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{Download Epub} Ý How Many Socks Make a Pair?: Surprisingly Interesting Everyday Maths ô Do You Gaze Into Your Washing Basket And Wonder How Long It Ll Take To Find A Pair Of Socks Behind This Question Is A World Of Maths That Can Be Creative, Surprising And Sometimes Even Beautiful Using Playing Cards, A Newspaper, The Back Of An Envelope, A Sudoku, Some Pennies And Of Course A Pair Of Socks, Rob Eastaway Shows How Maths Can Demonstrate Its Secret Beauties In Even The Most Mundane Of Everyday Objects Among The Many Fascinating Curiosities In These Pages, You Will Discover The Strange Link Between Limericks And Rabbits, An Apparently Fair Coin Game Where The Odds Are Massively In Your Favour, Why Tourist Boards Can T Agree On Where The Centre Of Britain Is, And How Simple Paper Folding Can Lead To A Jurassic Park Monster With Plenty Of Ideas You Ll Want To Test Out For Yourself, This Engaging And Refreshing Look At Mathematics Is For Everyone Interesting little book on day to day maths Some really nice material in there, and very well presented I d like to give it five stars, but I found a few things somewhat triggering in a highly enjoyable and inspiring miscellany i Eastaway presents the fact that x 0 1 as a mathematical convention, and hence misses the point that it makes sense The number system would not run anywhere near as smoothly with any other choice for the value of x 0 ii A rounding error, come on iii When talking about infinity, the 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 series is discussed, and the fallacious argument showing that the value of the sum is 1 2 is presented However, Eastaway makes the outrageous claim that there are mathematicians who believe 1 2 is the best answer lolnope I d definitely recommend this book, so do not be put off, although I very much enjoyed ranting about some rather minor points. Very interesting, but in my case, not so surprisingly I love maths It was a very enjoyable book to read, in my opinion The language was simple, so the complex mathematics that was discussed was straightforward and easy to perceive As well as this, Eastaway used everyday examples to broaden the understanding of the topics covered, which would easily call for dinner conversations with the family if there is an awkward silence to get them into maths Some sections I felt I did have to read over twice, but then again, the topic of infinity was discussed, and not even the brightest of mathematicians can grasp that idea Overall, I give this a rating of four stars, and would very much recommend it to anyone with an interest in mathematics, or for people who hang around people who have an interest in mathematics, and want to seem intellectual.