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@Free Ú Jane Jensen ¹ In The S, The Personal Computer Or PC Was On The Rise In Homes, And With It Came New Genres Of Play Yet Most Of The Games In These New Genres Featured Fantasylands Or Humorous Science Fiction Landscapes With Low Stakes And Little To Suggest The Potential Of The PC As A Serious Space For Art And Play Jane Jensen S Work And Landmark Gabriel Knight Series Brought A New Darkness And Personality To PC Gaming, Offering A First Powerful Glimpse Of What Games Could Be As They Came Of Age As An Author And Designer, Jensen Brought Her Approach As A Designer Writer Hybrid To The Forefront Of Game Design, With An Approach To Developing Environments Through Detailed Research To Make Game Settings Come To Life, An Attention To Mature Dilemmas And Complex Character Development, And An Audience Driven Vision For Genres Reaching Beyond The Typical Market Approaches Of The Gaming Industry With A Brand New Interview With Jensen Herself, Anastasia Salter Provides The First Ever Look Jensen S Impact And Role In Advancing Interactive Narrative And Writing In The Game Design Process