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READ PDF ⚷ Kokoda Ó For The First Time Ever, The Compelling Story Of The Infamous Kokoda Track Campaign Has Been Told From Both Sides Of The ConflictIn A Unique And Balanced Portrayal, Renowned Journalist Paul Ham Recounts Both The Australian And Japanese Perspectives Of The Events On The Hellish Papuan Jungle Trail Where Thousands Fought And Died During World War II Based On Extensive Research In Australia And Japan, And Including Previously Unpublished Documents, Kokoda Intimately Relates The Stories Of Ordinary Soldiers In The World S Worst Killing Field , And Examines The Role Of Commanders In Sending Ill Equipped, Unqualified Australian Troops Into Battles That Resulted In Near Per Cent Casualty Rates It Was A War Without Mercy, Fought Back And Forth Along Miles Km Of River Crossings, Steep Inclines And Precipitous Descents, With Both Sides Wracked By Hunger And Disease, And Terrified Of Falling Into Enemy Hands Defeat Was Unthinkable The Australian Soldier Was Fighting For His Homeland Against An Unyielding Aggressor The Japanese Ordered To Fight To The Death In A Bid To Conquer Greater East Asia Paul Ham Captures The Spirits Of Those Soldiers And Commanders Who Clashed In This War Of Exceptional Savagery, And Tells Of The Brave Souls On Both Sides Of The Campaign Whose Courage And Sacrifices Must Never Be Forgotten I m not really very interested in military history or books about war but I picked up this audio book at the library because military history is part of the history curriculum at school and I felt an obligation to be a bit informed about the Kokoda Campaign than I was.The six month campaign on the Kokoda Track in 1942 3 is iconic in Australia, the stuff of legend All our best trained troops were fighting overseas when the Japanese attacked Pearl Harbour and they had swept through southeast Asia without check, apparently on their way to invade Australia, a misconception reinforced by the attacks on Darwin and other northern coastal ports The task force that set out to check the advance in New Guinea was hopelessly ill trained, ill equipped and perilously na ve about the appalling conditions in the terrain yet they managed to achieve the first defeat against the Japanese A heroic victory like that warrants than one work of popular history and there are numerous books about it around, including the print version of Paul Ham s Kokoda, at 624 pages long and The Spouse s copy of Peter FitzSimons Kokoda, at 512 pages, but after reading Stalingrad last year I couldn t muster the enthusiasm to read either of them The audio book seemed a palatable way to get myself up to speed on the topic.Paul Ham s approach is like Antony Beevor s in that it presents the perspectives of both sides of the combat The bibliography shows that the author researched extensively in both Australia and in Japan, and there are first hand accounts from front line troops on both sides His sources included official military documents, participants diaries, private papers and interviews, but it is these personal accounts which make some aspects of it even chilling.To read the rest of my review please visit This is the by far the best book to read if you want to learn and understand what Australian and Japanese soldiers endured during one of the worst campaigns in the Pacific during World War Two The main story covers the infamous Kokoda Track campaign, and is told from both sides of the conflict, offering a balanced portrayal The story is well told and the book moves along at a fast pace which isn t bad for a military history book Detailed research and a gripping, horrible account of terrible battles fought in hellish terrain The author ensures that Australian and Japanese perspectives of the hellish Papuan jungle trail are presented in a non bias light. With Kokoda, Paul Ham crafted a striking account of World War II as it played out in the forbidding hills and jungles of Papua New Guinea Ham relied heavily on firsthand accounts field reports, journals, diaries, letters as well as interviews with survivors, both Australian and Japanese Even if he occasionally lapsed into bald Aussie flag waving, his effort nevertheless must rank among the best on the campaign that defined Australia s role in the Pacific War I finished the book with nothing but respect for the average Digger They did their country proud under some of the worst conditions in a war unlike anyone expected Ham s Kokoda is strong Four Star material.This review addresses the audiobook version of Paul Ham s Kokoda. I quite enjoy learning about history from a different i.e non American perspective, and learning about the war in the Pacific has personal meaning for me because my great uncle was a POW in Japan.But it was especially interesting to be listening to this audiobook and learn about General MacArthur s role in WWII and his personality, actions, political moves, propaganda, etc., right before Trump mentioned him in the first presidential debate I haven t yet read other essays currently circulating that discuss what it means or why Trump identifies with MacArthur and Patton in comparison to other U.S generals of history but given MacArthur s flimsy relationship with truth and quickness to take credit for others actions, I really wasn t surprised to hear his name spoken by Trump And once again, it s important for us to revisit and relearn history as the proverbial saying goes.