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The most clueless and manipulated main character ever She never had a clue what was going on around her Running from an ex boyfriend but has lots of family who cares for her Don t understand her at all. So after I finished reading Jaked I needed to finish the series and get some answers to my questions I guess I got them Most of this book was somewhat irritating because Luna just seemed like such an idiot She just didn t really catch on to anything At times I can t say that I totally blamed her because Jake gave her nothing No information, no hints, no clues of any kind as to what the hell was going on But I mean, how dumb did she have to be I had no idea what the hell was happening, but I at least had ideas At the end I just thought to myself, how dumb is she I mean it s clear what s happening I mean Bianca is a total bitch, but listen to her Geez And while I am mostly satisfied with the answers I got, one was brought up What the hell was the point of bringing his brother Joel into the mix He s in one chapter, and a pretty pivotal one, and then he just goes away Huh Overall, I found the premise of these books to be pretty entertaining and definitely a different type of story Very cool that Jake takes advantage of the riches there are to be made as an internet ainer I definitely would have liked info most of the time or for Luna to have not been such a simpleton, but mostly it was an easy read, with a pretty sexy, badass alpha who, in the end, is ridiculously sweet Awesome Another excellent story from Sabrina Stark s work I can t get enough of the stories she writes This book are loaded with fun, excitement, wild, and sexiness. Though I m not in love with the series I am fascinated by the characters I now have to go back and listen to read the series in order. I ve been such a fan of all of Sabrina Stark s books, ever since I picked up UNBELONGING All of her books have that certain something that I can t put my finger on, but I know it when I see it I ve re read them a couple of times like you do with favorite books because each time I read them, I find something else to enjoy.The Jake and Luna story thrilled me from the beginning It was interesting to see how Jake s character developed and surprised me In JAKED, he had some rough edges that made him intriguing, but I wasn t totally sure about him He completely won me over with his tough but tender self.And Luna there s a girl after my own heart, both strengths and weaknesses Sabrina Stark really has a way with her heroines, making you feel almost like you know them in real life Maybe that s why the books are so great as re reads, like meeting up with old friends.All of the Bishop brother books have come together to make a vivid world, so real you feel like you could get in your car and go visit With an eye to that, there are other characters and hints of characters in JAKE ME I hope they re going to get their own stories soon, plus I d like to hear what Lawton, Chloe, Selena and Bishop are up to these days.I must make time for reading I did not enjoy this book as much as part one Luna was the most clueless character I have read about Most of the story she didn t catch on to what was going on The back and forth dialog was ok, until it never ends I have to admit I skimmed through to get to the really good part only to finally get to the end, and I was not very trilled. 1 1 2 starI am not a fan of this series so far, the only reason why I finished it was because I had the audiobook so I could listen to it while driving The drama was really forced I don t particularly like Luna, the main character, she is really bland and I couldn t connect with her at all I hate writing anything too negative because I can appreciate the amount of time and creativity that goes into writing, however it took me two attempts to get through both the first and the second book in this series.My favorite part of both books was when Jake s brother goes looking for her at his place and the fighting between Luna and Jake s old fling pr agent if you can call her that That is how little I liked these books I don t know how the heck it can even be considered a romance Sorry, not sorry Also, between these 2 books Luna lost quit 4 jobs, has terrible taste in men, and makes idiotic decisions Let s not forget that she sleeps with Jake the day after he screwed her stripper roommate COME ON, what the hell is romantic about that &EBOOK ✕ Jake Me (Jake, #2) ⇷ Jake Bishop Can Take A Punch, But Can He Take The Chance Of Losing Luna, The One Girl Who Melts His Heart She S Still In Danger He S Still Afraid Of Ruining Her Together, They Re One Hot Mess Looking For A Place Called Home Will They Find It With Each Other Or Go Down In Flames, Trying Jesus Christ, where do I even start The main character, Luna, is a total dumbass Always clueless even though it is CLEARLY obvious what is going on Also, the story seems so repetive All the characters were shit, besides Jakesort of Bianca was an annoying unnecessary character, Luna s brother were just money hungry assholes, Luna being the dumbest girl on earth, and Jake was just your typical alpha male I don t even know how I could even finish the first book to start this one The plot was decent, but don t waste your time with this unless you want to pull out your hair all the fucking time. What did I think It had the potential of being a good story but sorry, it tanked The main character can t even be described as naive or even a ding bat, just out and out stupid At first I thought it was the comic relief but sadly, no, which of course made the entire premise totally unbelievable Street wise rich ladies killer totally taken with a completely fool who can t keep her mouth shut Yeah, no Although, I still like the author s writing style, seriously, don t bother.you ll be as disappoint as I am What a waste.