is trying to get pregnant, and she has a stalker Geez, I would go to bed and call it a day.We see Harper s strength and loving nature with trying to help Mia, we see Gabriella s fiery personality with protecting Mia and Harper, we see Shane s strength with helping Harper through a scary event, and we see Emmie in Mamma Bear Mode, we find out who the stalker is, Felicity Flick makes an appearance along with some of the guys from the MC.Great finish to this great family I can t wait to finish up the Lucy and Harris mini series and see what happens for their future.Rating 4 stars Forever Rockers was fabulous Terri gives us stories for all our favorite rocker couples add in a dangerous stalker out for blood and what a wild ride.I love how this book gives us what has been happening with every couple including a glimpse of how Lucy started to pull away from Harrison Which we know happened from their books I loved every minute of this book, it was long because there is lots of story to tell From Harper and Shane s fertility issues, to Layla and Jesse s argument over whether she should risk having kids considering she almost died having the twins.Drake and Lana face dealing with being sued by her half brother who just finds out she is his sister Drake steps up and protects his Angel as only he can When Shane goes over their house to help when new baby girl Arella who has colic I fell in love with these bad ass rockers even.Em and Nick are still trying to recover from Mia s kidnapping and Gabriela saving her Em is holding in a lot of emotion and guilt over what happened I love how Mia and Gabby have developed such a wonderful bond I also loved the new found tentative friendship that Em and Gabby share bonding over their love for Mia.Terri hit it out of the park once again with another great installment, I will miss these characters but hope see them in some of the spin off work that Terri has been doing in Lucy and Harris and Rockin Kin I also heard rumors that Terri might jump ahead a bunch of years so we can get the rocker s kids and find out what the deal was with Luca taking possession of Harper and Shane s daughter Violet before she s even born That was so cute One of my top favorite series of books totally recommend. 4.25 4.5 stars 4.5 StarsReview by Lisa KaneThe Rocker series has been a favorite of mine since Emmie and Nic s story in The Rocker Who Holds Me So now 12 books later, this read is bittersweet for me I hate to say goodbye, but not before I find out if Shane and Harper will ever have their own little rocker I love you That is all that matters, do you hear me I love you and all I need is you Forever Rockers is told from almost all the characters POV s The stalker is still a huge threat, we learn why she is so obsessed and why she started all of this bat shit craziness we get a glimpse into Shane and Harper s struggle to conceive, we see how Shane s chickens are coming home to roost and he will pay the price for his careless years of screwing skanks Emmie struggles with the aftermath of the attempted kidnapping of Mia, Gabriella continues to be a target for revenge Drake and Lana should be ecstatic after the birth of their second daughter but they are weighted down by problems and Layla and Jesse are struggling with poor Lucy s crush on Harris and their own indecision to add to their family No man wanted to admit that they weren t strong enough to protect those that meant the most to them, yet I knew without a shadow of a doubt that I couldn t protect my family from this So there are lots of stories to tie up and questions to be answered Harper is a bit whiny in this book and a few times I had to put my kindle down and take a break She has unresolved issues with her past and she obsesses over them Deal with them and MOVE on The rockers, their spouses and the characters from this series are all a little broken and loveable and have made such a dent in my heart At the end of this story I had as much love for the last book as I did for the very first I never felt that this series went on too long or told too many stories You know Ms Browning, lots of authors are telling the stories of the kids of the main characters Maybe consider a little next generation series You, Harper Stevenson, are my forever. This is definitely my least favorite Rockers book I did enjoy a few things about the book, but mostly, I found it to be pretty dull The best part was toward the end when things really came to a head with the stalker I enjoyed all the action that came along with that.Other than that, a lot of the book was lovey doveyness between all the couples this part wasn t bad just so much of it that it got boring , the minor drama between Lana and her brother, Harper and Shane s problems with getting pregnant, and hearing about how much Emmie was bogged down with this and that and a million other things because no matter who is having a problem, and no matter what the problem is, everyone ALWAYS comes to Emmie To be honest, that part got annoying Yes, Emmie is super mom, every man s wet dream, everyone s best friend, the sweetheart of the whole messed up group, the badass bitch that no one dare mess with, the business mogul with all the connections, blah blah blah No need to demonstrate or reiterate it for the million and eleventy sixteenth time She s super woman WE GET IT One thing this book did accomplish even though they weren t in it much, I m so intrigued by the dynamic between Lucy and Harris I haven t read any of the Lucy and Harris books because I was waiting for them all to be released Now, I don t know if I can wait 3.5 Stars I m a big fan of The Rockers Series as well as the author s so I was torn about the ratings I would give it but I m usually brutally honest SooooI typically do not like books that have than 2 POV s but this one wasn t as bad as others I ve read I actually enjoyed being able to read what everyone was going through during such a crazy time I m not a big fan of Emmie, never have been I just can t stand how everyone worships the ground she walks on like she s this mythical Goddess And how she has all this power pull everywhere That s irks me a lot how everyone bows down I enjoyed the story very much But I did have some issues soooo here goes Can someone explain to me why every time the men said something sweet to their wives, they would always cry Very unrealistic And the point of how these men are just over the top so in love with their wives that nothing else matters That was another annoying factor for me SPOILER The other major issue I had was when Nik drugged Emmie so she could get some sleep I was so put off pissed about this No matter what your reasons are, you don t drug your significant other That s such a shady thing to do not to mention a betrayal of trust There were other ways they could have gotten her help Overall it was a pretty good read I just found myself skimming a lot of it with the over the top lovey stuff cuz it was just a bit much. Omg What do I do now My favorite series has come to an end I can t express how much I love these characters What a hell of a ride it s been The only thing giving me hope is we still have two books for Lucy And how can Luca not get his story told Pwety and Mine &FREE PDF ⇦ Forever Rockers (The Rocker, #12) ↞ My Happily Ever After Was Turning Into A Living Nightmare All I Wanted Was Harper S Happiness And I Would Move The World To Give Her Anything She Ever Wanted We Ve Searched For Answers, Talked About Our Options, And Finally FINALLY Found Hope Yet, Just When Things Seemed To Be Perfect, It All Came Crashing Down Around Us All The One Person I Ve Always Counted On To Hold Us Together To Hold Me Together Was Lost In Her Own Nightmares And I Felt Like I Was Losing Everything Everything I Wasn T Going To Lose The Woman I Loved I Would Hold Onto Her Until The Last Breath Left My Body It Was My Mistakes That Were Hurting Us And I Would Be The One To Fix It I Wouldn T Let My Past Ruin My Forever With Harper The RockerSeries Reading OrderThe Rocker Who Holds Me Emmie The Rocker Who Savors Me Jesse Layla The Rocker Who Needs Me Drake Lana The Rocker Who Loves Me Shane Harper The Rocker Who Holds Her Nik Emmie The Rockers Babies The Rocker Who Wants Me Axton Dallas The Rocker Who Cherishes Me Wroth Marissa The Rocker Who Shatters Me Devlin Natalie The Rocker Who Hates Me Liam Gabriella The Rocker Who Betrays Me Zander Annabelle 5 STARS I ve been a fan of Terri Anne Browning s Rockers since the beginning I loved each and every single book they ve all been 4 5 star reads for me Like all diehard Browning fans, I ve been on the edge of my seat watching the stalker plot unfold and waiting for this book for all to be revealed.I don t want to give out any spoilers So I ll just say that Browning didn t disappoint She kept us guessing till the very end The build up to that scene was so hair raising, I was up and out of my seat pacing the floors, Kindle in hand at 2 00 AM as I devoured this book Forever Rockers is Terri Anne Browning at her head banging best It was simply fantastic She tied up lots of loose ends We see or hear about all her Rockers in the series finale, and there are plenty of surprises along the way And while I enjoyed every minute of the entire rock n roll ride with Terri Anne s Rockers, this book was definitely a bit bittersweet Having been a fan of the series for years now, it s hard to imagine that there will be no Rockers to look forward to It s like saying goodbye to old friends Don t get me wrong, I m thrilled with how it ended, but I m so sad to see them go.Thanks, Terri Anne, for years of enjoyment through your awesome books Thank you for putting a huge smile on my face a few times a year as I spent the day with one of your Rockers Bravo, Ms Browning, on the perfect ending to a much beloved series. If I could, I would rate this than 5 stars This is along the lines of a 10 I was so sad because this is the last book in the rocker series, but now that I read it I feel like I can be at peace Terri has done it again, she has given us a story that sucks you in from the beginning Many times I thought that Harper and Shane were going to live a life of what ifs, but that is not the case After reading this book I feel like I can let Harper, Shane and the rest of the rockers go without having to worry about what comes next As we all know, and if you don t, please read the others so you are not lost Harper and Shane have both fought their own demons and have managed to be ok, but there is one thing Harper wants than anything in her life Will she be able to get it Forever Rockers reminds us that not all things are lost causes, and that miracles do happen There s a plan for everything, even if it comes as a surprise.