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3.5 stellineGiuro, pensavo fosse un libretto molto trash e stupido e infatti rimasto fermo nel Kobo per mesi e mesi.Invece mi sono ricreduta Certo non niente di che, ma una lettura scorrevole e piacevole.In alcuni passaggi avrei voluto prendere a mazzate in testa i due protagonisti, tipo quando Griff in trasferta e lui ha mille tentazioni o gli sembra normalissimo avere una fidanzata in ogni citt Oppure Lauren e le sue pippe mentaliPenso che andr avanti con la serie, perch mi ha troppo incuriosito il coach Pete (((Download Kindle))) ☊ Griff Montgomery (First & Ten #1) ⇟ He Wants To Find A Wife She Doesn T Want To Marry Again Ever Not Exactly A Match Made In Heaven Ten Years Ago, Griff Montgomery, Star Quarterback Of The Kings And Womanizer, Became A Stand In Father For His Widowed Sister S Kids His Happy Family Life Collapsed When She And Her New Husband Moved To California Griff Wants His Own Family But Where Does A Player Go To Find His Ideal Mate Having Sworn Off Marriage Forever, Lauren Farraday Barely Kept Her Life Together After Her Divorce With Her Career Shaky And Depression Closing In, The Last Thing She Needed Was A Courtroom Battle With A Sexy Athlete Forced, By A Judge, Into An Uneasy Truce, The Pair Denied Their Growing Chemistry Wary Of Griff S Reputation With Women, And Hiding A Secret, Lauren Keeps Him At Arm S Length Determined, Griff Marches Toward His Goal Can The Quarterback Handle The Truth Or Will He Walk Away, Like He Always Has In The Past SNS Rating 4.25 Dee s Review Griff Lauren s love story is sweet, filled with anticipation, anxiety, nail chewing suspense and just plain perfect The pace moved at a nice rhythm, conflict was engrossing, characters were lovable and believable and the final football game that deeply impacted Griff Lauren s life was detailed so well that even I felt the excitement And I don t care for football as a rule but this one had my complete attention Ms Joachim is a talented writer and illustrates a cohesive and enjoyable story Money spent on her books is money well spent I was given an ARC in exchange for an honest review Five Stars Patricia s Review Oh my where do I begin Griff and Lauren wayward individuals that find themselves to each other She is afraid of a commitment because of her past and he just wants to have fun Then Griff comes across a pug who he thinks is abandoned and takes him in the when Lauren returns looking for her dog Zander she ends up going to court with Griff over the pug He moves in with her and then one things leads to another with them Football is what he lives for He ends up hurt and leaves her behind only to come back thinking she has found someone new But then realizes that Love has no bounds Do he make a commitment to her and get his football career back on track Val s Review I really enjoyed this book The characters were very well written and I loved the addition of the pug as such a central character too The story flowed well, it was predictable in a few spots but you still got invested enough to continue to see how they would overcome their issues Overall the book was well written and the characters and plot were seamlessly written into an HEA Sharlene s Review Griff and Lauren meet because of her pug One thing leads to another and before you know it, they are sharing a house together This contemporary romance was an easy read with no grammatical errors that I could see It was predictable though The characters were likable and, at times, I felt for them However, I couldn t picture the scene There wasn t enough description to detail the scene Some might like that as they could create their own scene but I need a little bit with my reads The journey the characters take was believable and I found myself rooting for them The discussions and relationships in the book were well developed and easy to follow This book can be read as a stand alone and does have an HEA. This is the first book I have read that was written by Jean Joachim and I enjoyed it I thought it had a cute story line It was an easy read It kept my interest I couldn t wait to know what was coming next.Lauren s jerk of an ex husband left poor Zander out in the cold while Lauren was away taking care of her ill father Griff found Zander in the cold outside of a house that looked empty First he just fed him and then he took him in and names him Spike Spike gave some closure to the emptiness he was feeling after his sister and her family moved That is until Lauren came home and found out that her ex didn t board Zander and she couldn t find him anywhere They fought over whose dog he was Griff thought Spike had been neglected and Lauren fought that it was her ex s fault because he was supposed to board him The judge involved ordered them joint custody for 6 months and the story grows from there The cute pug and joint custody caused created a relationship between Griff and Lauren Griff was happy with it but Lauren was skeptical She was just divorced by a jerkhole and swore off men.Jean s characters were well written and Zander AKA Spike was my favorite I like how this book wasn t all about Griff Montgomery the quarterback There was a story behind each of the characters which allowed me as the reader to connect to each of them and left an opening for Jean to use them in her future books from Carla the local bartender and his home town bed buddy to his best bud and teammate Buddy I can t wait to read from Jean Griff Montgomery, Quarterback First and Ten Series Book 1 Kindle Edition I m waffling on my review, i m going to say it s like a 4.5 so i ll round up PI have a love hate going for Griff He s a big sexy football player who is ready to settle down and be a family man after his sister and her kids move across the country You can t help but root for him to find his true love unfortunately he does some dumb things like listen to his dad In the end he becomes a pretty good guy to like.Lauren is having a very tough time after a miscarriage and divorce I can sympathize with this knowing what a miscarriage is like.After some confusions over a poor dog left out to fend for himself by Lauren s ex husband, Griff and Lauren find themselves sharing custody of the dog After learning that Lauren is not really a dog neglect er, Griff needs a place to live and rents a room from Lauren until his house is finished The two quickly develop an attraction that can not be beat.It truly is a great read and i m excited to finish this series and see what happens to the couple as we learn about Griff s teammates. I received a free copy of this book to read and review for Wicked Reads.I am huge sports romance fan, so was delighted that this was the next on my list to read It takes a different slant on the Alpha male player, as Griff has been helping raise his nephew and niece for the last ten years That is not to say that he has been an angel, but he now they have moved away, he realises that he misses family life and needs to make his own I also felt that this book successfully avoided overplaying the celebrity angle really well Through a run of coincidences that are so unlikely that they are probably based on a true story, he meets Lauren, and their adventures begin Hot, sexy, but also full of honest communication make this a book to really savour I loved it until a certain event, and then I did feel that it was highly unlikely to play out that way But the situation was rescued, and the ending was definitely worth the angst. Griff Montgomery, Quarterback was my first book by Jean Joachim and I would definitely consider reading by this author in the future.This brilliant sports romance has some sexual content but it doesn t take over the whole book, which I especially loved, as can be the case sometimes in sports romances The plot was a unique and refreshing storyline for me personally anyway in a sports romance and handled some touching and heartfelt moments perfectly I loved the role of Zander Spike in bringing the two together, even if it went a bit further at the start than I expected when confronted The writing style is serious when dealing with the issues of both characters yet can naturally turn light hearted and playful at the right moments The chemistry between the two characters is undeniable from the start and while it uses that classic hate to love idea, the author writes this in a way that you can t help but get drawn into the chemistry of these two characters If you are a fan of standalone steamy sports romances with a HEA, definitely give this book a try You ve gotta love a story where the hero and heroine are brought together by a lovable pug That s what happens in Griff Montgomery, Quarterback, by Jean C Joachim I enjoyed the way Jean includes so many details about Griff s life as a pro football player working out with his teammates, dealing with life on the road, concern over the new guy taking his place Jean even takes us to a couple of football games and describes some of the action She has obviously done a lot of research Even though Griff is a movie star handsome football hero, he is also someone readers can relate to Both he and Lauren seem real This is the first sports related romance I ve read and it won t be the last I m looking forward to getting to know all the players on Griff s team through entertaining stories from Jean Joachim. I only wish I could give than 5 stars Ms Joachim has yet again scored with her new story Griff is everything you could wish for in a sexy football player Then add in Lauren who has had her heart bruised in the past and you have instant combustion Their story is so much fun to read and I enjoyed it from the first word to the last Griff has a kind heart even though he is a hard football player, he loves his family, and don t forget the dog I am so excited for from this duo and with the ending I am sure there is to come Jean has become one of my favorite, go to authors, and this story just makes me love her I lose sleep whenever one of her new books come out, but it is always worth it I have never been disappointed Thanks Jean Sweet and Interesting I enjoyed this book The characters were realistic They behaved like normal people I was so intrigued that I purchased the next eight books in this series I can t wait to start reading them.