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Amazing One of the funniest books I have read. READ KINDLE ☿ Hell Has Harbour Views ☪ Alternate Cover For ISBNISBN Hugh Walker Held Out For A While Not For Him The Stereotype Of The Greedy Lawyer He D Be The Defender Of The Abused, The Voice Of The Poor, The Champion Of The Oppressed And He Was For A Timeuntil Rottman Maughan And Nash Dangled The Office With The Harbour View In Front Of HimNow He S Turning Blind Eye To Suspect Time Sheets, Championing The Powerful Against The Powerless, And Not Being Entirely Honest With His GirlfriendIs There A Way Back Read this some time ago it gave me an insight into the law and what I d often imagined happens behind closed doors I felt it was done to enable the profession the opportunity to laugh at themselves The channel 2 adaptation of this book was very enjoyable and well acted Lynne All that we ever believed about this blighted profession is true A good romp I grew up in Sydney an an attorney so reading a book set in my city makes it very easy to visualise the story After reading Cyanide Games and The Burden of Lies I decided to read his earlier novel and have to say it left me flat I found it predictable and wanting.the author has got better so isn t that a good thing for us readers This book was a DNF, something quite rare for me I don t like to give up on a book but after reading nearly half of it, it was time to quit The purpose of a fiction book is to create something that draws the reader in, something that makes the reader want to pick up the book and continue reading to see how the plot will resolve This book didn t seem to have any direction and the plot was weak and uninspiring, which meant that the book became so boring that I didn t care what happened next That is when the book failed in its objective I felt as though I was reading the equivalent of a C grade movie The characters were tacky and not likeable, which didn t entice me to read on. Boring book although it was well written Subject matter was Not interesting Maybe need to be in the legal profession to appreciate. A very funny, satire about a top tier law firm in Sydney with big business clients insurance companies, banks, etc Hugh has been working for this top tier law firm for 6 years but his conscious means he s questioning his choices and his own behaviour He used to represent the little guy, the underdog This law firm is about harbour views, long lunches, dubious time sheets, overcharging clients, unethical behaviour, etc Whilst obviously exaggerated, I m sure it s pretty close to the truth A fun read Fast paced, finished in in two days.It s about a personal injury lawyer cum fast paced, French cuff wearing insurance litigation defense attourny, and the moral vacuousness of his new life Descriptions of the partners in the firm are very funny.