BOOK ☧ Hissy Fit ♷

I am re reading this book and having just as much fun this time as I did the first time What if you were at the rehearsal dinner for your wedding and walked in on your husband to be and your maid of honor having sex Well, Keeley throws a big hissy fit hence the name of the book The story is about muchthan that a father who raises his daughter alone after her mother leaves and the mystery surrounding this disappearance, it is the fun search for antiques as Keeley restores an old antebellum mansion, the question of trust in relationships Just an all around fun, easy read which though a little far fetched in places only serves to add to the light hearted spirit of the book. Though there were definitely laugh out loud parts of this book, if it weren t for the excessive descriptions of interior decorating and furniture, I would have given this 4 stars.Keeley Murdoch catches her fiance, the night before her wedding, in a compromising position with her best friend and maid of honor Needless to say, Keeley throws a Hissy Fit in front of everyone, and calls off the wedding Her daddy is kicked out of the country club, due to her episode I loved the characters, and the reader did an excellent job of voices After Keeley s character, I loved the character of Austin, her next door neighbor who owned the flower shop His sassy wit and style made the adventures that muchfun What is not really mentioned in the synopsis is that Keeley is searching for her mama after a 25 year absence Boy, did this sub plot throw a doosey into the story.What I didn t like about the story was the complete turn around of Will Malhoney in the last few pages of the story I think the story should have featuredof how why they got together in the last pages of the storynot just made it happen If Ms Andrews focusedon the people and less on the interior design descriptions, this would have been a fantastic book BOOK ♡ Hissy Fit ⚑ Laced With Humor And A Sense Of Place That Oozes The Aroma Of Magnolia Blossoms Atlanta Journal Constitution A Southern Fried Romp Entertainment WeeklyWhether It S A Mystery, Sassy Women S Fiction, Or A Combination Of The Two, New York Times Bestseller Mary Kay Andrews Always Gives Her Fans A Read To Remember And Now She S Throwing A Hissy Fit, In The Best Possible Sense A Delicious Tale Of Revenge And Renovation, Hissy Fit Tells Of A Wronged Spitfire Who S Determined To See That The No Good Lowdown, Lying, Cheating Varmint Of An Ex Fianc Who Ruined Her Life And Her Business Gets The Comeuppance He So Richly Deserves Even As She Struggles To Revitalize A Broken Down Antebellum Mansion For A Hunky, If Slightly Odd, Local Businessman If You Like The Novels Of Fannie Flagg, Jennifer Crusie, Adriana Trigiani, And Emily Giffin, Or Are A Devoted Follower Of Rebecca Wells Or Jill Conner Browne S Sweet Potato Queens, Then Mary Kay S Hissy Fit Is Not To Be Missed Digital audio read by Moira DriscollFrom the book jacket Keeley Murdock s wedding to A.J Jernigan should have been the social event of the season But when she catches her fianc doing the deed with her maid of honor at the country club rehearsal dinner, all bets are off And so is the wedding Keeley pitches the hissy fit of the century, earning herself instant notoriety in the small town of Madison, Georgia Even worse is the financial pressure A.J s banking family brings to bear on Keeley s interior design business Enter a redheaded stranger in a vintage yellow Cadillac who s purchased the local bra factory and a derelict antebellum mansion, which he hires Keeley to redo.My reactionsEven before I read the jacket blurb, I knew I was in for a light, fun, fast, chick lit, beach read And that s exactly what I got Mary Kay Andrews knows how to write in this genre and she does a fine job of it The central characters are likeable or not, as required I m looking at you, A.J and Stephanie , and the plot is supported by a cast of eccentric older folks, wise and tolerant parents, and friends and acquaintances who help Keeley and take a keen interest in her personal life Andrews includes a bit of a mystery subplot, which I felt distracted from the central romantic tension But that s okay we need both sugar and salt in our reading diet.It s a fast, fun romp of a novel Grab some iced tea and your sunglasses and set yourself up on a beach chair to enjoy Moira Driscoll did a fine job of performing the audio Her southern accent was spot on, and she really brought the large cast of characters alive. Just what you would like to read if into southern humor, great page turner. Hissy FitThis is another book that I normally wouldn t have read except for it being the book club read for August for my monthly book club and I m happy that I did read it This is a change from what I normally read and I m actually starting to like what you would call Chick Lit books This was cute and funny and it didn t lag, it kept flowing which kept me interested and wanting to keep reading I m going to look upbooks by Mary Kay Andrews and if they are as good as this one then I ve found a new author to like. A very entertaining listen Boy, did Keely have a Hissy Fit when she caught her fianc in the a closet having sex with her supposed best friend and maid of honor It went from bad to worse and while doing further damage, she meets a new man who will change her life in many different ways She also decides to search for answers in the 20 year mystery of her mother s abandonment of her and her father The narrator of the audio book did a really nice job her voice was edgy with a good accent and sounded the way I imagined the character would be. This was the worst book I have ever read Move over Hemingway, move over Dostoevsky, there s a new terrible author in town Now, I almost never read chick lit, which this definitely is, and that may have colored my opinion, but there were several specific incidents in this book that really angered me Let s start with the sexual abuse sexual assault apologizing Late in the book, the female protagonist is minding her own business in her own home when her cheating ex fiance decides to let himself in the front door which she had accidentally left unlocked Several times the protagonist tells him to leave, but he won t Eventually, he ends up going to a work picnic with her because she just couldn t get rid of him so says the author I would have called the police before I let an abusive ex come to a work event uninvited At the picnic, the protagonist develops a headache, and said ex takes her home to get some medicine It is here that he decides to start undressing her and pushing himself on her without her permission FINALLY the protagonist pushes him away and leaves, and the actual rape doesn t happen But what does the protagonist do next She tells her friend that it was all her fault that the ex wanted to have sex with her She goes on and on about how everything the ex had done was her fault UGH And I know, many victims of sexual abuse sexual assault do blame themselves, but this is a fictional character the author placed the blame on the victim by writing the victim as blaming herself That s just one scene the book is full of men taking advantage of the protagonist in a variety of ways, and the main male character is constantly mansplaining to the female protagonist about how he knows so muchabout bras than she does.There were two reasons that I stuck with this book to the end well, almost the end I stopped listening to the audiobook within the last ten minutes or so because I was so sick of the crap going on in the story 1 The book takes place in a small rural town that s adjacent to the small rural town I live in, so there were a lot of interesting references to places I knew and roads I was driving on while listening to the book 2 There s a subplot about the protagonist looking for her missing mother that was actually rather interesting although that got really irritating at the end, too I won t spoil it in case you wish to torture yourself and read this book.Anyway, that s it this was a truly terrible book and I m surprised it has such a high number of good reviews on Goodreads. Was hoping for some good fluff having just read another Mary Kay Andrews book, but this was not what I was looking for Keeley, the main character, is just an asshole Will, the handsome rich guy she s supposed to hook up with eventually also an asshole Her gay best friend, Austen, is offensively stereotypical Somewhere in this book, a character is described as oriental looking For what purpose Are we to find the characters ignorant or the author At one point Keeley is surprised to see her father s Asian girlfriend cooking a creole dish, because she assumed it would be, you know, noodles or something When Keeley tells Austen of her father s new Asian girlfriend, his first line of questioning is whether or not she s into kinky geisha stuff or Kama Sutra, being Chinese and all These are our main characters having this conversation We re supposed to like these people Not my type of humor, I guess Rounding up from 1 2 a star. Keeley Murdoch throws a hissy fit when she finds her fiance screwing her Maid of Honor at the rehearsal dinner When she storms out of the rehearsal hall, she hitches a ride with Will Mahoney, a new guy in town who has just bought an Antebellum mansion that needs fixed up He hires Interior Decorator Keeley to do the restoration with the stipulation that is has to be done within six months Will wants to impress a woman he has never met by restoring the mansion to its former glory in hopes she will fall in love with itand him Keeley thinks that is just stupid, but she would kill for the chance to get her hands on that mansion.This story is billed as a romantic comedy mystery I ve read this author before, but I didn t find this one particularly funny It s certainly not a romance There is a mystery concerning Keeley s mother who ran away with another man twenty five years ago Keeley wants to know where she is and why she abandoned her daughter This mystery does not take up a lot of time in this book Most of the pages are spent telling us about the furniture that is being placed in the mansion, and shopping for items for the mansion The shopping and decorating overwhelm the rest of the story My rating 2 Stars.