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I enjoyed this for the humorous dialog and quirky drama while I was reading it, but a week later very little lingers The themes about growing up are universal, but the solutions are atypical and seem contrived Still, the lead character has an engaging voice Her satirical outlook effectively undercuts all manner of hypocrisy and lingering racism and classism in the deep South while applying a certain level of forgiveness for it, as so much of the intolerance derives from ignorance.Arlene is a white graduate student and teacher in Chicago who has never returned home after escaping following high school 12 years before A nemesis from her school days has come looking for a popular boy they both knew, one of the gods in Alabama, a football star This precipitates a crisis and a mystery for the reader I promised if He would get me out safe, I would never go back to Possett, Alabama Not for anything I wouldn t even look back lest I turn to salt And now God allowed Possett, Alabama, to show up on my doorstep As far as I was concerned, all bets were off.Something awful happened that she ran away from The other parts of the compact she lives by are never telling a lie and remaining celibate A pretty implausible premise, but I rode with it to savor its absurdities Such as the difference between lying and not telling the truth She obviously loves her lawyer boyfriend, who happens to be black, but his patience over their limbo is wearing thin He gives her an ultimatum of introducing him to her family or bye bye She also obviously loves her dysfunctional family, but she hopes to protect him from their redneck attitudes and overt racism in itsdistant corners After her father died when she was seven and a period of time in the care with a loving grandmother, she came to Possett with her mentally ill mother to join the household of Aunt Flo, her postman husband, and a new sister in the form of a beautiful, popular cousin, Clarice Flo is a most unforgettable character She a master of tough love and shaming to get her way, and she applies her tricks to try to get Arlene to return for her husband s retirement party For example, on the phone with Arlene, she lays this quote on herHow like a serpent you have nestled to your bosom is a thankless child She thinks the line is from the Bible, but Flo deflates it by identifying it as from King Lear Flo s next gambit in calling Arlene s mother to the phone is priceless Gladys It s your daughter She must be calling to tell you she is dead and in hell and to ask you to dip your finger in the water, and come and cool her tongue, as she is tormented by the flames I am so sorry she is dead and in hell, but at least they have phones there.So now you get the picture on the flavor of the humor at play in this tale The narrative method is to disclose a surprising ending within the first chapter or two, then slowly unwind the story of the whys and wherefores This in fact is the form of the game she plays with her boyfriend on the trip down to Alabama, What Have I Got in My Pockets One shocking fact revealed early on is that Arlene s celibacy vow is linked to her life strategy in high school of having sex with virtually every boy in school A first hint of the why relates to the differences she experienced in the process of befriending with her new cousin sister, Clarice She was tall where I was tiny, blond and ripe where I was dark and scrawny, outgoing and open where I was secretive and silent She was popular and I was her dreaded barnacle, the obstacle course on every double date, the dead fly you got with every perfect cream of Clarice soup And she had things I couldn t imagine having Breasts Confidence A real mother.A lot of this structure works quite well to draw you along in the story However, my emotional engagement was undermined with the arcane elements that underlie Arlene s situation and quest to resolve it A typical Hallmark tale is avoided, but the unusual context takes away a lot of the impact in the use of the classical challenge of healing a breach in a family arising from tragedies and conflicts in youth. Entertaining for an afternoon s read I like the characters and humor. I don t often write reviews, but I wanted to take a moment to recommend this book to anybody who comes across it on my feed I am totally enad with Joshilyn Jackson Despite my deep South upbringing, I often shy away from novels labeled Southern fiction I find them to be cloying and built on stereotypes that did not ring true to my experience as a southerner Jackson s novels bring a breath of fresh air to the genre She writes fabulous fiction that happens to take place in the South gods in Alabama has a plot that doesn t quit I inhaled this book the way I rarely inhale books these days When I finished, it was both satisfying and bittersweet I will miss this story, and these characters. After being introduced to Arlene Fleet in Backseat Saints, I was a bit disappointed when the story veered away from her and continued on since I was very intrigued by Arlene and what secrets I knew she had hidden I was very excited when I found out that Gods in Alabama was about her I m a little at a loss for words in how to describe this book Joshilyn Jackson is such a wonderful storyteller Her books evoke such strong emotions from me and I love getting lost in the rich tapestries she weaves This book was no exception Arleen Fleet had left her hometown in Alabama and hadn t been back for ten years Only an ultimatum from her boyfriend and fear that a secret was about to come unravelled was enough to bring her back home to her family.This was a fantastic story of love, family and healing I loved Burr, Aunt Florence and Clarice.The only thing that brought down my enjoyment was that I listened to it in audiobook format instead of reading it For some strange reason, at the beginning and end of each chapter, as well as anytime something pivotal was happening, there was this really loud, annoying and distracting music playing in the background It frustrated me to no end Though the narrator did a really good job, I was a bit sad that Joshilyn Jackson didn t narrate this story herself, like so many other of her books since she always does such a great job.I highly recommend this book but do NOT recommend the audio book version Despite that, my overall rating of this book is still a solid 5 stars An excellent southern fiction story I enjoyed this so much and the writing was awesome A great ride through back roads and family history I am definitely going to be on the look out forof Jackson s books. Goodness, I don t remember the last time I read a book about a family from the southern US that didn t involve some unhappy young woman with a a drunken wife beating father or b a teenage rape This is yet another Just to be thorough, the author even threw in the requisite family of eccentrics In two weeks, I won t remember a thing about it. From the thoughts of Arlene Fleet There are Gods in Alabama I killed one of them Kudzu covers a multitude of sins And so it does in Joshilyn Jackson s first published novel Or, maybe we only think it does For those about to read Backseat Saints, Ms Jackson s latest, read this Both novels stand alone perfectly well However, reading them together just emphasizes what a talented writer Jackson is This is contemporary southern literature at its best The color is local The themes are universal An unbeatable combination. I m torn about what to think about this book I definately liked Between, Georgia better Right off the bat, I kept thinking this one was just weird.The present past story telling worked in Between, since you were just learning about her in bits and pieces, and it didn t have to be in chronological order In this one, it was alternating chapters not just drifting back to a memory , but I don t think it worked as well Lena tells about a story telling game they play on road trips, and I soon figured out that was the flow of this book Starting at the ends, and weaving it s way back to the beginning of the story But it didn t work for me, as I felt just a hair too much in the dark about what I wanted to know to really enjoy it.Now, the plot and character I had a hard time finding anything about Lena that I could identify with She had, just to sum it up, a terrible childhood That totally screwed with her head She is bizzarre to me, and I had a hard time caring what happened to her The only reason I finished it was to find out what truly happened Not because I cared about anyone in the book all that much, but just because I longed for an explination of the weirdness I guess I kinda got one, but I m still saying the book is weird. {Pdf} ò Gods in Alabama ¹ ForYears Arlene Has Kept Her Promises, And God Has Kept His End Of The Bargain Until Now When An Old Schoolmate From Possett Turns Up At Arlene S Door In Chicago Asking Questions About Jim Beverly, Former Quarterback And God Of Possett High, Arlene S Break With Her Former Hometown Is Forced To An End At The Same Time, Burr, Her Long Time Boyfriend, Has Raised An Ultimatum Introduce Him To Her Family Or Consider Him Gone Arlene Loves Him Dearly But Knows Her Lily White Not To Mention Deeply Racist Southern Baptist Family Will Not Understand Her Relationship With An African American Boyfriend Reluctantly, Arlene Bows To The Pressure, And She And Burr Embark On The Long Avoided Road Trip Back Home As Arlene Digs Through Guilt And Deception, Her Patched Together Alibi Begins To Unravel, And She Discovers How Far She Will Go For Love And A Chance At Redemption I don t know why it has taken me so long to get around to reading one of Joshilyn Jackson s books, despite the fact that she has been highly recommended by people whose reading tastes I respect Whatever the reason, I m glad I finally picked this one up She has a wicked sense of humor and a fine story to tell The characters are believable, the plot was just convoluted enough to keep me reading without being frustrated, and the dialogue was very real And boy, does she ever get southerners right Right down to the kudzu I think this was her first novel, which makes her writing talent evenapparent Now I can add my recommendation to everyone else s This book is worth a read, especially if you want to be intelligently entertained.