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Great Book I really enjoyed this Your Spouse My Sponsor series Was kinda upset she chose Parker AKA Pluto in the End True Finale A beautiful, unexpected ending to this amazing series The entire series was full of drama and action I really enjoyed the author s writing style I felt like I was there Thank you Ms Starr I look forward to readingfrom you. READ EBOOK ♺ Honor My Gangsta 2 ♁ Princess And Kaleb Have Always Had Their Differences, But They Manage To Make It Work Despite The Many Obstacles One Of Which Being A Tenacious, New Love Interest That Won T Give Up Easily Can This Young Couple Survive The Chaos, Drama, And Temptation Surrounding Them Or Will They Crash And Burn Underneath The Pressure Of It All If You Enjoyed When A Rich Thug Wants You Series , You Ll Absolutely Love This Coming Of Age Tale From Bestselling Author Pebbles Starr Honor My GangstaIs A Riveting And Emotional Rollercoaster, Packed With Drama, Deception, And Secrets That Ll Leave You Shocked And In Awe Oh my goodness, this series was off the chain Pluto, Kaleb, and Princess was a hot mess Princess was pretty much in a love triangle between Pluto, and Kaleb At first, Kaleb was Princess s night in shining armor, her first everything, and he pulled her out of her comfort zone Kaleb really did love Princess, but at the same time, he was too reckless, hot headed, and stubborn, which was a recipe for disaster I did respect that Kaleb always wanted what was best for Princess, Grip, Kirby, and even Pluto Pluto was humbled, loving, and stable for a young man, and my favorite character He was a man that was very wise for his age When he loved, he loved hard, and the person that completed him was Princess He wasn t a ladies man, he just wanted love, and to be loved The choice of women that he choose to love was unstable, irrational, and mental, and Princess was everything that he wanted, and needed Pluto and Kaleb was the complete opposite of each other, and both was in competition for Princess s love together they were like oil and water, which made this series so ggggggggooooooooddddd. Great SeriesI m happy Princess chose who she chose Kaleb and Princess got a lot of growing up to do Ken ass was all the way off his rocker It s a dam shame the way that family turned out I fucking love Pluto tho You scared me for a minute at the end Great read Wow I definitely didn t think that this book would ever end like thisbut Princess deserved to be happy I m glad she got her dream guy I really enjoyed reading this series Great job This was Finally finish I was upset that Princess, didn t marry Kaleb, but I guess sometimes the heart wants what it wants Ken was a piece of work to say the least I enjoyed the series and look forward to reading another one of Pebbles Starr books I know I won t be disappointed . OMG This 4 book series was GREAT This author put her foot down Loved the characters the action I always wanted Parker to have his girl that s just how it turned out Good ReadI m glad that Princess and Parker got married because he was always the one saving her and doing a lot of things for her that she didn t have too Kaleb just wanted her for beauty and to wife her but he couldn t pritect her like Parker I hope he find a good woman after he grow some man balls I enjoyed reading books 1 and 2 Another great one.Wow I can t believe it s actually over the characters are like family I hate to see it end and I really didn t expect that twist, I wasn t ready, I still can t believe it Just when I thought I had it figured out Great book as usual, I would recommend this series to anyone Loved it.