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~READ PDF ♳ Kill the Possum ♵ Dylan Saw Cartwright Do It With His Own Eyes When He Blundered Into Kirsty S House On That First Sunday On The Second Sunday He Saw Only The Carnage The Man Had Left Behind, But That Was Enough By The Third Sunday, He D Decided To Kill Him What Else Can He Do When The Lives Of The People He Cares About Are At Stake Look At Kirsty S Brother, Tim, The Way He Punishes Himself, Hates Himself, Wishes He Was Dead And Their Mother Already An Empty Shell, She Can T Hold Out Much Longer The Courts Won T Stop Cartwright And He S Got The Police In His Pocket Only Kirsty Seems Able To Stand Up To Him, Despite What The Monster Did To Her Years Before When He Was Her FatherDylan Knows About Fathers And The Way They Let You Down He S Not Going To Let Cartwright Destroy This Family, Even If The Solution Seems Unthinkable But How Do You Stare Into The Face Of A Living Creature And Snuff Out The Light You See In Those Eyes How Do You Know You Can Do It Kill The Possum If You Can T Do That To A Ball Of Fur, You Ll Never Take A Man S Life, No Matter How Much You Hate Him, No Matter How Much It Has To Be Done Tim Can T Kill The Possum Can Dylan What Starts In The White Heat Of Anger Becomes An Obsession It Will End In Heart Wrenching Tragedy The inner turmoil of each character was so incredibly vivid The curiosity that it bloomed in you made you read page after pager to uncover whether the tormented teenage boys would actually murder the abusing Ex husband of the Beals It was emotionally powerful and challenged the arguments and mindsets of the people who think the world is black and white, right and wrong and not permeated with grey. RATING 3 Out Of 5 The first time I read this book was in late primary school and was one of the first literary insights I had into domestic abuse at a time when my best friend was being abused by her father The first time I read this, I did a lot of crying throughout the book This time, I didn t cry until the very end A book that explores the naivety of those who are fortunate enough to not live in an abusive world, Kill the Possum will break your heart at the same time that it gives you hope that the cycle of domestic violence within families will end The ending of this book is one you will never forget. Honestly nothing has ever triggered me as much as this book did Haunting and eye opening. The book Kill the Possum by James Moloney was definitely a worthwhile read It left an impression on me because it showed the reality of the character s lives and domestic violence, and the impact it has on people involved emotionally and physically Written from an adolescent perspective of what is happening to them and the struggle their family goes through, it would be ideal from mid to late adolescence to adult readers.My first impression reading the book, I had a fairly good idea of what it was about and what sort of genre it was The blurb and the cover defiantly hinted to the violence and the torment that would be happening Some parts in the book even though I knew that something similar was bound to happen, the images were still confronting and very blunt, which were done for effect, but nonetheless take time to process the horror of the situation.This book was so interesting and full of details, though at the same time left many questions about the characters for the imagination of the reader, such as feelings and actions The themes impacted me just as much as the plot and possiblybecause they were something that can t be one answer and a dilemma that I still can t decide a strong opinion on It is a very serious book and any reader should know that the events and characters are confronting and meant to spark deep thoughts.The characters were interesting, well built and believable and by the end of the book each action they would take seemed special and fit with them perfectly, from the capturing of the possum to the reaction of the Fourth Sunday If anything were to be unbelievable it would have been the time frame of which these events were happening, which did seem slightly rushed but overall were defiantly possible Reaching the end of the book I was hoping there would beand didn t want it to end I wanted to learnabout the characters and their lives, after this abuse stopped Reading the last chapter though, it seemed that the book had ended at such a definite and perfect place, leaving the reader thinking still after finishing it, that I could image if it continued that would have spoiled the effect The author was consistently writing great scenes and the plot was outstanding, not dropping at the end of the book but only strengthening The structure of the book was beautiful, with how it showed the chapters and sub headings inside the chapter, sparked interest for me They were plain and simple which was intriguing since there wasn t anything ordinary about the story, especially the headings for the big segments in the book which created a feeling of a daunting finish to the novel.This book was fantastic and made me question the plot, characters and my morals I absolutely loved this creation of James Moloney and was moved by its blunt and original concepts and it is truly a great read when looking for a serious and thought provoking story It was a powerful read and felt as if it were carefully planned and left a strong meaning behind. I decided to read this book because another student in my class recommended it This novel is a very dramatic, tension filled and hopeless type of novel which is why I only rated it three stars Iminto thrillers not sad and soppy things Anyway, a character that stood out for me in this novel was Ian Cartwright He is a preposterous man, I couldn t stand reading about him and to be quite honest I m glad his fate in the story ended up how it did Ian came off as a nice and charming gentleman to the eye of the public but as soon as he was around the Beal family that act was gone and the monster came out He really did make me angry in the novel as a good novel does though Kirsty Beal sits on the edge of the bed, leaning over Mrs Beal It s all right, Mum, he s gone now This quote from the book is interesting because it tells us of how Kirsty who is a teenager girl has to help and support her mum for strength mentally and physically This is because of how hurt and depressed Ian Cartwright makes her feel She is scared of him.This book made me think deeply of speaking out It is never okay to just sit back and watch something horrible happen especially to people who you care about I recommend this book for all highschool kids, it has an awesome message and a little bit of hidden reality that shouldn t be kept a secret. I was in the middle of reading another book a long, dense, important but mentally draining book and decided to take a break and read Kill the Possum, knowing it would be a shorter read, something I could get through quickly But if I was hoping for an easy read, I was sorely disappointed This was a hard book to read Not because of the writing but because of the story This is every blended family teenager s worst nightmare.Dylan Kane is fifteen and has a crush on Kirsty Beal They ve been on a few dates and he d like a fewSo one Sunday afternoon he decides to drop in on her unexpectedly But he couldn t have chosen a worse time Sunday afternoons are when Kirsty s ex stepfather, Ian, drops her half sister, Melanie, home from her weekend access visit And while he s there, Ian terrorises the Beals, including Kirsty s little brother, Tim, and her mother, Ian s former wife.The abuse has been going on for years physical, emotional, sexual and Ian gets away with it thanks to his powerful policeman brother and his twist everything you say in court lawyer Tim, barely even a teenager, drinks to cope with it all His mother takes sedatives And Kirsty tries to stay strong, hoping that one day it will simply all end and Ian will get tired of his power games.But theDylan sees, thehe wants to help So he and Tim come up with a plan to steal Ian s rifle and shoot him in his bed while he sleeps But killing a man is difficult, morally at least When Tim insists he be the one to kill Ian, Dylan tells him to practise by killing a possum he s trapped But Tim can t How can they kill a man, Dylan reasons, if they can t even bring themselves to kill a possum Kill the Possum is a young adult book but it s not for children or even younger teenagers If I found it hard to read in my late thirties, I can only imagine how disturbing it might be for young minds still getting a grasp on right and wrong, especially those going through similar situations themselves.The book is simple and at the same time powerful, intense, moving and with a shock ending that I didn t see coming I feel like I really should have seen it coming but I didn t and that s a credit to the author There are quite a few typos, spelling and grammar issues that should have been picked up during the editing process and weren t and that s a discredit to the editor Considering the book is meant for a younger audience, I would have hoped that a focus on these things was paramount as an example Pretty unusual for a book from a publishing company as reputable as Penguin But there s not too much else wrong with it.The book is also a commentary on parenting, particularly fatherhood Kirsty s real and much beloved father died a decade ago Dylan s father walked out on him and his mother before his first birthday and hasn t seen him since then Dylan hates his father with a passion for his absence, his irresponsibility, and particularly the fact that he has a new wife and three other children now But is Dylan s father s crime as bad as the one that Ian is perpetrating on the Beals Wasn t he supposed to be their father figure Isn t he failing on a much grander scale by staying in their lives and making them perpetually afraid Read this book but be prepared This isn t a fairy tale or a morality tale or a fond look back at the innocence of youth It s gritty realism And there is no happy ending But there s an honest ending, one that will stay with the reader forever. Kill the possum is James Moloney at his best I listened to the hear a book version of this CBC nominated book and was gripped immediately by the drama and impending terror of the story The Beal family, mother, Tim and Kirsty are threatened by their ex stepfather, Ian, who is an intimidating and violent man, who dominates his estranged wife and her children in the most horrific ways possible He uses his psychological threats to cause trauma for the mother, reduces Tim to a stuttering wreck and Kirsty to a feaful teenager who has already been the target of his sexual predations Kirsty s new boyfriend, Dylan, is aghast at the situation that occurs every 2 weeks, when Ian returns his daughter, Melanie, to the Beals after an access visit The whole family suffer every second Sunday from his tormenting violence, but are unable to escape because of the legal situation in which they are placed The only solution seems to be for Dylan, with Tim s help, to kill Ian and end the misery Of course, plans go awry, and their plot is uncovered, but not before lasting damage is done to the Beal family and to Dylan The suspense builds toward a surprise ending A dark novel, gripping and terrible.