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This is one of those sadistic twisted stories that you just can t stop reading no matter what horrible thing keeps happening. Sigo en Shock, qu buena historia.Obviamente, desespera, es una relaci n super t xica dependiente es algo obvio que desesperar.Lo que m s me gust es que en ning n momento te normalizan esa relaci n, en todo momento sabes que est mal e incluso los mismos protas incluso el loco de locos saben que todo est MUY MUY MAL Ahora, al inicio piensas que es de un lado pero te vas dando cuenta que hay un problema por parte de ambos porque los dos piensan si no es conmigo o contigo, no es con nadie.Yo creo que ellos no podr n Ser felices, pero su concepto de felicidad es diferente para ellos, as que creo que son felices a su manera, porque a pesar de todo, ellos no pueden estar felices sin el otro lo cual es de lo peor para m , pero lo mejor para ellos No apto para est magos fr giles. READ KINDLE ♁ 호구 하경수 ♟ , Ha Gyeongsoo Fell In Love And Confessed To Choi Yul, Who In Turn, Asked To Date Him Everything Was Going Fine Until One Day Yul Had Him Raped By His FriendsOriginal WebcomicSeason Chapters Complete Season Ongoing i want to write something about this butmy mind doesnt work, it went into shock, cant really form any thought about any of the people it this toonso many mixed emotions, its love, but very sick kind, its hate but is it really so here is what a mess my thoughts are right nowwill it sound wierd if i say part of me, huge part of me wants to hug yule and confort him, isnt it messed up that the guy who was evil from the first encounter gets to be broken from my point of view and provoces this feeling, like he is some lost puppy that ended up being mean cause he didnt know better, i dont wanna fix him, there is no fixing a psyco, also you cant confort him, so why do i wanna do it i feel bad for kyung but is her really a victim in all this, yes at the start he was, yet somehow i stoped feeling his pain and each time something bad started to happen i would think WHY WHY doesnt he fight back, why doesnt he leave, why doesnt he end it, if its so bad for him and yet he never tried to end his lifeso there must be a reasonwas it to protect dong, it seemed that way but again and again it turned out like a lie, like an excuse for staying with yule, i got to think that his mind used dong to stay next to yuleyes, yes its all for the boy who is so pure and innocent and i will endure it allreally plausible, yes, true, dont think so Based on the blurb I expected this will be the type of psychological romance where Kyung will be working through his past trauma with Dong, slowly falling in love Oh boy I was so wrong This thing is rape after rape after rape I managed to read about 20 chapters and Ican t take this any It s so sick my stomach is twisting I don t know who the protagonist ends up with, I hope it s not the psycho of his ex Maybe it gets better later, maybe he manages to escape But honestly, I can t bring myself to keep on reading It s too messed up The only good thing I can find about this story is art That s beautiful Everything else makes my stomach turn and I want to puke. Terrible Ya no s lo por el tipo de relaci n que legitima esta obra, que ya desde el principio te deja bien claro que todo va a ir de ese tono, sino porque finalmente consigue edulcorar el mensaje de que si te est n maltratando es porque te lo mereces Spoiler En serio, el final es terrible Toda la obra es muy oscura y a favor de la violaci n y la violencia en la pareja, pero el final es el culmen del horror Es terrible c mo el protagonista asume que se merece volver con el maltratador, ya no en plan heroico por proteger a su pareja, sino porque cree que no se merece ser feliz A nivel psicol gico consigue plasmar las secuelas de un maltrato, pero merec amos un final feliz donde con tiempo y terapia el protagonista rehiciera su vida y volviera a ser feliz con su novio, no con el puto maltratador De verdad, muy decepcionada. chiariamo una cosa ho odiato tutti i personaggi di questo manhwa, ma a mio parere merita comunque questa valutazione perch riesce a coinvolgere emotivamente il lettore e a tenerlo attaccato fino all ultima pagina anche se mhhhh la rabbia che mi ha suscitato Finished the first season. I m gonna pretend i never read this fucked up trash. So much suffering I can t take it any and yet I can t stop