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~DOWNLOAD ⚇ Goodbye, Earl: A Bad Girl Creek Novel (Bad Girl Creek Novels) ♒ Five Challenging Years Have Passed In The Lives Of The Ladies Of Bad Girl Creek Beryl, Nance, Ness, And Phoebe Have Experienced Their Share Of Hardship And Heartache, But Also Much Happiness Beryl Now Lives With Earl In Alaska, Where The Fissures In Their Relationship Have Started To Spread When Earl Disappears One Wintry Night, Some Dark And Desperate Memories Surface, Forcing Beryl To Take Inventory And Withdraw From Her Friends While She Works Things Out Nance, On The Heels Of A String Of Devastating Miscarriages, Has Been Advised To Stop Trying For A Baby Phoebe Finds Herself Overwhelmed By Her Own Daughter, Sally, Who Is Five Years Old Going On Thirty Meanwhile She Is Being Romanced By An Enigmatic Southern Charmer Named Andrew And Ness Tenderly Nurses David Snow As He Gradually Succumbs To AIDS The Farm S Successes Have Brought Profits, But When A Nursery Opens Across The Road, The Bar Is Set Higher Yet Again As Beryl Wonders At Earl S Fate, She Is Isolated By Than Geography Even As Her Friends In California Are Wondering What Happened To Beryl, Beryl Wonders The Very Same Thing But Life Rolls On, And In The Midst Of Myriad Misfortunes Come Explosive Surprises The Old Friends Are Challenged To Reunite Once Again, To Rediscover With Fresh Eyes The Powerful Words In Aunt Sadie S Journal Live Life To The Fullest Love As Often As You Can Regret Nothing Eat Hearty Laugh Often Plant Flowers And Don T Forget To Dance I m hoping there s another book coming in the Bad Girl Creek series because this one left too many open ended issues for my taste I think I d like living at Sadie s Farm on the shores of Bad Girl Creek I really like Jo Ann Mapson s writing Since this was in her Bad Girl Creek series and I liked the other books, this just gave me an update on characters I liked and was interested in reading about It was fun for me to read about Anchorage, as I visit there every summer and lived there for 4 years many years ago. It took me months to get through this book Ugh I could not get into it and stay into it The characters themselves are engaging but the plot fell a little flat by bouncing around from one problem of one friend to another problem of another friend and back again Even fans of the series had complaints on this one. I really liked the first book in the series The second book was okay, with some good twists turns, though I was really pissed at the author for some of the situations unhappiness she threw at the characters This one is making me break up with the series Every time I turned around, there had to be yet another life threatening or earth shattering issue I wanted an easy beach read, not a soap opera. This is the third Bad Girl Creek novel I ve read I like the characters and enjoy reading about what s happening in their lives I hope she writes. This was just okay I d give it 2.5 stars if I could This book focused mostly on Beryl, with the rest of the chapters taken up by Ness and Phoebe I really got tired of all of these women Yes, they all had life throw significant nastiness their way But how many people do you know who reach midlife without that being the case And every one of us has to learn how to deal with it and move forward These ladies withdrew and whined and denied and whined and stalled and whined Exhausting Plus, they were magically blessed in the midst of their traumas Normal humans are not so lucky Beryl was a particular disappointment because I had liked her in the previous installments Yes, we learned about her past and the resulting issues, but it did not explain the complete about face in her reaction to the newest circumstance And I particularly loved how these selfish, self pitying women, Beryl and Phoebe, especially attract kind, understanding, stable strangers to step right in take care of them Blech I believe I am done with Mapson. OK, how much bad stuff are you going to throw at these poor women Nance is married, but has to suffer through FOUR miscarriages before she gets to have a baby at the very end of the book Ness s husband David dies and Phoebe s husband Juan gets KILLED And poor Beryl, she s the worst She loses her mother at a very young age I can t remember any how old she was, but she was 8 when she had a step mother , then her step brother RAPES her, which causes her to get PREGNANT, and she has to give the baby up for adoption Then when she gets married, her husband BEATS her, until she kills him in self defense, and she goes to PRISON for several years Sheesh THEN her new boyfriend Earl runs off without any explanation And THEN for the encore, she has some weird kind of ophthalmic vessel behind her left eye that causes her to go BLIND in one eye Why does the author have to do this to her characters All right, I m done. I really don t get the point of this book Everyone was pretty happily ever after after the previous book, and for some reason the author wanted to mess things up for people, for no reason that I could understand And the characters are less enjoyable than usual For example, the author portrays Phoebe s daughter as such an unpleasant child, yet everyone dotes on her it makes no sense I don t understand why the author never shows anything good about the child I didn t enjoy any of the story lines in this book, and I really don t see what the point was. Jo Ann Mapson writes wonderful stories about characters that seem like you could easily know them in your life This book is a continuation of the character from Bad Girl Creek, One of the stories I enjoyed in the book is Ness taking care of her friend, David Snow David has AIDS and is dying This story highlights straight women loving gay men or visa versa It is a very loving story The main story is about Beryl She is in Alaska with Earl and he dissapears one night Will their relationship withstand this If you have read other books about these characters and liked them, you will enjoy this book.