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Too funny And the main character doesn t even know it Henry Reed is spending the summer with an Aunt and Uncle who live in the countryside of New Jersey Since his teacher told all of her students to study free enterprise over the summer, Henry sets out to do just that start a business and write about it first hand As he s painting his business sign, Henry Reed, Inc., across the barn wall, the neighbor girl, Midge, startles him And that s how events keep going, one startling, comical, accidental event or mishap, depending on your point of view after the other Let s see, there s the mishap with the rabbit, and one with the dog, and then the oil, the truffle mushrooms, the wasps, the neighbors, a power outage, a dead pigeon, a balloon chase Henry and Midge certainly stay busy And they re two great characters Midge is twelve and Henry, being thirteen, is of course the smarter and responsible of the two At least he thinks so For Midge is always rattling off nonsense which makes no sense to Henry which is entirely too funny, because he prides himself on having a good sense of humor, but all Midge s witty puns and jokes just whiz over his head And then there is Mr Apple The neighbor who is so incredibly rude But he also seems to be up to something Why is he so touchy about trespassers and why is he building a mysterious fence in the center of his back yard Henry and Midge are sure he s hiding something You ll thoroughly enjoy this duo, their mishap adventures and the pure entertainment this book affords Ages 10 Cleanliness Gosh, Gee, Golly and the like are used a few times Mentions someone smoking a pipe Someone is called a big boob Like my reviews I also have hundreds of detailed reports that I offer too These reports give a complete break down of everything in the book, so you ll know just how clean it is or isn t I also have Clean Guides downloadable PDFs which enable you to clean up your book before reading it Visit my website Henry s father is in the diplomatic service, and he s lived all over Europe, but is spending the summer with his pleasant and placid Aunt Mabel and Uncle Al in Grover s Corners near Princeton University There are only a handful of houses, but the neighbors are all fairly interesting and understanding Henry even has a barn at his disposal, because his mother inherited it, and uses this to set up his research business He and neighbor Midge, form a partnership I adored Midge beyond measure When asked by Henry What are you going to put into the business , she replies I ll furnish the brains Henry laughs, but sees her point and takes her on Accompanied by Agony, the beagle, the two set to researching for fun and profit There are gentle high jinks all along, and at the end, Midge insists that the business be renamed Reed and Glass Henry does own the barn , and the two repaint the sign together Henry and Midge are both industrious, curious children who are not content to sit and stare at their phones all day, which would have been QUITE boring in 1958 They find clients, do research, earn money, and occupy themselves all day without the interference of adults, although I imagine the well upholstered Aunt Mabel kept them well furnished with peanut butter sandwiches and cookies, and Uncle Al does come to their rescue in times of need and wonders things like How did those sheep get in there without really needing to know particulars Yes, the 1950s had their problems But Greg Heffley and his family are negative and boring to me, and I don t want to be a part of their world for very long The fact that my students do, when they could instead be spending time with Henry or Anne or Homer or Laura it just makes me sad. I have one tiny quibble with this book, but it is easily overlooked with the wonderful boyish genius of the rest of the story Henry Reed is wonderful This is what it means to be a smart curious little boy with an equally smart and endearing tomboy next door We are officially huge fans Hopefully we win our eBay auctions so that we can buy the other books in the series. Looking back to my youth I remember, now, reading Henry Reed, Inc back in about the seventh grade Awesome fun then awesome fun now No space battles, no Divergents or Hunger Games or Maze, just an eighth grader spending the summer with his aunt and uncle in a small New Jersey town, who somehow manages to regularly and repeatedly attract a charming, 1950 s sort of trouble almost daily Hats off to Mr Robertson for a clean, fun story This is another book I really liked as a kid that I was interested to revisit As it turns out, some of the tone of it went over my head back in the day I perceived it as a book about a very smart, independent, can do kid who happened to get involved in some funny situations And he definitely is smart, independent, and can do I especially love the fifties ness of how adults let him and his friend do pretty much whatever However, as a kid I, like Henry, didn t get what Uncle Al was telling him all along that although Henry doesn t intend to cause trouble, his ambitions combined with a lack of foresight because smart as he is, he s still a kid make him an Agent of Chaos Also, as an adult, I can tell Henry has absolutely no sense of humor, which I find very endearing. My son seemed to enjoy this one Henry and his friend Midge get up to mischief without intending to, a classic theme, I know Obviously this is an older book, but I was still pleasantly surprised that not only did they have an adult view spoiler shoot holes in a homemade weather balloon to get it down, but the adult also commented on considering his sight lines, since a.22 will can travel about a mile, and it has to come down somewhere hide spoiler .Free Book ♓ Henry Reed, Inc. (Puffin Books) ♋ Henry Reed Has Arrived In Grover S Corner And The Town Will Never Be The Same While Spending The Summer With His Aunt And Uncle, Henry Comes Up With A Sure Fire Money Making Project Henry Reed, Inc Research Henry S Neighbor, Midge Glass, Has An Even Sure Fire Hit Reed And Glass, Inc Now With Henry S Ingenious Mind And Midge S Practical Reasoning, Reed And Class Inc Turns Into A Huge Success While Creating Bewildering And Outrageous Schemes Than The Townfold Could Have Imagined MCL I think it would be fun to visit family far away for the whole summer. I enjoyed this, but not as much as the twin 10 year old boys I teach It was perfect for them A FAVORITE CLASSIC FOR YOUNG AND OLDIt was a hot HOT summer day in Corpus Christi, Texas I was bicycling home from the public library with eleven books stacked precariously on my handlebars No basket, just books on the bars, old style Why eleven If you have to ask, you re not a bookworm bibliophile One of the eleven was HENRY REED, INC by Keith Robertson.HENRY REED, INC would soon become one of the favorites of my youth The version I enjoyed was illustrated by the masterful Robert McCloskey On the cover, bespectacled, slender, sly faced Henry sits with feet propped on a desk, a tank of laboratory gas standing nearby How could a nerdy, bespectacled me NOT be drawn to this book Robertson s skilled writing relates to us the fascinating tale of Henry s summer adventures in Princeton, New Jersey with Uncle Alfred, Aunt Mabel, Henry s new friend source of irritation, Midge, and of course a dog A high spirited beagle named Agony What does this book offer young readers An entertaining, tongue in cheek introduction to the world of research and development mixed with good, clean, humorous summer fun Almost thirty years after first reading it, during my initial semester as a middle school teacher, I spied the long forgotten book on the shelves of our school library Delighted at discovering this old friend, I checked it out and re read it still a good read as an adult A decade later, I would incorporate passages from a copy I purchased and still own into one of my high school physics classes.HENRY REED, INC Good for ALL ages Try to get one of the originals that has McCloskey s illustrations I sold another dozen earthworms today and we rigged up a trap to catch the white rabbit We haven t had a chance to try it out yet, but I think it will work This review was written by Kevin Polman, author of SOMETHING and THE EXTRA KEY.