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I must admit that I was surprised how good this book was I have followed Carl Paoli for several years and used many of his progressions from GymnasticsWOD so I know he was a good teacher but I did not know he was a good writer The book is stylish in the progressions which I both like and dislike since the formatting at least in my iBook version created empty pages and 3 5 pages for one progression What I miss is a clear overview of all the progressions you are here can you do this lets say 1 Strict HSPU , then move on to this progression at the same time I realise Carl has made a tremendous job in distilling this information in a clear cut precise manner For me personally there are a couple of HUGE take aways that I will and already have implemented Let me share them with you Hang test to show internal rotation what happens when walk run throwing Squat arms OH for the test.Progressions are flow triggers Best way to keep improving is to master the basics FLOW IMAGINE GAME was HUGE for me implemented it in my coaching it shows athletes importance of learning, burpee, lunge, Pistol Natural and without even telling them.Carls pyramid of skill transfer I found Extremely beautiful immediately implemented it in my FLAWD framework for skill transfer of all areas Human performance is all about Skill transfer Another one Locomotion is the most important and vital activities we humans are designed to do Lunging also gets closer to one legged squat required for the pistol Which brings us to LUNGE which takes squatting mechanics and brings them closer to locomotion application, such as running, walking and skipping For me as a MOB coach this made perfect sense for my mobility couurse where one of the archetypes is Lunge which I found hard to measure, coach and talk about This made perfect sens and transferable as weell And since mastering Lunge gives us pistol it just fits perfect Another thing I learned is motion helps balance it is easier to keep a bike moving than to stand still Eye opener as well.Pushup is transferable to everything else you do in life One secret start with easier movements that captures essence of the movement that you are working toward Propriception is our sixth senseI particularly like whern Carl compares OLY to gymnastics same movement for instance in the first pull in HSPU the lift of the knees of the elbows is comparable to first pull in Oly and the kick in HSPU is like second pull in oly with speed through the middle , and MU Pull is similar to the Clean snatch pull with absolute full extension in the hip during 2nd pull to absolute full flexion exactly as in the receiving position Nerd knowledge like grip is also valuable for a movement nerd like myself Dip balance was one of many new moves I added in my arsenal as an athlete and coach But also Old man squat Most of Carls progressions are extremely good the 4 movements Carl teaches us are BurpeeHSPUPistolMU and I agree if you master them you will be very good of Wide spread pushup genius Yeah overall great book mainly for coaches, but also for the athlete that wants to improve let me know if you like it very good. This was a really helpful book I came to it only for the progressions on the freestyle four pistol, handstand push up, muscle up, and burpee but found the conceptual framework regarding human movement and athletic programming very interesting. A very good reference for body movement mechanics, especially gymnastics movements. Love the workout plan, however books are only so good for this sort of thing I wish there was diversity in the beginning exercises. Free Style Maximize Sport and Life Performance with Four Basic MovementsBook is a combination exercise theory and practical advise Full of pictures and detailed instructions, the book will be of use to trainers and professional and high level athletes. Lots of impressive photos Good progressions for the freestyle four pistol, muscle ups, handstand push ups, burpees Worth flipping through, but i didn t get much out of the text. &BOOK ↳ Free+Style ☂ Everyone Cares About Physical Performance And The Fitness Industry Offers An Infinite Number Of Solutions To Improve It But Who Has The Best Solution And How Do We Know If And How It Will Work For Us After Over Years Of Training As An Elite Gymnast And Over A Decade Of Coaching, Coach Carl Paoli Offers A Fresh Philosophy On Training By Connecting Movement Styles To Fit Your Specific Purpose, While Also Giving You A Simple Framework For Mastering The Basics Of Any Human Movement Freestyle Maximize Your Sport And Life Performance With Four Basic Movements Is An Interactive Way To Learn How The Body Is Designed To Move Through Space And How To Interact With Our Constantly Changing Surroundings Using This Framework And Four Basic Movements, Paoli Will Help You Maximize Your Efforts In Sport And Life, Regardless Of Specialty Despite Carl S Experience As An Elite Gymnast And A Renowned CrossFit Coach, This Is Not A Book About Gymnastics, CrossFit, Or Any Specific Fitness Program Rather, It Is A Unique Take On How Carl Studies And Teaches Human Movement And How You Can Better Understand How To Move Yourself Carl Is Not Going To Teach You The Specifics Of A Movement Or Sport Instead, He Gives You A Template That You Can Use To Develop Any Specific Movement For Example, Instead Of Teaching You How To Throw A Baseball, This Book Teaches You A Universal Foundation That Will Help You Further Develop Your Pitching Skills Human Movement Is Intuitive, But Not Always Perfect This Book Shows You How To Turn On And Trust Your Intuition About Movement Use Tools That Help Optimize Imperfect Movement Tap Into The Universal Movement Patterns And Progressions Underlying All Disciplines Use Carl Paoli S Movement Framework To Create Roadmaps For Your Physical Success Learn What Being Strong Really Means Freestyle Is A Practical Manual To Develop Human Movement Regardless Of Your Discipline It Is Equally Applicable To Veteran Athletes, Weekend Warriors, Fitness Enthusiasts, People Trying To Pick Up A New Sport, And People Who Are Simply Curious About Improving Their Health By Developing Your Awareness And Learning To See Across Other Disciplines, You Can Tailor Any Training Regimen To Meet Your Unique Goals Starts kind of slow, but good movement theory Really good supplement to online videos for progressions related to pistol, handstand push up, muscle up and burpee Good ideas but it was hard to read It feels like a scientific language rather than entertainment.