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Warning This review contains big spoilers for all of Cameron s books If you re not familiar with them, then stop reading this and go check them out.So, as I ve stated in my reviews, I hold the first Kill River book in very high regard, seeing it as the kind of slasher story that other slasher story authors should aspire to write, with its unique setting, strong characterization, simple and humble approach that enhances the happenings in the story, and dynamic stalk, chase and kill scenes Cameron s second book, unfortunately, caused the complete opposite reaction in me, and that s me putting it mildly As such, I had a bit of trepidation going into Kill River 2, but remained hopeful, thinking that if Cameron took the same approach he did with the first Kill River, then this would be a great book He decided to go bigger and bolder with it, which I understand why he d go for it since many sequels go that route, and while sometimes it works Aliens, anyone , it often does not And unfortunately, Kill River 2 got hit with sequelitis in the process of going bigger and bolder.Don t get me wrong, there are definitely good things in this book You can see the growth in Cyndi from the first book to this one, as she s now confident in herself, social and open and not afraid to speak up any, and I m definitely a big supporter of actual character development in any story, especially horror, as it s a genre in which character development is often considered irrelevant The characters Eddie and Christie are great additions to the story Eddie s very fun and likable he was my favorite character in this book in almost the same way Stacy was my favorite in the first book while Christie and Cyndi have a sisterly bond that feels pretty genuine and reminds you of Cyndi and Stacy s friendship from the first book Then there s Cyndi s mom, who gets a big heap of character development throughout the book, with her and Cyndi s mother daughter talk later in the book being a big highlight overall, it was really well done Starting the story with a bang and not even bothering to hide the killer at first was a bold move that I feel worked as well even though that killer must be a serious ninja to go through the town unseen like that As always, Cameron adds a soundtrack and it s a fun one with catchy songs I especially appreciated the Van Halen ones The new park is finished and fully operational instead of the very unfinished under construction park from the first book, and it s pretty cool too, and a couple of the deaths are great, as well as a great fight with the killer by the wave pool that I consider the highlight of the deaths and mayhem portion of the book, it was a very dynamic and very thrilling fight, I d say it s the best in all three of Cameron s books thus far.Unfortunately, the negatives are pretty strong in my eyes For starters, this is the third book in a row where Cameron puts in a body count so enormous that Jason Voorhees would need around five movies to achieve it, and this is the second time that almost all of those deaths happen offscreen to characters we never even got to meet the deaths in Disco Deathtrap happen mostly onscreen, but again, there are way too many deaths and most are characters we never get to meet To me at least, the essence of a slasher comes from three essential elements the stalking, the attack and the chase When the bodycount goes into the several dozens and most of them are people we never met and got killed offscreen, then those three essentials are lacking Especially because there is a rather significant Headscratcher regarding so many deaths in both Kill River books, especially the first book which I d call the otherwise excellent book s one significant flaw , namely, if most victims are construction workers building the park and the killer has been killing them over the course of a week or two or three, then shouldn t the families of those dead workers be extremely worried, trying to get in touch, trying to find them, etc That s one problem of many with such big bodycounts, they can lead to plotholes that someone who s very overly detail oriented won t be able to stop thinking about, at least that s the case with me Now, regarding the few deaths we do see happen, two of the deaths are greatly executed, one is basically a throwaway and the fourth one I disliked I will explain why further in the review , plus the stalking is nowhere near as strong as it is in the first book, and the same thing can be said about the chases, since we get only one and it s basically a rehash of a chase from the first book, though this one does have one strong point with a struggle between hero and killer during it The overall stalk and slash portion of this book was pretty weak overall when compared to the first book, it had its highlights that fight by the wave pool is really excellent but it just feels like a downgrade overall And by this point Cameron having an enormous bodycount made up mostly of people the reader never gets to meet has become a running gag, and one that I really, really hope he stops using in his future books.And while those things certainly were a big flaw for me, I d say the weakest point of the book is the characters Johnny and Jennifer Let me discuss Johnny first He is Cyndi s boyfriend who has two small cameos in the first book and we get to know him here At least as well as he can be known, because Johnny is very dull and boring, especially when you compare him to the guys from the first book, he just does not stand out at all What s worse is that because of Johnny, Cyndi s characterization suffers quite a bit, because almost everything about her in this book revolves around Johnny to the point where it often feels like he s the main character and Cyndi s a secondary character, which is not helped by the book having several long stretches where the main focus is on Johnny and Brady who s really over the top as the drunk, irresponsible, junkie asshole that most people like for some reason and Cyndi not getting much to do at all besides think of Johnny and be rightfully paranoid about the new park She gets a job to be near him than anything else, she gets into it with the killer mainly because she wants to save Johnny, and her only new friends are Johnny s own best friend and Johnny s little sister, so we don t even see her making new friends of her own like it happened in the first book, or just having any kind of social life that doesn t revolve around him Really, other than some time spent with Eddie and Christie without Johnny where it s shown that their interactions with Cyndi are far engaging than their interactions with Johnny, they just have better chemistry with her than with him and the excellent mom and daughter talk later in the book, Cyndi is not allowed to evolve as a character because Johnny holds her back from doing so Overall he just did not work for me as a character at all, and the fact that he s so prminent in the book.And then there s Jennifer, Cyndi s former best friend turned enemy who was mentioned a few times in the first book, clearly being set up for future installments, and unfortunately, her character is wasted here She s basically there to anger Cyndi and nothing else, and she s portrayed as nothing but nasty, even doing drugs and the like at the young age of 14, but we don t see anything beyond that behavior We never get into her and Cyndi having been friends before and how that friendship started or was like, we never get into why Jennifer started hating Cyndi and picking on her, with the narration stating that Jennifer s mean girl behavior had grown intense through the year between the first book and this one but we never learn why, she s just there to annoy Cyndi on occasion and nothing else There s a point much later in the book when, after another of her nasty moments, Jennifer starts thinking about her home life, including what sounds like overly strict and possibly even abusive parents, which would explain why Jennifer is so attached to Brady and tries imitating him, sounding like he was the only one she really looked up to growing up and his influence on her was a toxic one rather than a good one To me that moment was vital and should ve come so much, much earlier than it did, because finally we got a glimpse of why Jennifer is the way she is, and we needed so much of that, we needed genuine characterization for her after she had already been set up in the first book But that does not happen, because as soon as we get that small glimpse of characterization on her, the killer attacks her, but we don t see her actually get killed, which prompted in me the reaction of I m willing to bet that the killer sets her on a deathtrap that Cyndi won t be able to save her from just so the killer can taunt Cyndi And that s exactly what happens Cyndi finds Jennifer stark naked in a deathtrap and we get several pages of Cyndi trying to free Jennifer before the killer can kill her, which of course fails and Jennifer is unceremoniously killed off, and because it was so obvious that that s exactly what would happen in part because while he s into killing 14 year old kids, I highly doubt Cameron would want to have a 14 year old girl running around naked in his book, as just by writing about the concept it makes me feel highly uncomfortable , it makes the whole scene just lack tension and makes it boring and tedious to sit through After the set up from the first book detailing the history between Jennifer and Cyndi, Jennifer should ve been one of the highlights of the book, one of the best characters, but instead she s a complete non entity that s only there to occasionally piss Cyndi off and to add an extra body to the already huge bodycount You could literally write out all of Jennifer s scenes in the book and it wouldn t change a thing To have her character be so misused and basically wasted is my biggest gripe with this book.Another weak point of the book is the overall lack of a varied teenage cast There s very few of them that get any attention, and while Cameron does introduce several, most of them are barely in the book at all At one point Christie shows up with two friends, twins who are described as polar opposites, but the girls just stand around never saying a single word and even Cameron seems to forget there were two of them just a few pages later and continues the scenes as though it was just one girl in there instead of a pair of twins , he showcases a boy Christie likes who also does nothing The most egregious case with this is Jennifer s mean girl posse, who each gets just one thing to make them stand out but then are barely in the book at all, and it feels like a wasted opportunity Each girl has a distinct personality as Lindsey s the lovestruck dreamer, Lisa s the timid follower, and Jeanie s the bubbly ditz and one of my favorite characters overall, with one small moment at the water park being funny, super cute and I liked it a lot There was a lot of potential for this group of popular mean girls to add a lot of spice and variety to the teenage proceedings, but they re barely in the book at all and it feels like they re not gonna be coming back for the third anyway The potential was there for lots of fun teenage interactions which Cameron has proven already that he can do really well and a varied group on the run from the killer, but it doesn t happen and it s a bummer.Speaking of variety, after the very varied cast of Disco Deathtrap, it was a letdown to go back to cliched slasher story characters all being white and slim and mostly pretty, though that s a bit of a minor gripe compared to anything else The survivors also end up being classic slasher clich , unfortunately, it was too predictable And then there s the final two chapters one of them being the epilogue These ones were just not good Cyndi s arch nemesis are revealed in full, and they re basically a family of multi millionaire serial killers who get away with murder because they re multi millionaires I think Cameron went way too big, way too far and way too fast, as this feels like the plot of a superhero comic book than a slasher movie How can one simple teen girl go up against a family or murderous millionaires who can get away with murder by throwing money at it It s too bizarre and over the top in its execution and it doesn t work, in part because it doesn t answer questions in regards of the victims What about all the families of the dozens of construction workers the killer killed in the first book Even , the parents of Stacy, Zack and Brad all work in the company owned by the villains, with Stacy s father being the vice president, and one would think they d be looking into how, why and by who their children were murdered, but they re never even mentioned here The killer, who showcases a ton of personality in this book as opposed to the first, and while it has an excellent moment between him and Cyndi before she goes after him, it overall feels pretty jarring in how different he is as a character now, on top of how he survives things that should ve killed him, way too many times Combine that with how the villains get away with it in part because during the end, Cyndi basically loses all her intelligence, she takes a massive level in idiocy in that she can t recognize that the supposed killer s corpse that she s shown is the single most obvious red herring, such as the fact that the red herring and killer are of similar heights, but the red herring is moderately athletic in build while the killer s huge and bulky, or that the killer has several obvious scars and injuries and yet Cyndi never asks to see them, being shown only the red herring s face and she s fooled by it and leaves it at that This was the single most frustrating thing in the whole book and made for such a bad way to close up the story.Overall, Kill River 2 did not live up to the first one at all I didn t dislike it to the extent I did Disco Deathtrap, but all the positives the book has are marred by the fact that the negatives are too egregious, and it overall feels like one big missed opportunity The saddest thing is that my opinion of the first Kill River has always been very positive, but this follow up to the story, the revelations in this book, it s making me look at the first one in a different way that I just can t shake off and it s really jarring That s two books in a row that, at least for me, went way too far off the opposite end of the spectrum from what the first one achieved, and it dampens my longing for the next book to come out While I m still curious about what Cameron s next book will be, as I know it will be a new and different one, I m just not looking forward to any installments in the Kill River story And it s great that so many people enjoy Cameron s books, he deserves the praise and attention good reviews on his books, and I don t deny that it makes me feel terrible that I can t see in them what others can see. The sequel to Kill River was just as fun, campy, and nostalgic to me as the first one I really enjoy stories with this type of setup you really get to know the characters before mayhem and chaos both strike And we get some good slasher y mayhem in this one I love all the references to the 80s songs that Cyndi and other characters hear and think about as the book carries on Somewhere in the back of my mind I begin to hear that song while I am reading and it becomes a soundtrack to what s happening As a bonus, Roubique even lists all the songs at the end of the book as if there WAS a soundtrack Super cool If you are a fan of slashers, 80s campy horror, and 80s pop culture, then this is the book and series for you 5 stars and I am even excited to see what Roubique will give me #FREE DOWNLOAD ⚶ Kill River 2 à It S Been A Year Since Cyndi Went Into The Empty Water Park With Her Friends And Almost Got Killed By A Masked Maniac One Full Year Since She Learned How To Be Strong, How To Be A Survivor Now It S , And Summertime Has Come Around Again Cyndi Has A Boyfriend, A New Group Of Friends, And A Part Time Summer Job She Has Every Reason To Be Happy And Forget About The PastBut She Can T Forget Her Nightmares About The Water Park And Her Dead Friends Are Getting Worse Wherever She Goes, She Keeps Thinking She Sees The Killer From Last Summer Watching Her From The Shadows Worst Of All, There S A New Water Park Opening Up In Town, And It Looks Eerily Similar To The One From Last Year Opening Day Is Just Around The Corner, And Cyndi Is Starting To Wonder If Her Water Park Nightmare Is Really Over, Or If It S Just Beginning Release Date October 13, 2017 Genre Horror Actual Rating 4.25 starsI can already tell after reading both books in this series that Cameron Roubique is going to be a go to horror author for me His books take me back and remind me of The Fear Street series by R.L Stine and some of my very favorite 80 s horror novels that I can no longer find to read The characters in this book and the first one Kill River are younger middle school high school but it doesn t bother me being an adult reader I honestly find this series so refreshing and fun that it doesn t matter how old the characters are That tells you what a great author he is If you are a fan of 80 s slasher horror done right I highly recommend reading this book Just be sure to read Kill River 1 before you read this one as it follows the same survivor. Cameron has done it again a novel that has the DNA of the 80s slasher movies flowing through its veins.The follow up to Kill River introduces several new characters and some old favourites too, while building on the mythology in interesting ways.It takes a while to really get going slightly too long, arguably but when the slashing starts, it hits hard, and Roubique is not afraid to kill of several likeable characters.Someone make this series into a movie, dammit The Kill River series is so much fun It took me a little longer to connect with part 2 than part 1, but it was solid once it got going For part 2, the focus is on a new water park opening instead of camp in the first half I think this book was gorier than the first one, so that was enjoyable I appreciated getting some answers to questions I had after this first book I am definitely sticking around if there s a Kill River 3 Like the best of slasher sequels, this outdoes the original and stands as its own thing entirely I can t wait til, like with the Friday the 13th and specifically the Texas Chainsaw Massacre and Halloween franchises, there will be a ton of sequels and reboots to Kill River, with each one having a distinct feel and a ton of little details to get lost in. We want Kill River 3 We want Kill River 3 Cyndi is a final girl , the lone survivor of a massacre at an empty water park It s 1984, a year later, and she is still grieving over the deaths of her friends But she is moving forward as best she can She has new friends and a new boyfriend and she has gotten her first real job It s a new life for her but she is haunted by visions of her dead friends and even worse, she is starting to think she is being stalked She is seeing the dark man in the creepy mask everywhere she goes and doubting her own sanity.When her boyfriend gets a job at a new water park, Thrill River, she is invited to visit and join an after hour party there It is a test of her courage but one she accepts And just as she feared, the killer is waiting for her He has her exactly where he wants her And he will kill and kill again and this time, he will finish what he started.This is an awesome follow up to Roubique s Kill River and a rare thing a sequel even better than the original Highly recommended for fan s of 80 s slasher movies 4.0 StarsAnother summer of slasher y water park fun Kill River 2 is basically the book version of a sequel to a classic slasher movie Since this is the second book in the Kill River series, I would personally recommend going back and reading the original Kill River book first Certainly, this book is understandable on it s own, but you will get so much out of the reading experience by starting back at the beginning.I really enjoyed the first Kill River book, but I actually might have enjoyed this sequel even This one had a faster pace with a stronger build up to the main event I particularly appreciated Cindy s character development in this one Now a year older, she was much mature, largely due to the traumatic events of the previous summer I liked seeing how those events affected her psyche Her PTSD felt like a natural development to her character and made her a wonderfully unreliable narrator While Kill River 2 is not a literary piece of horror, it s just so much darn fun to read Given the water park setting, this would be an excellent book to read during the summer months, especially on the beach or beside the pool I would highly recommend this one to just about any horror readers, especially those who love the slasher movies If you go into this book looking for a fun slasher read, then you won t be disappointed Disclaimer I received a copy of this book from the author.