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Review coming soon This series just keeps going and going A great read Usually, I figure out who dunit less than halfway thru the book On this one, I was almost finished before I got it.The only thing bad about this series is the wait for the next one. [Free E-pub] ♍ KCPD Protector (The Precinct #23) ☩ USA TODAY Bestselling Author Julie Miller Returns To The Precinct With A Tale Of A Killer On The Loose And A Tornado About To Hit Kansas City There Was No Way Deputy Commissioner George Madigan Was Going To Let His Beautiful Assistant Fall Prey To A Stalker Because Elise Brown Wasn T Just Another Employee Her Vulnerable Blue Eyes Triggered All Of George S Protective Instincts And Now Her Life Was In Jeopardy Working Together Almost To Bring The Perp To Justice And Sharing Kisses Passionate Enough To Ignite A Kansas City Heat Wave George And Elise Had Forged The Kind Of Partnership That Could Keep Her Out Of Harm S Way And Potentially Lead To Happily Ever After Until A Deadly Tornado Struck And Elise Was Taken Hostage Fantastic book I love this series of books and this one was no exception Elise is the executive assistant to the Deputy Commissioner She prides herself on doing her job very well I loved seeing her do the Radar O Reilly thing, having things ready for George before he even asked for them In her previous job she had fallen for her boss, and when that didn t work out found herself involved with a man who was just using her As a result, she has sworn off all romantic relationships However, that doesn t stop her from noticing that her boss is a really sexy man.When she starts receiving strange gifts and letters, George s protective instincts kick in He s always been aware of her as a woman, but knows the rules regarding bosses and subordinates He can t stand by and watch her be terrorized, so he sticks close to her With all that time together, their attraction really starts to blossom.I loved the fact that George is a mature hero at the age of 50 He s got the patience and experience to deal with the search for the stalker, and also with his growing feelings for Elise He is cautious about a relationship because of the age difference between them, but he can t deny his feelings for long I also liked the fact that Elise is old enough to know her own mind and what she wants Once she accepts her feelings for George, she has no problem telling him what she needs I also loved the way that she kept reminding him that she doesn t see him as old at all.The stalker storyline has been done frequently in the Intrigue line, but this was not a tired old story The incidents were definitely creepy and their attempts to frighten Elise were effective I loved seeing George dust off his detective skills and also involve other members of the KCPD, especially those we ve seen in earlier books With every incident there seemed to be another possible suspect I often figure out who it is by the halfway point, but this one kept me guessing until almost the last minute The tornado that hits the city just adds to the intensity of the final conflict. 4 1 2 stars Another great story I liked the characters, action, romance, and the tornado was a fun twist,..no pun intended.I specifically liked that Elise said what she needed I need you to hold me This is what I need George went into protector mode and did not deny his feelings for Elise once he realized them He was mature He did not let his ex wife yank him around forever Loved that So many times we see a character taken in repeatedly by a needy ex He was kind but firm with Courtney letting her know he had moved on and she needed to as well.I love the mentions of favorite characters from earlier books in the series Favorites quotes Oh, I don t just mean the obvious reaction I m having to you But how good we are when we re together At the office As friends When we re close like this Somewhere along the line, you turned being indispensable into beingirresistible George For years I ve been trying to turn myself into someone I m not Because that s what Court wanted But you get me I can be the man I want to be with you the man I m meant to be You needed me to be that man I m a cop Always have been, always will be George This was a good book plenty of action an good romance i really enjoyed it. I could read Precinct books forever I love every one of them and can never get enough of them This one included a tornado, along with the regular romantic suspense which made it fantastic This time we have a story about George, who is the Deputy Commissioner of the police dept His secretary assistant, Elise, is suddenly being stalked and gaslighted She doesn t have a clue who is doing this to her She s had a couple of serious relationships but they turned out badly and she s sworn off men and decided not to have a relationship any One of these men is dead and another one is being investigated by George s men but seems to be clear so who could be doing this to her George starts to get closer to her to protect her as the attacks against her escalate The city of Kansas City is experiencing terrible weather, which isn t helping Extreme heat, thunderstorms, wind and then a tornado I enjoyed the ending and the relationship between George and Elise AND the secondary characters I have to say I really enjoyed this book The one thing that kept it from being spot on for me was the ultimate bad guy Maybe I wasn t paying enough attention, but I don t remember ever getting even any HINTS that the villain was who they were Nor did I really get why they fixated on Elise the way they did That said, I adored George and Elise It was truly refreshing for a book to feature a mature couple George is 50 and based on the age difference, Elise is in her mid to late 30 s I really REALLY appreciated a story which featured a heroine who wasn t dewy faced and unsure of herself At that particular age, the huge age difference 14 years isn t nearly as squicky for me as it would be if the heroine was 20.So glad I read this and got to go along for the ride as Elise and George faced down the psycho stalking herand dealt with George s ex wife not in a bad way actually wife didn t strike me as all bad either Read and enjoy people. Aka When Mhairi makes you read a dumbass book as a joke, and it turns out not to be completely soul destroying. So I have to start this review with me clapping, giving Julie Miller a standing ovation I seriously enjoyed this book Like stayed up late, even with knowing that I had to wake up early the next day, type of liked this book Deputy Commisioner of KCPD, George Madigan is older, by the books, rule following type of man Elise Brown is his assistant She is also smart and beautiful, and trying to get over having been humiliated She had thought she had fallen in love in the past, but she soon realizes that was not the case.As her stalker starts to persist, George is determined to keep her safe By doing so, they both start to give into their attraction for one another As sparks start to fly, I love the twists and turns and the way that George protects Elise and centers her from falling apart.