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I read this book in a single night, unable to tear myself away from the treasured memories it brought back of my own Italian American upbringing On almost every page, I found myself saying Yes Yes It was that way for me too As in all Italian American households, the kitchen is the hearth, the pulsing nerve center of the family, where food is lovingly prepared and consumed, where the important business of the family including communication with spirits and ancestors is carried out Like the author s family, mine would have been appalled to be called anything but devout Catholics, but they observed the same saints and holidays with the same sense of reverence She emphasizes the vital role that food plays in our culture, each herb, ingredient and method of preparing holding a special significance I felt like I was conversing with the author at her kitchen table over her fresh espresso and biscotti If you grew up Italian American, treat yourself to this precious collection of memories of our ancient traditions She reminds us that magic resides everywhere, in the ordinary kitchen tools, ingredients and nurturing of the all important unit family and friends. #READ PDF ï Italian Folk Magic: Rue's Kitchen Witchery (English Edition) ¿ Italian Folk Magicis A Fascinating Journey Through The Magical, Folkloric, And Healing Traditions Of Italy With An Emphasis On The Practical The Reader Learns Uniquely Italian Methods Of Magical Protection And Divination And Spells For Love, Sex, Control, And RevengeThe Book Contains Magical And Religious Rituals And Prayers And Explores Divination Techniques, Crafting, Blessing Rituals, Witchcraft, And, Of Course, The Evil Eye, Known As Malocchioin Italianthe Author Explains What It Is, Where It Comes From, And, Crucially, How To Get Rid Of ItThis Book Can Help Italians Regain Their Magical Heritage, But Italian Folk Magic Is A Beautiful, Powerful, And Effective Magical Tradition That Is Accessible To Anyone Who Wants To Learn It Wow I LOVE EVERYTHING ABOUT THIS BOOK From the inviting cover which makes you feel in the presence of an old world Italian kitchen to the numerous pages of love and lore this book is an absolute must have I couldn t put it down I made one of the gut medicine recipes the very first day As stated in her book, Mary Grace has accomplished her task of recording the old traditions, recipes and lore in an organized and easy to read manner While reading this book I felt comforted as if I were in the midst of my very own Italian family not many books can create such a magical loving atmosphere when you read them This book ensures that the old ways will remain alive and well This book is a treasure for both Italian Americans wishing o reconnect with their spiritual heritage and for those who are not of Italian descent, Rue explains the culture and spiritual practices of our culture in a way that will allow the reader to connect and explore further This book should be required reading for those who wish to explore the magical practices of Italy, alongside the works of Ernesto de Martino. Rue s kitchen Witchery helped to bring me back to myself It brought me back to my childhood, growing up as a first generation American on my mothers side, born in Sicily but raised in the US, and hearing about her stories and practices from SicilySo far away Food, family, and kitchen have always been important to me Rue helped me to see how vital they are to my cultural identity and most importantly to my spiritual identity I wasn t sure I had an authentic spiritual lineage, not quite fitting into American culture but being so far removed from Sicilian culture Not belonging to practices from other countries Now I connect these parts of my childhood and adult life, like how important grocery shopping, keeping a tidy house, and connecting with family are to me It s not just weird habits unique to me and my mom Now I see exactly where it comes from I have a resource to reference for deepening this spiritual study Thank you. Great content, concise and perfect delivery Pleased to have it. It s taken me a long time to figure out how to write a review for this book, this book is an absolute treasure and I wanted to do it justice Turns out, my opinion isn t the one that I think people will want to hear I sat down and shared this book with my 88 year old grandma, Italian American through and through We looked through the book together, and as she read through it she became completely animated, telling stories, remembering so many things that my great grandparents, and great great grandparents had used to say, things they believed, and practices they did She loved the section on proverbs, saying several times My mother used to say something JUST like that or My father did this all the time She got to the section that discussed omens and dreams and was shocked to found out, that my great grandmother s funny little ideas about dreams and lottery numbers, weren t just her own ideas she made up, but were actually something she had learned from her own family that was passed down from Italy She looked at the section on Saints, and was so happy to see the ones mentioned, saying look That s the Saint from where we re from in Italy And of course she had to check out the recipe section saying that the recipes were wonderfully put together Beautiful This girl knows what she s doing This book is a treasure, read it, share it, pass it on and keep this tradition alive.