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@Download ì Ghost Towns of the Northwest à Distributed By The University Of Nebraska Press For Caxton PressTravel Through The Ghost Town Country Of The Pacific Northwest, Guided By The Camera And Pen Of Norman D Weis Both Well Known And Obscure Towns, With Intriguing Names Such As Comeback Mine Camp, Electric, Ruby, Greenback, Disautel, And Old Todora Entice You To Explore Their Secrets Weis takes the reader traveling through the great ghost towns of the pacific Northwest Many of the areas have not been described in detail before.A short history of each town is given, often with conflicting stories as told by the local old timers.The book leads off with Oregon, and the first ghost town is one I have visited, Sumpter I took hundreds of photos of the huge dredge alone during my visit last year The dredge gets a long write up in the book.Washington, Idaho, Wyoming, and Montana get good descriptions for their ghost towns here Most appear to be way off the beaten path, far from any paved road. I must admit that I only perused some sections of this book Most of the information that I read throughly was what applied to Idaho It is a little bit dated and some of the fascinating buildings photographed in the book no longer exist or are standing Well written and a good guide for the weekend warrior of Idaho exploration.