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I read this book long, long ago and then downloaded it again for my Kindle I d forgotten every bit of the story in the years in between, but I still loved it when I read it again In some ways it s old school romance, in others especially the sensuality level I think Ms Lindsey was ahead of her time as she was in writing futuristic romance She was a treasured author for me for a long time and now I remember why. Let s break this viking down, shall we I m hiding most of this review because I rant and spoil a lot or a little, depending on who you are and how you interpret what I write Read this book It s worth a lesson in how far we have come we being the romance community and women view spoiler a her bff s crush tries to rape her and she meaning Kristen, our fair heroine doesn t tell What shit is that Oh yea, it s the 80 s where that kind of lack of solidarity and your posse has your back just wasn t cool How could I have forgotten how far we have come Which by the by, we have come far and this really is a great indicator of that b a viking we will go Awesome Adventure And off we go to rob a monastery One that s been worked over previously by the Danes Oopsie Talk about karma, right c I absolutely love that the hero is secondary He s nothing than a vehicle to move the plot along and someone to spice up the sex scenes That said, some of the GR reviews I read were up in arms about the amount of sex in this book Seriously Like three or four times Ohhhhh I know I am being snarky, but well, it s Monday Over it d I also love that Kristen is totally confident and unapologetic She rocked it She s bad ass She s touch She s brave and she s the aggressor What Hey 1980 whatever, you are a little beyond your time You just gave us a heroine to end all heroines And I thank you very much for it It makes up for all the other crap.All in all, I have to thank Becca for encouraging me to read this On my own, I doubt I would have gotten around to it And now, off to read her review hide spoiler [Read Book] ☹ Hearts Aflame ♜ Kristen Haardrad Menjadi Tahanan Royce Of Wyndhurst Ketika Pasukan Viking Gagal Menyerang Desa Pria Itu Tapi Kristen Tak Pernah Menganggap Dirinya Sebagai Budak Bangsa Saxon Selama Menjadi Tahanan, Betapapun Ia Berusaha Membenci Royce, Hatinya Berkata Lain Ada Kerinduan Tak Terbendung Dalam Diri Kristen Untuk Dimiliki Pria Itu Di RanjangnyaRoyce, Sang Lord Saxon, Menemukan Tandingannya Dalam Diri Gadis Viking Yang Cantik Itu Kebenciannya Terhadap Orang Viking Tak Mampu Menahan Royce Untuk Tidak Jatuh Cinta Pada Kristen, Satu Satunya Wanita Yang Bisa MengimbanginyaKeduanya Memiliki Harga Diri Yang Tinggi, Kuat, Dan Saling Memendam Gairah Yang Tak Ada Habisnya Sampai, Dalam Kepasrahan Tanpa Kata, Mereka Menyingkirkan Belenggu Keraguan Dan Kecurigaan Untuk Bersatu Selamanya Dalam Keteguhan Janji Cinta Yang Membara 4 stars for lovers of historical romance Smart strong heroine Great relationship development It was fun.STORY BRIEF In 873 Vikings travel to England to raid a monastery They are ambushed and kept as slaves by the Saxon lord Royce Norwegian woman Kristen is among them Royce cannot resist her And she wants him too.OPINION Kristen s intelligence, attitude, and fighting abilities might be stretching believability as to typical women in those days, but it made a good story There s good plot and no stupidity I really enjoyed this.Some readers did not like Royce because he kept Kristen in chains and bedded her every night while he was engaged to another I didn t mind that He had good reasons It was obvious he was falling in love with her and didn t want her hurt.There is one attempted rape A guy not Royce grabs Kristen and kisses her, but she fights and gets away before anything else can happen A few sex scenes are bodice ripper style He wants her but won t force it But she wants him to attack her, so she baits him to do it.SERIES This is second in a trilogy but can be read as a stand alone Books 1 and 3 are Fires of Winter and Surrender My Love.DATA Narrative mode 3rd person Story length 363 pages Swearing language mild Sexual language none to mild Number of sex scenes 6 Setting 873 Norway and England Copyright 1987 Genre historical romance, Vikings. My favorite Viking romance, Hearts Aflame has two of the most hard headed Heroes and heroines since well since the heroine s parents story Kristen Haardred the beloved daughter of a Viking lord and a fierce celtic mother, knew she would marry for nothing less than true love Almost forced into marriage by a determined suitor and facing an arranged marriage, she sneaks onto her brother s ship headed east for trade Only they weren t headed for trade they were going a viking Unfortunately rather than gold and glory on the voyage, they encounter an unexpected force and one that quickly routes them Now, a prisoner and her beloved brother thought dead at the Saxons hands, she burns for revenge.Lord Royce Wynhurst has hated the Vikings from the sea these last five years, having lost his father and brother and his wife raped in front of his eyes before her throat was slit during a brutal raid He hated the Danes but he was not cruel and so when he discovers a woman cleverly hidden amongst the prisoners, he brings her into his home.And so the battle of wills begins Helpless attraction builds, but stubborn pride just about destroys them both Until Kristen s family comes to the rescue Finally free to go home, Kristen realizes she s captured by something far binding true love.I have read and re read this romance novel for years and every time, I m sucked in as soon as Royce and Kristen meet Their chemistry leaps off the pages and though they fight it, passionate love is their only conclusion well, that or killing each other Plus, there s no big bad in this one except their unwanted desire for each other Love that Kristen is truly strong, in body and spirit made strong by the knowledge that she is truly loved by her family Royce is her match in every way and Lindsey is faithful to the characters through the entire story Love that too Heart this book so much. Hearts Aflame by Johanna Lindsey is the story of Kristen and Royce and it was phenomenal.Unlike its predecessor book which was a bodice ripper but I still liked it This one had A strong heroine who wasn t childish and insubordinate and who could kick ass literally A hero who wasn t abusive or into making love against will The heroine knew she wanted the hero and to marry him and tells him when she feels it so no hiding a denying feelings A hero who literally couldn t stay without the heroine for a day and keeps seducing her because he can t be without herOne of the rare books where the heroine saves the heroes life this struck all the right cords when it comes to characterization of strong leads.It was passionate, sweet, having its angsty moments and the best part was she was Brenna and Garrick s child JL books usually follow a pattern except a few and in the Mallory series but this one not only surprised me but stole my heart.I adored their banter, their lovemaking and their craziness about each other.What a wonderful way to start my Friday.Ps love Fabio on the cover, though my copy has the angel on it.Safe4.75 5 I was on the Smart Bitches, Trashy Books website a few days ago reading the Johanna Lindsay discussion Many waxed sweetly about this book Hearts Aflame how it was both rape y and feminist all at the same time It s hard to think of a smutty romances as that paradoxical but the 80s were the golden age of bodice rippers when tempestuous and fiery women could only be subdued by alpha males with giant members and big muscles That s just how it was It would get, wellrape y Anywho, imagine my surprise when browsing through a used bookstore yesterday, I stumbled upon the very book under discussion Two whole dollars and three hours later and it was exactly as described But I miss that, yanno All these marriagable misses and the ton are boring It s equally boring when the author tries to modernize the heroine equalize her as some sort of blue stocking, private business titan or what have you and the action never gets any farther than the country estate I miss the days when the women would go a Viking on a whim and end up with a grand adventure that covered continents with their irascible and irresistible hero who really does love her but he doesn t know it so he has to have rape y sex with her Oh, and the absolute best part The picture of Johanna Lindsey inside the back cover with a femi mullet Feathered bangs and long scraggly blond hair I bet if they took the whole pic, she d have been wearing Jordache jeans and Vans just like I did in the early 80s A feathered roach clip in her hair would have made it picture perfect. Buddy read complete Thank you Ally Georgie for reading this with me I was not sure what to expect from this book and it was nice to have someone along for the ride.Now, I know a 3 star review implies that this was a so so read, but in this case it is serving as an average of my 5 star feelings and my 1 star feelings I think this may be one of the oldest romances I have ever read In fact, it is just a tiny bit older than me It is shocking how much has changed in the romance genre in the past 30 years.Aside from Josie Litton s Viking series, this is the only other Viking book that I can recall reading And boy does Lindsey capture the barbaric nature of the society early The book opens with our heroine being pursued by a man who has no qualms about attempting to rape her Lindsey reveals to us the strength of our heroine, Kristen, early on, and because of Kristen, I was able to read this book in its entirety and enjoy many parts of it.In the hopes of avoiding the obsessed suitor and in her quest to find a husband of her own choosing, Kristen sneaks upon her brother s ship to see of the world At the time, she is unaware that her brother is going on a raid instead of going to merchant ports for trading, as he told his parents Of course, their raid is a failure and many of the crew along with Kristen, are captured as slaves for the Saxon ruler, Royce While Kristen is disguised as a boy by the crew to protect her, this deception does not last long As a result, Kristen is dragged into the hall and chained up to work with the women, while the men are used outside to build a defense wall.In this tale, the Vikings, including Kristen, tower over the Saxon people The only Saxon man of a size with the Vikings is Royce himself Even Kristen is enormous for this time period She is near six feet tall and voluptuous Her physical as well as mental strength which she uses to survive her captivity as well as defend herself from unwanted advances made her a heroine I could admire and root for.Most of the story takes place in Royce s hall where Kristen serves as a chained up slave and Royce is ruler There is a gradual building of trust very tenuous and Royce and Kristen soon become involved sexually Thus far, I have been greatly enjoying the adventure and unusual setting of this book However, at this point, as many readers have pointed out, the lines become blurred about what constitutes consensual sex I just could not enjoy the sex scenes in this book Even though we know Kristen s mind, Royce does not Kristen resists at every opportunity and Royce is determined to have her, regardless of whether she fights him This is NEVER okay I know it is realistic for the time Kristen is a slave from a raid and has no rights under Royce However, the fact that so may pages are dedicated to their physical relationship and it even has a sort of glamour to it is what is wrong Kristen had decided that Royce was the one she wanted and was all right with their sexual relationship, but that is beside the point She is never vocal about her consent, and if she had been truly resistant, Royce would have taken her anyway, and this is why he could never be a true hero This is the 1 star aspect of this book I read some very insightful reviews from readers who had read this book when it first came out, describing that during this time in the 80 s, women enjoying and pursuing sex was frowned upon outside of marriage and Kristen resisting was a reflection of that societal expectation This was eye opening for me as I am of a younger generation For me, when I look at this book, all I see is that the sexual relationship is clearly rape I am glad I read this because it was a learning experience for me and reminded me how lucky I am to be in a generation where women are fighting against this treatment and that we need to continue to do so Now, if Kristen had not been such a strong character, I probably would not have been able to finish this book However, despite the rape, there is also a clear feminist message in this book Kristen has learned how to use weapons and is not afraid to speak her mind or defend herself She is logical, strong, and immensely brave, and is truly the 5 star aspect of this book Here are a few quotes that capture how awesome Kristen truly is.First, her behavior is always a surprise and she does not conform to expectation She knows her own mind, is comfortable in her own skin, and does not care if people think she is odd At first, this causes friction in the book, but even Royce comes to respect her for her spiritThey had both watched Kristen behaving most bizarrely What can I say She ceases to surprise me with the strange things she does Nay, she still surprises me, but I am used to it nowIn addition, Kristen has physical and mental strength She never cowers, cries, or bows down under the pressure of her situation In fact, she protects herself She wards off unwanted advances, she does not rely on any man and rescues herself, and she embraces her ability to defend herself Despite this, I never once saw her as manly I viewed her as a woman of strength in mind and body and respected her for her ability to embrace her femininity without bowing under the expectations of her gender Here is a situation where her aplomb and strength intimidate a bullyHe leaped at her, slapping her hard Her face turned her body did not budge This gave Eldred a momentary surprise He was used to women falling down from his powerful blows, and cowering in fear But this women was of a size with him And she did not cower Blood trickled from the corner of her mouth, but her eyes flashed fury as she looked back at him Eldred stepped back, somewhat unnervedAnd finally, Kristen never truly accepts her lot in life She continues to be who she is and refuses to change for anyone Maybe this isn t realistic for the time period when this book takes place, but I think it is a strong take away message for women reading this book Kristen is a warrior She does not embody the Saxon definition of beauty, she is thrown into a situation of which there is little hope, and yet, she remains proud of who she is, knows her own mind, and always continues to fight At the end of the book, even Royce sees just how strong she really isShe had simply shed the mantle of slavery as easily as she had worn it, making him realize that she had never really worn it at allThis is why I could not give this book a 1 star rating The strength of Kristen as a heroine is too strong for this book to be a 1 star read She is a 5 star heroine and a reminder to be yourself and take pride in being a woman, regardless of your physical appearance, situation in life, or your race It took me a few days to fully comprehend what I felt about this book Even though it is a romance , Royce took a backseat It really wasn t about him at all This was a book about how Kristen remained true to herself and went after what she wanted even if I do not agree with her choice, I will always respect her She is one of my favorite heroines I have read about and it was worth wading through the terrible sex scenes in order to know her.This book centers around a captor captive situation, with chains, coerced sex, and lack of respect It is not glamorous or romantic It is a classic old school romance novel that captures the societal expectation of the 80 s a blend of repressed, sexual rights for women, with a message of feminism despite this expectation It was a journey that caused me to really think about my feelings about being a woman and to truly be thankful for how much progress we have made, while still knowing that there is to fight for.1 star for the rape and the terrible hero 5 stars for the strong heroine and the book s ability to really make me think 3 stars on the whole. I don t seem to enjoy a lot of the books that were written in the 80 s and very early 90 s There s too much violence and raping and abuse in some of them It seems like a crap shoot any time I pick one up This book was one that I read years ago in the early days of my romance reading I started when I was about 12 I had so much fun reading it that I have kept it all these years and have reread it multiple times I get a kick out of it each time I read it.Kristen stowed away on her brother s ship for some adventure and to avoid an irritating situation Things go badly for the Vikings and they get captured by the Saxons Fearing rape, the Vikings disguise Kristen as a boy, but their protective nature soon leads to trouble for her It s soon discovered that Kristen is a female and she s taken into the house to be a slave their and to act as a hostage to keep the Vikings from trying to escape.Kristen is so much fun to read about She takes insults about her heritage and her attractiveness in stride and continues to smile She doesn t care what s thought about her She is good natured and cheerful throughout the book, although she does get angry a time or two But when she gets angry she takes action She is not a weak woman and she will not let herself be turned into a doormat.I loved watching her relationship with Royce Her perspective was very refreshing She didn t expect marriage and didn t punish him for being surprised by the very idea She was very frank and open about sex and the pleasure she finds in it I think that if she had been a different personality type Royce s personality would have come off as too dominating But with her he never could because she was just as forceful and dominant as he was There are some dominance struggles in this, but I never felt that it crossed the line or even came close to the line Their antics and struggles actually made the book enjoyable for me. 4 This book may have been written 20 years ago, but it is a timeless classic It s a well written fantasy Viking romance meant for pure enjoyment, and enjoy it I did It has plenty of sizzle and adventure, a great hero heroine, and a flirty sense of humor that I just love Very high on the angst scale The heroine becomes a prisoner to our hero, but soon it is he who is the one being held captive for her This was great romance candy, IMO.