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!READ DOWNLOAD ♛ Heaven, Texas ♨ Come Heck Or High Water, Gracie Snow Is Determined To Drag The Legendary Ex Jock Bobby Tom Denton Back Home To Heaven, Texas, To Begin Shooting His First Motion Picture Despite His Dazzling Good Looks And Killer Charm, Bobby Tom Has Reservations About Being A Movie Star And No Plans To Cooperate With A Prim And Bossy Ohio Wallflower Whom He Can T Get Off His Mind Or Out Of His Life Instead, The Hell Raising Playboy Decides To Make Her Over From Plain Jane To Texas WildcatBut Nothing S Dangerous Than A Wildcat With An Angel S Heart In A Town Too Small For A Bad Boy To Hide And All Hell Breaks Loose When Two Unforgettable People Discover Love, Laughter, Passion And A Match That Can Only Be Made In Heaven Rolling with this series Looking forward to finally finding out why my good friend Karen has this in her review Hmmmmm 4 4 stars Contemporary Romance I liked SEP s witty writing, laugh out loud humor, and steamy love scenes, but the hero s crappy treatment of the heroine made me spitting nails mad at times I just kept thinking, why does she put up with his sh t Retired football legend Bobby Tom Denton might be a sexy as sin, insatiably flirtatious, happy go lucky, infectiously funny, womanizing, hellraising, aw shucks ma am cowboy with killer bedroom skills and a sh t eating grin, but he s also an egotistical, immature, cocky, and sometimes mean jerk who treats Gracie like a pity friend, mercy f ck who should be kissing his royal purple cowboy boots, for almost the entire book Gracie Snow is a prim, quirky, sexually frustrated, 30 year old virgin, Ohio wallflower who s insecure about her supposedly Plain Jane looks, but she s also funny, smart, strong willed, giving, sweet, feisty, selfless, loving, spirited, and kind And she deserves a whole lotthan someone who acts like they re doing some huge, inconvenient cosmic favor by just spending time with her I actually found myself thinking that Gracie might be better off just driving into the sunset, without Mr Bobby Tom Denton, and I was a little disappointed with the ending because I wanted about twochapters and an epilogue of some serious groveling on his part I really liked the secondary romance between Bobby Tom s widowed mom Suzy and the former local bad boy turned wealthy, powerful corporate executive, Wayland Sawyer In fact, I thought their intriguing relationship almost stole the spotlight from main couple, Bobby and Gracie.Overall, I really enjoyed this fun, sexy contemporary romance, but I would have liked it evenand given it full 5 stars had the playboy charmer been taken down a peg or ten and done a little added soul searching and a whole lotbegging After having read and really liked a couple of therecent books in the Chicago series, I backpedalled to this vintage title 1995 and was just as much pleasantly surprised What I ve come to recognise as SEP s trademarks by now were all already there, from the engaging and smooth prose to the scrumptious dialogues, taking romantic comedy and, in this case, the opposites attract trope to a higher level.Yes, she needed to become a little less accommodating and yes, he often tended to be a little too smug for his own good, but plain Gracie Snow and NFL golden boy Bobby Tom s love story was so deliciously fun, sexy and sweet and the perfectly ticking sense of humour brought the small town cast and all its antics to life so vividly as to make this book an older gem that hasn t age a day, to savour from start to finish.Buddy read with Jill Written January 26, 20145 Huge Stars stunning romantic and hilarouis fun I loved every single page a true joy to read simply amazing good Our dear hero Bobby Tom Denton I happen to be immature, undisciplined, and self centered, pretty much a little boy in a man s body, although I d appreciate it if you didn t quote me on that bull s eye, but what a fun and irresistible Texas guy Heaven, Texas is adorable cute, funny and incredibly well written I think anyone who, like me, loves a charming wallflower heroine and a priceless charmer, but sometimes so narrow minded, football hero will enjoy, giggle with and remember this story for a long, long time Sometimes are these old goodies still the very best. Right This quite old romance was written nearly twenty years ago, but is this novel still up to scratch The answer is YES, still in top condition It was just such a heavenly sweet and charming story with some good nostalgic 1994 feeling in it Simply a new favorite for this lady It s all about the wonderful, inexperienced but so resolute Gracie Snow who got a new job as an assistant for a small film company Her first assignment is to bring the former football star and to be movie star, Bobby Tom Denton, from Chicago to the recording site in his small hometown in Texas But Bobby Tom is a stubborn man He is the hero who sometimes have difficulty seeing beyond his halo Here, try the scantily clad girl, with a bad permed hair, which in no way matches the women he likes busty, well trained, long, slender blondes. to complicate his life.But sweet Gracie Snow is a very stubborn woman It will be a match out of the ordinary The American dream guy is challenged by rather unique homely homegrown girl from from Ohio You re supposed to be my assistant, not a baby sitter One and the same He settled his hat back into position She was a rookie in her first big game, and he d never let her see how close she d come to unseating a champion There is plenty to say, both about the plot, all the characters and my own feelings, but I ll settle for a few brief comments You must have a twinkle in the eye to not get angry at this sometimes so narrow minded hero But in the end, you can not resist him He is The Charm Boy Our heroine is a superb female role model and I wish there wereheroines like her The absolutely cutest kind Tom s mother is a widow and her, Suzy s, love adventure is just as exciting as the main characters Yummy good This is a true feel good story or a so called rom com read and enjoy Amusing, smart, well written, charming, steamy, amazing, memorable, entertaining, romantic, heartwarming, sexy, cute, tender, dramatic, exciting yes, you probably understand that I loved it.I LIKE I still giggles I read an fantastic novel Kiss an Angel by Susan Elizabeth Phillips and my good friend Kathleen gave me the excellent advice to pick up Heaven, Texas next time I needed a sweet and strong Daisy like heroine again Thank you, Kathleen You know what I might like and thanks to her I found this lovely 10 year after epilouge Read it at A tempting teaserview spoiler The children hugged their parents and set off with their grandfather Bobby Tom watched them go and turned to his wife What kind of mother abandons two innocent children to grandparents who are going to stuff them with junk food and keep them up past their bedtime A mother who wants some uninhibited sex with her husband hide spoiler You have an unusual house Have you lived here long A couple of years I don t much like it myself, but the architect is real proud of it She calls it urban Stone Age with a Japanese Tahitian influence I sort of just call it ugly Imma let you in on a little secret This is the novel I read after Fifty Shades of Grey to purge myself of that monstrosity of a romance erotica In many aspects, their plots are similar virgin, old fashioned heroines billionaire, good looking male leads and non committal sex at least at first But like Obsidian and Twilight, one of these things is better than the other and it sure as hell ain t the one that tries to pass off Tess of the D Urbervilles as an analogy for their epic love story.So without further ado, why Heaven, Texas deserves to be better known than Fifty Shades of Gray.Reason 1 Gracie is homely and doesn t give a fuckShe was of medium height, neither shirt enough to be cute, nor tall enough to be willowy Although she was flat chested, she was the next closet thing Her eyes were neither a warm brown nor a sparkling blue, but a nondescript gray Her mouth was too wide, her chin too stubborn She concentrated on being grateful for theimportant gifts God had given her intelligence, a quirky sense of humor, and an insatiable interest in all aspects of the human condition Gracie has other shit to focus on She runs a nursing home and concentrates on doing her damn job as a production assistant Although she thinks herself unworthy of Bobby Tom s attention initially, she changes and finds self worth on her own terms It s okay to be insecure It s not okay to be so self deprecating that you talk down every single one of your qualities until a man comes along to restore your self worth Reason 2 She s not a blind doormatThis fierce love she felt for him wouldn t keep her from seeing him clearly, the good and the bad, his monstrous ego and too soft heart, his keen intelligence and deadly manipulative charm Her love wouldn t let her compromise her principles either She fights Bobby Tom over and over, from hauling his ass to the movie set at the start to refusing his money because she doesn t want to take anything from him Everyone takes something from Bobby Tom, be it a loan or a promise to show up at someone s birthday party She can t give him anything that he doesn t already have, so she s settling for taking nothing.Reason 3 Bobby Tom is not an abusive asshat.This is a very important reason.Gracie gets drunk at one point and throws herself at him, lacy lingerie and all Bobby Tom, yet un reformed womanizing ass, coaxes her back into her clothes Later, when she s sober, they work out out an agreement allowing them to bang their brains out consensually.The one and only time he attempts to shut Gracie up with his dick, this happensHer hands were throbbing with pain She took one last swing at him and settled back on her heels Her chest heaved as she clutched her blouse closed His physical aggression hadn t been about sex, it had been about power, and at the moment she hated him for it He pressed something cold between her hands, ice cubes wrapped in a dishtowel I never did anything like that to a woman in my life Gracie, I m sorry I d do anything in the world to take back what happened He fucking apologizes It d been a dick move and he knows Christian Gray would rather hang himself with his steel gray tie than admit he did something On account of how he likes to be in control and all His go to move is shutting Ana up with sex.Skip Fifty Shades and read Heaven, Texas All the gooey, fuzzy sensation of devouring a romance with none of the rape culture crap Am I right, Ellen SEP casi nunca decepciona ME ENCANT Lo que me gustan los clich s Romance fingido Jefe empleada Patito feo de convierte en cisneDeportistas Y este libro tiene todo eso No me juzguen Am a Bobby Tom aunque tuvo muchos comportamientos idiotas pero al final la sufri me encantan cuando ruegan y lloran l grimas de sangre ok no tanto as muajaja Y Gracie a pesar de ser inexperta inocente no era dejada y ten an su orgullo eso le gust mucho de ella.Creo que me gust m s que el anterior y le voy seguir sino me va a esperar otros dos a os el siguiente y noooo Susan Elizabeth Phillips has a unique way of combining romance with laugh out loud humor and then mixing in unusual characters to create an engaging rom com story Heaven, Texas has her distinctive funny, sexy style written all over it This is the second book in the Chicago Stars series but can be read as a standalone While I didn t like this book as much as It Had to Be You, I still found it to be quite enjoyable.The story surrounds Bobby Tom Denton, a good ole southern boy He s a ladies man who prefers leggy blondes with huge boobs and lots of makeup Bobby Tom is sexy, irresistibly charming, generous to a fault, affable, but very stubbornI happen to be immature, undisciplined, and self centered, pretty much a little boy in a man s body, although I d appreciate it if you didn t quote me on thatHe s a 33 year old two time Super Bowl champion who is struggling with an identity crisis after a career ending injury Bobby Tom is due to begin filming his first movie in his small hometown in Texas Gracie Snow is a production assistant for the film and she has been tasked with escorting Bobby Tom from Chicago to the movie set on time At 30 years old she never thought she d still be a virgin Gracie is a Plain Jane and one huge walking fashion disaster from her bad haircut to her ill fitted matronly clothes Gracie has led a sheltered life She s sweet, altruistic, curious, witty, giving, and very bossy.Gracie and Bobby Tom get off to a rocky start but they get to know each other better when they set off on a road trip to Heaven, TX They finally arrive at his hometown where he receives a hero s welcomeThe cowboys named it Heaven because it had the best whorehouses between San Antone and AustinIt becomes clear that everyone wants something from Bobby Tom money, an autograph, time, a favor, sex The town seems to be filled with selfish people who think he owes them for his success It irritated me the way Bobby Tom let everyone walk all over him Women are lined up around the block day and night to get some of that Bobby Tom lovin so in an effort to fend off their advances he and Gracie concoct a story about them being engaged Since nobody would believe he could fall for someone as homely as Gracie he arranges for her to have a complete makeover Although the lines between fantasy and reality are in danger of being crossed, Gracie enters the scheme with open eyes and a vow to take nothing from Bobby Tom Her sense of honor wouldn t allow her to take anything from him the way everybody else did She would give herself to him out of the fullness of her heart, not with the hope of receiving anything in return And when it was over, this man who had been kissed by the gods would at least be able to remember that Gracie Snow was the one person in his life who had never taken anything from him I love how independent and feisty Gracie is She puts Bobby Tom in his place when nobody else will Even though she s led a sheltered life, she s not afraid to try new things She s willing to risk her heart for momentary happiness and wonderful memories She often refers to herself as homely and acknowledges her fashion faux pas but I never thought of her as being ugly Her humor, her selflessness, and her many acts of kindness make her appealing The makeover merely brings out the pretty girl who was always lurking there but who was never taught how to flourish.Bobby Tom and Gracie make a fun pair and I love their verbal sparring as well as their easy joking There are a couple moments that manage to be simultaneously hilarious and sexy I ll never look at Neapolitan ice cream the same way againSweetheart, I don t think there s going to be any pain, if that s what you re worried about Now I m no gynecologist, but you re thirty years old, and whatever barrier might have been there when you were a youngster has got to have evaporated from old age by nowHowever, I wish there wassexual tension between the two Maybe it s the repeated reminders that Gracie doesn t look like Bobby Tom s type she doesn t have big breasts and she s not gorgeous but they seemlike friends with benefits than real lovers Bobby Tom likes her but he never tries to make her feel desirable He likes having sex with her but it seemsabout scratching an itch than feeling attracted to her In fact, he tells himself that she s a charity case but acknowledges he enjoys her companythan anyone else It makes him seem shallow in my eyes for most of the book and I wanted to shake Gracie for selling herself short.There s an interesting little side plot involving the economic stability of the town and Bobby Tom s mother who is a grieving widow Many zany characters are introduced as old relationships are tested and new friendships are forged.The unforgettable all hell breaks loose ending is not to be missed It alone is makes the book worth reading The story concludes without an epilogue, however, leaving an air of uncertainty What are Bobby Tom s plans for the future Will he continue acting or go into philanthropic work What will Gracie s role be Where will they live Has Bobby Tom come to terms with prematurely ending his football career Luckily Susan Elizabeth Phillips has now posted an Epilogue on her website 5 STARS image error A very average Phillips, with some recycled plot points from other books or maybe it s the other way around since I haven t read them in order of publishing dates The good old southern boy character is getting a bit stale The strip tease in front of friends the first time the heroine meets the hero is also somewhat icky by now I really didn t like the lead male character, Bobby Tom, just the name made me just want to run the other way, the character is a boy men, a very clich Peter Pan type of hero Gracie Snow the lead female character is just well paper thin. not physically, although it s not said, but intellectually, emotionally The two lead characters kind deserve each other Why did I keep reading you might ask Well, because even if her lead characters were very average, Phillips managed to created two very interesting characters in the male s lead mother, Suzy, a 52 years old widow and Waylan Sawyer the town s bad boy, turned philanthropic wealthy man I wished that the book would have been focused on them Suzy s still grieving her husband s death after all these years and Waylan has come back and found out he s still very much in love with the girl he couldn t even think of approaching all those years ago Their story I would have wanted to haveof but it plays second fiddle to the young couples shenanigans Too bad, there aren t that many well written older woman man romance out there.