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She can be mean. Not only about a film that doesn't amuse her, but about the people in the film as well. She never hesitates to mention a woman's appearance, and will rake an actress over the coals if she doesn't look right for the part. It's as if the movies Kael reviews are now hers, and she is free to dismantle them in anyway she sees fit, like a child cutting up a doll's clothing. "What was there in these two hours for me?" she asks, as she cuts and digs, and even in a bad film she may find a moment to herald, a casting choice, or a gag that came out of nowhere and landed.

The collection's finest moments, though, come when Kael unabashedly loves a movie, and you can feel her shock turn to a mad glee as she revisits those cinematic experiences that managed to pierce through her. Blue Velvet. The Unbearable Lightness of Being. Her review of My Beautiful Launderette was so good, I immediately bought it sight unseen (the movie was goodher review was better). These reviews have the magic of the cinema in them, that energy that's almost palpable when you and a friend push out from a dark theater into the night sky and everything feels fresh and new and revived, because you have seen something great, because that's what movies do. One of my fondest memories is visiting the Dutch Rock n Roll Hall of Fame and browsing through their stacks of old music magazines. It was fascinating to pick up and read reviews of now classic albums to see how they were received initially. As with much of my Amsterdam days, I don't remember a lot of specifics. I do however, remember my friend Gert, who worked there, showing me love letters that the band Golden Earring received from schoolgirls.
Anyway, Hooked was like thata little bit love letter, a little bit revisionist history. Her writing is full of unabashed exuberence and love. Her writing was literally the thought process itself. Her opinions are based on solemn observation of film itself, but not just film. She knew books, music, and every other art form as well. In here are wonderful reviews of Shoot the Moon, which I still feel isn't nearly as good as she says, Star Trek II the Wrath of Khan where Riccardo Montablban stole the show and became a true leading man. Blow out which she alone saw as one of John Travolta's greatest performances. This is great book.