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EBOOK Â In Search of Satisfaction õ The Folk Flavor Of Her Storytelling Has Earned Her Constant Comparison To Langston Hughes And Zora Neale Hurston, But Through Four Collections Of Short Stories And Two Novels, J California Cooper Has Proven That Hers Is A Wholly Original Talent One That Embraces Readers In An Ever Widening Circle From One Book To The Next With In Search Of Satisfaction, Cooper Gracefully Portrays Men And Women, Some Good And Others Wickedly Twisted, Caught In Their Individual Thickets Of Want And Need On A Once Grand Plantation In Yoville, A Legal Town Ship Founded By The Very Rich For Their Own Personal Use, A Freed Slave Named Josephus Fathers Two Daughters, Ruth And Yinyang, By Two Different Women His Desire, To Give Yinyang And Himself Money And Opportunities, Oozes Through The Family Like An Elixir, Melding With The Equally Strong Yearnings Of Yoville S Other Residents, Whose Tastes Don T Complement Their Neighbors What Josephus Buries In His Life Affects Generations To Come J California Cooper S Unfettered View Of Sin, Forgiveness, And Redemption Gives In Search Of Satisfaction A Singular Richness That Belies Its Universal Themes What a sad thing it would ve been to miss out on reading this book I loved it and recommend it to all to read Everyone can get something from it. I think J California Cooper is the kind of writer who you have to love or hate I happen to love her Her style of writing is really unique There s this over arching spiritual quality to all of her work that is both explicit and implicit She also has a lot of little nuggets of wisdom and clever literary devices sprinkled throughout her work Like all great books, you can get something different from her writing every time you read it In Search of Satisfaction has a wonderful cast of rich characters with little stories that you can just fall into and lose yourself. This was the first full novel I read by J California Cooper Initially I was disappointed to find that this was not a collection of short stories, but I soon became enthralled with the drama of the Krupt and Befoe families These families and the people surrounding them were all in search of some type of satisfaction, and they did not care how they got the satisfaction These people went out of their way to be devious, sneaky, conniving, mean, and downright hateful The devil was prevalent all through this book, and seemed to be ever present whenever someone wanted something, or tried to get over on another person The devil showed how easy it was to get people to do anything for a little bit of money, and it was just disgusting to see how much people relied on having money for security Money is truly the root of all evil However, a few people actually found pure satisfaction, and it was a joy to see them be truly happy This book kept me engaged, excited, and involved in the lives of all the characters I was rooting for some, and hoping the worst for others, but overall, I thoroughly enjoyed this story it made me analyze my own journey of searching for satisfaction It is amazing how our own journey of satisfaction can either by influenced or shared by others Your values and morals should be in a good place when you want true happiness and satisfaction I would rate this book a 4 I would recommend this book to everyone, especially to J California Cooper readers. I read this book about 10 years ago, it sparked something in me then The idea of constantly searching for satisfaction led me to seeking happiness for myself As I read it now, I m grateful for new understanding that our family isthan blood as we are connected to each other through Jesus.The story takes you through all emotions The drama builds and the mystery of the tale will take you by surprise Definitely one of the best books I ve ever read Thank you OOSA for suggesting we read a classic as part of our reading challenge Every reader should get to know this classic.