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Absolutely liked Denial, Denial and Touch It can be jarring to read cutesy children s stories right after a sordid tale of an almost sexual encounter Lakambini Sitoy s Jungle Planet and Other Stories is a mishmash of stories in the Philippines There are many common themes running through the stories in this collection loneliness, alienation and jealousy It s an uneven read, but my favorite stories are the future fiction Secret Notes on the Dead Star and The Vampire. In Shut Up and Live, the protagonist considered having an abortion but did not, she did not Perhaps ironically, she felt how unexplored her vagina was to her when the abortionist s finger became an implement I felt my vagina became a channel to mysterious chambers chambers I had never been aware of before, now clamped apart and explored with cold steel Elsewhere, a kid gets kidnapped by a man as they arrived at Magallanes station he longed for human touch A sorority neophyte passed an ordeal An Asian kid gets bullied The writer requiredthan facts longed for faces, words, stories, music the way Anais Nin initially insisted on infusing poetry in the erotica she wrote. ( READ EPUB ) ☥ Jungle Planet and Other Stories ♶ A Child Finds Joy In A Long Gone Menagerie As The World Crumbles Around Her, A Young Idealist Strikes Out Through A Blighted City In Search Of A Forgotten Star, A Train Ride Becomes A Journey Of Rescue For The Lost And Thirsting, A Woman Nurses Her Naked Father And Her Own Profound WoundsIn The Supple And Luminous Prose That Is Her Trademark, Multi Awarded Storyteller Lakambini A Sitoy Explores The Passionate And Often Vicious Bonds Between Girls And Women, The Raw Loneliness Of Urban Life, The Faint Shadow Of Death In Smiling Sunlight, The Thrill Of Erotic Impulse