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@Free Kindle ⚫ Friday Forever õ Candid And Informative, This Memoir Is Essential Reading For Clinicians, General Practitioners, Mental Health Professionals, Nurses And Midwives It Is Also Highly Recommended For Anyone Affected By Postnatal Depression Patients And Carers Alike Forever Friday Is A Gift For Anyone Who Has Struggled With The Illness Caused By Depression, Anyone Who Has Wanted To Help A Family Member Or Friend, Any Health Professional Who Wants To Have A Better Understanding Of The Patient S Experience Of Illness And Anyone Who Simply Wants To Know About What It Means To Be Human From The Foreword By Jill Gordon What Happened Might Have Destroyed Susan S Career And Rendered Her Seriously Dysfunctional For A Time, That Is Exactly What Occurred But Susan Did What Dante Did, What Intellectuals And Artists Have Always Done She Observed The Dark Places With An Acute And Unsparing Eye, She Analyzed, She Wrote Her Way Out From The Foreward By Janette Turner Hospital