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Love the illustrations This story will make you giggle The illustrations are absolutely darling in this book Bird wants to be friends Hippo just wants to be left alone Bird tries to persuade Hippo that he d make a great hat or umbrella or comedian but Hippo is not convincedat first. #DOWNLOAD KINDLE × Hello, Hippo! Goodbye, Bird! õ A Hilarious Picture Book About A Grumpy Hippo, A Persistent Bird, And A Delightful Friendship Bird Wants To Be Hippo S Friend Hippo Wants To Be Left AloneBird Makes A Great Hat For Hippo He Tells Hilarious Hippo Jokes He Keeps The Bugs Away Can You Say Lunch Hippo Wants Bird To GO AWAYBut Then The Sky Gets Darker And Darker Thunder Crashes All Around Maybe Hippo Could Use A Friend 3 art3 storyLively and full of humour I don t know if Squirt caught the joke It was hard to tell He was amused about the hippo trying to get rid of the bird than anything else Another book that s great for a much needed laugh. The title sentences Hello, Hippo Goodbye, Bird recur in the two characters interactions as Hippo tries to get Bird to leave him alone The entire text is presented as dialog, with wisely chosen fonts that represent each animal The mixed media illustrations in pencil and digital color are lively and have great perspectives that really bring the animals to life Hippo grudgingly accepts Bird in the end, although he will never admit that he wants Bird around This entertaining tale with its colorful, expressive illustrations will appeal to a wide audience among children ages three to seven. This could actually be a good tie in when talking about symbiotic relationships in nature. funny You have to admire Bird s persistence He just wants to be Hippo s friend, and Hippo will have none of that But even he has extolled his virtues and tried to amuse the grumpy animal, Hippo remains unmoved In fact, he even tries to escape from the friendly creature A storm frightens the hippo, and he wishes he had accepted the bird s friendship Luckily for him, Bird is a most forgiving creature, and they end up hanging out together while Bird tells jokes Mixed media illustrations relying on pencils and digital color keep the story interesting and bring these two very different animals together It s hard not to smile at Bird s antics, jokes, and beautiful colors as well as Hippo s desperate attempts to get away from Bird and his offer of friendship I don t know if I would ever have had the courage he does to keep coming back after being rejected so soundly This might be a good read aloud for encouraging youngsters to be open to the friendships that are offered to them It also will provide than a hint of wry humor for those who enjoy word play and who doesn t When a colorful blue bird lands on Hippo the bird says, Hello, Hippo But grumpy Hippo says for the bird to go away So the bird tries to convince Hippo that he needs a friend like him He can be a hat, a hippotota mustache, tell jokes and much But unfriendly Hippo wants nothing to do with the bird He tries several ways, including to go underwater to get rid of the bird Bird even saves Hippo from an attack of wasps, yet Hippo still is ungrateful and dismisses him Will there ever come a time that Hippo needs a friend Cons It bothered me that Hippo never took into consideration that the bird might have needed a friend or that the bird saved him from an attack of wasps Not until Hippo was in need of a friend would he consider the bird to fill his need.Pros The illustrations are cute and the word count and type of words are very appropriate for the new reader I m sure if not over analyzed the story will be appreciated by many readers It might even be appropriate to open a discussion regarding being a little too persistent in desiring a friendship and being insensitive to other people s needs. This is the story of a friendship that just didn t seem like it was going to happen Think Sam from Green Eggs and Ham Bird just doesn t take a hint that he s not wanted, and Hippo is just not in the market for company Eventually though, you know that Hippo is going to see that friendship is not something you should turn away when it is offered This is a nice book about making friends even when you re initially reluctant Good for young readers.