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This was such a fun book to read Kung Fu vampire killer meets crazy American cowboy type Think Big Trouble in Little China, think the backstory to how Jack Burton and Wang Chi could have possibly met Hard Boiled Vampire Killers is advertised as pulp, but I m not sure that s an accurate description It s campy, outrageous, unbelievable and totally enjoyable You know that cheap bakery cake The one that tastes so good but you know it s not good for you Yeah, that s this book We have Kung Fu masters calling out their moves as they fly across the room, absurdly giant guns, corny one liners and dangerous, beautiful, women I really hopeof these books are on the way, because I d buy every single one of them. (((DOWNLOAD))) ⇖ Hard Boiled Vampire Killers ⇨ FULLY LOADED AND HALF IN THE BAG, FIGHTING EVIL ON TWOCENT TACOS A DAY Most People Would Call Ty Trotter A Loser He Lives Off His Vampire Girlfriend, Can T Hold A Job, Drinks And Smokes The Cheapest Stuff On The Shelves, And Is Chairman For Life Of His Own Pity Committee, Spending All His Free Time Getting Drunk, Watching Late Night TV And Feeling Sorry For Himself Most People Would Call Ed Ma A Nerd He Lives With His Parents And Attends School Part Time He Doesn T Have A Job, Doesn T Talk To Girls, Doesn T Know How To Network, And Doesn T Know What He Wants To Do When He Finally Grows Up He Does What His Momma Tells Him And Always Tries To Be A Good Son He Spends All His Free Time Either At The Gym Or On The Internet But While Most People Are Asleep, Ty And Ed Roam The Streets Of Atlanta, Pushing The Darkness Back An Inch At A Time By Any Means Necessary You See, They Hunt Vampires, The Parasitic Undead That Threaten The Good People Of The City Ty Snipes Them With A Big Game Rifle, Ed Cuts Em Down With A Sword Backed Up By Kung Fu Power Maybe They Really Are Losers They Sure Ain T Registered Voters, College Professors, Or Members Of The Chamber Of Commerce But They Are HARD BOILED VAMPIRE KILLERS Positives first I really like the introduction of a long and diverse Asian hunting tradition, with its cultural distinctiveness, to the vampire convention which has remained essentially European since old Abe Van Helsing taught the business to poor Lucy s three suitors Kung Fu meets Underworld meets Konstantine s urban fantasy noir atmosphere Blade successfully incorporated some martial arts in the war against the undead Crouching Tiger, Hidden Vampire Slayer here turns that knob to 11 Fun times Coming of age Hero s quest for the young protagonist renewal of spirit and purpose for the elder Hooray for character arcs World building was overall successful Gavin seems to be channeling Jim Butcher as he pays homage to Atlanta Clear sense of this being just a small glimpse of a larger world.Negatives EDITING There s a tight, well paced story in this book I just wish the editor had worked harder to find it Parts of the book meander, killing the narrative flow Feels longer than it is and not in a good way Show, don t tell is a fundamental axiom of creative writing for the simple reason that it s hard to do Too much was told to the reader, especially in the characterization, that would have beeneffective if it had been shown Ty s mannerisms The character of Ed is clearly defined and fleshed out his motivations are clear and his personality fits him It feels like Gavin understood Ed, unlike Ty, with whom Gavin seems uncomfortable Gavin seems uncertain about Ty s voice and mannerisms Some of Ty s dialogue casual racism, smart ass quips, and saltiness feels forced, as does some of his internal monologue, which is unfortunate for a character written in the 1st person Gavin may have been better off writing Ed in 1st person and Ty in 3rd person.TL DR A decent read that falls well short of its potential but holds out the promise that subsequent installments will deliver on that potential Good plot, pretty good characters, interesting premise and world, but it s hurt by technical flaws Recommended, but temper your expectations.If you liked this, read Jim Butcher s Storm Front or Peter Clines Ex Heroes for examples of how to kick off an urban fantasy series. This book surprised me The blurb on the back cover doesn t do it justice This book was described to me as pulp fiction This is my first foray into that kind of story, so I can t speak to that There is a clear distinction between good and evil, but the humans are muddled gray The action scenes read well, like you re watching a movie The story is gritty I didn t love the main characters, but I respected them If there is a sequel I will buy it And I may actually read Gavin s werewolf novel too.