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This book is hilarious I love the pictures, the characters, and how snarky the book is written Spoiler Alert A bear s hat goes missing and he goes around asking all of the forest creatures if they have seen it anywhere He asks a rabbit, who is even wearing the stolen hat, if he has seen his hat and the rabbit lies The bear eventually realizes the rabbit did steal his hat and goes to find him Although it doesn t show it, the book then hints the bear ate the rabbit and got his hat back If you are a super conservative parent you probably won t like this book because it promotes revenge, but we thought it was pretty hilarious If anything get it for the pictures [[ DOWNLOAD KINDLE ]] ↛ I Want My Hat Back ↸ A Bear Has Lost His Hat What If He Never Sees It Again WAIT He Has Seen His Hat I bought this book for a grandchild and was shocked when I read it before giving it to her I m glad I did If I wanted to promote theft, murder, and revenge, it would have been perfect Very disappointed Very rarely do I return items tobut this book is going back. This book is just hysterical My husband and I fell in love with it and after years of borrowing them from the library we finally sucked it up and bought it it s kind of expensive as far as children s books go Our daughter is 3 now but we started reading it to her when she was 1.5 It s nice because this is one of those books that seems super simple and like it might get old fast but it just doesn t Each time you read it, you see or think of something new And for some reason kids are enthralled with it We have gotten soooo many laughs out of this book.The funny thing is, I normally do not buy books with themes where someone is stealing something and to be honest, some of Klassen s other books do not sit well with me, as I find them too naughty or cynical and don t particularly think they are appropriate But this one is great even though it is a bit sinister Somehow when you read it, it just reads very innocently.The illustrations are outstanding simple yet detailed and witty They go perfectly with the story This is one of those books that is as much fun for the parent to read as the kid Go for it Of the children s books we ve purchased so far, and there have been many, this one has been the most entertaining for the adults Beautiful art, an excellent and twisted sense of humor, yet still holds the attention of our 14 month old I love kids books that don t talk down to everybody Well deserving of its awards Only wish it had come in board book format. I can t believe there are negative reviews on this book We have a huge book collection and the kids pick this one over and over We re all entitled to opinions, but if you ask me, I actually think this book teaches a valuable lesson Negetive consequences may come when you make a bad choice Spoiler alert the bear eats the rabbit for stealing his hat and lying about it.