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Not sure what to make of this shortie The melodrama is at it s high peak in this one so far While the three earlier ones wandered near the line of possibility , this one clearly not. Hope s End is a fantastic little story The book follows Captain Verundish, a young officer and a mother She has a very big problem Her loveless marriage is crumbling Ordinarily this would not be a problem They d just get a divorce Unfortunately, in their case the church won t grant a divorce The husband decides to take matters into his own hands Unless Verundish kills herself in three months time he will sell her daughter not from him presumably to slavers Verundish is left with a terrible choice kill herself or condemn her daughter to a fate worse than death.Verundish sees a solution in leading a desperate charge into a besieged city She will lead the Forlorn Hope She will be the first woman over the walls And she will probably be fried by Privaledged magic as soon as the assault begins This will be an honorable death One that frees her daughter and yet does not taint her legacy It is a truly selfless act that I think only a parent can imagine willingly embracing Verundish goes willingly to her death Her only problem is that sometimes the desperate assault works I was impressed that such a short little story could leave such an impact on me Verundish s choice is awful It is terrible But I was hooked from the very beginning I wasn t putting this book down until i was done I cared deeply for a character that I hadn t even known about only moments before I started the book I highly recommend this little book Great writing Lots of action Human emotions Awesome To be fair, I wonder if I would feel the same way if I had not already been introduced to the Powder Mage world Would I feel the same way if this had been the first of Brian McClellan s books that I had read I think I probably would Four stars. This instalment in the Powder Mage universe tells the story of Captain Verundish, a woman facing a terrible decision When the husband she despises sends her a letter threatening her daughter unless she ends their loveless marriage by committing suicide she decides to lead the Hopes End, a suicidal charge against a hopelessly superior enemy This was a decent novella but I was disappointed that it didn t live up to the intriguing premise it started out with McClellan set up a tense, difficult situation filled with brilliant characters Captain Constaire, Tamas for the heroine to navigate, but the resolution felt forced and rushed view spoiler After spending the first half of the novella hyping up the Hopes End as a hopeless suicide mission it ultimately succeeded pretty easily, without any explanation as to why this happened The battle itself felt rushed, especially it s conclusion, while this might have been expected in a short novella it was still disappointing Also the sub plot of Tamas struggles against the nobility ended in a clich d manner with Tamas disobeying orders to heroically charge in to save his soldiers and his evil superior being conveniently killed off The related conflict between the novels 2 best characters was also disappointingly cut short Tamas hatred of the nobility was viewed from a fresh, interesting perspective when he ordered Constaire to his death Tamas reasonable desire to weed out a noble who bought rather than earned his place in the army was played off against our sympathy for Constaire, a nice guy who just wasn t a good soldier This intriguing conflict was also disappointingly glossed over in the end hide spoiler Love, hatred, duty, romance, hope, war, magic all condensed in only 30 pages Brilliant. Definitely one of my favorites of the Powder Mage novellas, especially with some background regarding a known, but lesser detailed character. That s probably one of the best short stories i have read It features Verundish a character first introduced in The Crimson Campaign, a then Captain of the Adran Army, 19 years before the promise of blood, and her struggle to survive both a hopeless fight something like the Suicide Squad and her abusive husband that threatens her child Ps I do not rate short stories. These prequel shorts are a great companion to the trilogy building on the characters we ve already met Givesdepth to the entire story line One star i took away because i would ve liked it to be longer Much better read than promise of blood. (FREE) ⚡ Hopes End (Powder Mage, #0.4) ê Captain Verundish Has Two Problems On Campaign With The Adran Army And Far From Her Homeland, She Is Helpless When The Young Daughter She Left At Home Is Threatened To Make Matters Worse, General Tamas Has Put Her Lover In Command Of A Hope S End The First Charge Through A Breach Straight Into The Teeth Of Enemy Cannon And Sorcery To Save The People She Loves, Verundish Will Have To Come Up With A Deadly Solution Great Very intense fight Brian McClellan grows on me Very short story though.